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The juice industry needs to be aware of the risk of lead

Juice category must get to grips with lead threat

Lead is an insidious poison; there is no such thing as a 'safe' level of lead in the blood, and even small amounts can lower IQ and cause be...

Every month, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking looks at responsible drinking measures around the world

Responsible drinking around the world - June

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at...

The can has its place, argues Stephen Beaumont, and it's not at the dining table

Beer cans should know their place, not at table

This month, our resident beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont, has spotted a link between beer's missed opportunity in the restaurant channel...

The UK Government triggered Article 50 on 29 March. The two sides are due to start negotiations next week

Has industry gained a greater say on Brexit?

Predictions that last week's UK General Election would be all about Brexit turned out to be inaccurate, but it is without doubt the issue do...

Theresa May's Conservative Party remains the biggest in the UK parliament, albeit with a reduced majority

The just-drinks analyst writes... - June

Our former beverage analyst Ian Shackleton has focused his attention this month on the post-election outlook in the UK and how macro uncerta...

Diageo's World Class bartender competition final will take place in Mexico City later this year

Diageo's LAC head on Scotch, Cachaça & cocktails

Late last week, Diageo's Latin America & Caribbean president Alberto Gavazzi hosted a conference call with analysts. Gavazzi offered some in...

Does light drinking increase the risk of cancer? - International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 200 12 Jun 17

The association between the consumption of alcohol and the risk of cancer has been of great interest for many decades. There are a number of types of cancer, especially those of the upper aero-digestive tract (such as mouth, tongue, pharynx, etc.) that are clearly increased among heavy drinkers, especially among subjects who are also heavy smokers.

Remy Cointreau toasts high-end Cognac as strategy pays off - Analysis  9 Jun 17

When Remy Cointreau CEO Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet set out her strategy for the firm in 2015, the intention was clear: Remy Cointreau will become a luxury goods retailer.

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Drinks Industry News

Tesco unveils non-alcoholic wine range

Andy Morton | 20 Jun 17 Tesco said the wine range was produced using the spinning cone method

UK supermarket Tesco has launched an own-brand non-alcoholic wine range for the first time.

Pound plunge drags down EU spirits exports

Andy Morton | 20 Jun 17 The UK's Scotch industry is an important part of the EU's spirits exports

Spirits exports from the European Union declined last year, thanks to the post-Brexit drop in the value of the pound, new figures have shown.

Heaven Hill handed legal defeat by Diageo

Olly Wehring | 20 Jun 17 The packaging for Heaven Hill's Admiral Nelson's was found to resemble Diageo's Captain Morgan by a court in Canada

Heaven Hill Distilleries has lost its legal fight with Diageo in Canada over similarities between the packaging of its Admiral Nelson's spice rum brand and Diageo's Captain Morgan.

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Lowlander Beer’s American Pale Ale - NPD

This week's top beer & cider articles

This week's soft drinks coverage on just-drinks

This week's spirits & wine coverage on just-drinks

Heineken defends Desperados over Tequila claims

Bai Brands founder exits in wake of DPSG takeover

Bacardi uses influencers to star in Martini short

Paradise Beverages unveils head of op's

Beverage Industry Interviews

"We have never seen anything like this level of enthusiasm for American whiskey" - Interview, Heaven Hill Brands president Max Shapira 20 Jun 17

Lucy BritnerHeaven Hill's portfolio includes the Evan Williams and Elijah Craig whiskey brands as well as Deep Eddy vodka

Later this year, US spirits firm Heaven Hill Brands will see both a new Bourbon and a new vodka production facility become operational. Yesterday, just-drinks sat down with Heaven Hill president Max Shapira at Vinexpo in Bordeaux to talk about family ownership, the Bourbon boom and the company's investment in vodka.

"More Chinese people like wine - they want to know more about it" - Interview, Alan's Wines & Spirits chairman Alan Wang 12 Jun 17

Andy Morton

Alan Wang is the founder of Alan's Wines & Spirits, which has 86 off-premise sites across China. just-drinks sat down with him during the 2017 China Food & Drinks Fair in Chengdu, where he spoke about the changing face of the Chinese consumer and reveals what he looks for in wine before allowing it on his shelves.

"In the US, we don't sell a litre. Come on, have a go!" - Interview, Australian Vintage CEO Neil McGuigan - Part II 8 Jun 17

Olly WehringAustralian Vintage has recently re-entered the US after a ten-year absence

In part two of our interview with Australian Vintage CEO Neil McGuigan - part one can be found here - we discuss his plans for the US, his preferred vineyard-ownership structure and the likelihood of a name-change for the company.

just-drinks Blog

The (temporary) return of Paul Walsh to the drinks debate

Andy Morton, just-drinks editorial team Andy Morton | 27 Apr 17

Paul Walsh just can't stay away from the drinks industry.

Budweiser races to stock Mars bars

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 16 Mar 17

For those people looking to the Red Planet as shining utopia away from all things earth, look away now.

When life gives you lemons, make soap

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 9 Feb 17

Bacardi's 42 Below vodka brand has found a novel way to use the lemons left over from cocktail-making: Turn them into liquid soap.

Beverage Hot Issues

Brown-Forman Full-Year fiscal-2017 results - Round-up

Brown-Forman Full-Year fiscal-2017 results - Round-up

In June, Brown-Forman released its results for the year to the end of April. Here's a full round-up of just-drinks' coverage of the company's 12-month numbers.

Diageo's Capital Markets Day 2017 - Round-up

Diageo's Capital Markets Day 2017 - Round-up

In mid-May, Diageo held its 2017 Capital Markets Day conference. Here is a round-up of just-drinks' content from the event.

Anheuser-Busch InBev Q1 2017 results - Round-up

Anheuser-Busch InBev Q1 2017 results - Round-up

In May, Anheuser-Busch InBev reported its results for the first three months of 2017. Here's a full round-up of just-drinks' coverage of the brewer's numbers.

just-drinks Exclusive Interview - Pernod Ricard CEO, Alex Ricard

just-drinks Exclusive Interview - Pernod Ricard CEO, Alex Ricard

In late-February, just-drinks spent an hour with the head of Pernod Ricard, Alex Ricard. Here's our exclusive, two-part interview.

Drinks Market Research

Global flavoured spirits insights - market forecasts, product innovation an

Global flavoured spirits insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

The US is the leading market for flavoured spirits (excluding low-priced spirits and full-strength spirits) at 20.4m cases. The next-largest markets are Germany, France, Italy and Argentina. The UK, Japan and Turkey follow, with volumes either side of the 5m-case mark. This all-new report aims to deliver the most vital flavoured spirits data, insights, forecasts and strategic drivers in an easy-to-use package. Our experienced drinks industry specialists have summarised the global market conditions for the major flavoured spirits categories, regions and markets... Read more

Published: June 2017 - ($1500.00)

Beer in China

Published: May 2017 - ($990.00)

Beer Wholesaling in the US - Industry Market Research Report

Published: March 2017 - ($1090.00)

Global Fortified Wine Market 2017-2021

Published: May 2017 - ($3500.00)

Global Organic Wine Market 2017-2021

Published: April 2017 - ($3500.00)

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