How Tequila took over the US (and why it’s not going anywhere anytime soon)
Tequila has established itself as the US spirit du jour in recent times. In August, James Beeson looked at the factors behind the agave revolution and asked if Tequila-mania could be on the wane.

What are the biggest trends in beverages?
In July, inspired by GlobalData’s latest innovation digest, Just Drinks picked through the key beverage industry trends in each category.

What’s behind the Irish whiskey revival?
After decades in the shadow of its Scottish neighbour, Irish whiskey is enjoying a renaissance. James Beeson dug into the reasons behind the spirit’s resurgence.

Low in strength, high in ambition: what does the future hold for the non-alcoholic drinks sector?
In September, Jessica Broadbent reported back from Just Drinks’ latest conference, which centred on the prospects for non-alcoholic drinks.

Whisk(e)y price rises yet to keep pace with inflation – exclusive data
When accounting for general inflation, most whisk(e)y prices have actually fallen, Nicu Calcea reported in July.

Is paper packaging really a sustainable alternative for drinks companies?
Criticism of plastic has seen drinks companies drawn increasingly to paper packaging but the merits of such a move remain sketchy, David Burrows reported in September.

The changing flavour of US craft-beer M&A
Following a glut of big-money acquisitions in the mid-2010s, craft beer breweries aren’t quite the holy grail they used to be. In November, James Beeson asked what a spate of M&A deals this year said about the state of the category.

Coffee pods: an environmental menace or an opportunity for sustainable innovation?
Single-use coffee pods have brought barista-quality coffee to millions of households but is there a more sustainable alternative?

Can drinks brands monetise the metaverse?
Drinks companies are venturing into the metaverse. In September, Simon Creasey weighed up the extent to which their marketing experiments might result in real returns.

The big bets placed on China’s budding malt whisky industry
Local players have joined Diageo and Pernod Ricard in investing in the nascent market. In July, Richard Woodard shone a spotlight on the action.

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