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Constellation Brands will report its first-quarter results on Thursday

Constellation Brands' Q1 results - Preview

Constellation Brands will report its first-quarter results on Thursday. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the three months to the end...

The ISFAR is unimpressed with recent research from New Zealand

Pulling apart poor research into alcohol & cancer

Previous scientific research has shown that heavy alcohol consumption is a major risk factor for upper aero-digestive cancers, and even ligh...

The markets have had the weekend to digest the post-Brexit implications

The post-Brexit winners and losers - Analysis

The markets have had the weekend to digest the possible implications of the UK's decision to leave the EU. Here is a summation of what the a...

The Keurig Kold - one of the more expensive ways to offer consumers their own customisation experience

Customisable drinks - The next consumer trend

It wasn't supposed to end like this – a refund of the full purchase price and a chance to forget the whole thing. Keurig Kold was viewed as...

The UK has voted to leave the European Union

What Brexit means for drinks industry? - Analysis

The UK's vote yesterday (June 23) to quit the European Union (EU) creates deep uncertainty, not only over the shape of future food and drink...

How will the UK's decision to withdraw from the European Union affect the AB InBev, SABMiller deal?

What does Brexit mean for AB InBev's SAB deal?

Immediately following the UK's decision yesterday to leave the European Union, the Pound dropped to its lowest point against the US Dollar s...

Is there a future for the global beer brand? - Comment 23 Jun 16

Can you think of a global beer brand? One that is not hamstrung by being limited to certain regions? It's not easy. Indeed, Stephen Beaumont found it equally difficult, until about two weeks ago.

Can fruit cider survive UK slowdown? - Focus 22 Jun 16

It was 1997 and Anders Nanne knew Rekorderlig had hit the big time. The co-creator of the Swedish cider was driving out of Gothenburg airport and saw an empty Rekordelig can in a small wood. "When you see it as garbage, that's when you know it's a big brand."

Thought Leaders

  • People Pattern's Spirits Brands Report

    People Pattern's Spirits Brands Report

    This report provides in-depth detail on audience segments within the liquor industry. With this report, companies can learn how to: *Understand audience attrib...

  • New Tastes – New Glasses

    New Tastes – New Glasses

    The craft beer movement is gaining ever more momentum also across Germany. Newly established breweries are presenting their aroma-rich creations at numerous events, in stylish ...

Drinks Industry News

The UK Referendum - just-drinks Live Blog

Olly Wehring | 24 Jun 16 The UK is set to leave the European Union

Yesterday, the UK voted to leave the European Union. The result of the referendum fell 52% in favour of the so-called 'Brexit'. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day on drinks industry reaction.

UK spirits producers braced for Brexit impact

Lucy Britner | 24 Jun 16

The UK spirits industry is preparing itself for short-term losses following the decision to leave the European Union. 

UK cider makers urge caution over Brexit fallout

Andy Morton | 24 Jun 16 Thatchers' MD, Martin Thatcher, said it is still too early to tell what Brexit's repercussions are

Two of the UK's leading independent cider producers have warned of short-term turmoil in the wake of Britain's vote to leave the EU but said longer-term repercussions are too difficult to predict.

Recent News - (Updated: 4:47pm 28 Jun 2016)

Bourbon wins big in decade of US spirits growth

Distell’s Tobermory 42-Year-Old Single Malt - NPD

Boston Beer Co's Angry Orchard Walden Hollow - NPD

Gruppo Campari closes Marnier-Lapostolle offer

Arrogant Brewing's Who You Callin' Wussie - NPD

Pernod Ricard exec shuffle - Denis O'Flynn leaves

PepsiCo returns aspartame to US Diet Pepsi range

AB InBev agrees Kirin compensation in Australia

Beverage Industry Interviews

"The on-trade doesn't realise it can up-sell on a Coca-Cola" - Interview, Seedlip founder, Ben Branson 28 Jun 16

Andy MortonSeedlip founder, Ben Branson, doesn't believe the non-alcoholic drinks category exists yet

Last month, UK producer Seedlip launched the second expression in its range of self-described "non-alcoholic spirits". Seedlip Garden follows the launch in November of the original Seedlip, which sold out three times in high-end London retailer Selfridges and has caught the attention of bartenders with its positioning as an adult-aimed, non-alcoholic base for cocktails. Seedlip founder Ben Branson says the spirit - a distillation of botanicals including herbs, fruit and bark - is a riposte to non-alcoholic drinks that depend too heavily on sugary fruit blends, and offers a solution to the problem of "what to drink when you're not drinking". just-drinks spoke to Branson ahead of the launch of Seedlip Garden about his early successes, interest from Bahraini royalty and why the industry needs to get on-board the non-alcoholic category.

"Does real brand loyalty exist?" - Interview, Walter Drenth, senior global director international brands at Heineken 21 Jun 16

Olly WehringAmstel is one year into a three-year sponsorship deal with the Europa League football tournament

Last year, Heineken secured a return to the European sports stage for its Amstel brand. Having called time on its ten-year sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League football competition in 2005, Amstel has just completed the first of a three-year tie-up with the slightly lower-profile Europa League football tournament. Replacing Amstel as Champions League sponsor? Why, it was - and continues to be - brand Heineken. Last month, Olly Wehring travelled to Switzerland to meet Walter Drenth, the group's senior global director for international brands, before being forced to endure his team's defeat that evening to Seville in the Europa League final.

"Our mistake was we tried to be a functional beverage firm" - Interview, Kevin Klock, CEO of Talking Rain - Part II 16 Jun 16

Andy MortonTalking Rain CEO Kevin Klock said functional beverages will start to decline

Talking Rain hit the big time with the success of Sparkling Ice. Growth for the sparkling flavoured water brand started in 2010, but Talking Rain had been around for more than two decades before then. In the second part of his just-drinks interview, CEO Kevin Klock talks about the lessons his company learned before its overnight success and how they informed his views on functional beverages. He also reveals which NBA superstar he invited to meet staff and the problems of competing for talent in an area dominated by global tech firms.

just-drinks Blog

Caipirinha Facts!

Olly Wehring, just-drinks editorial team Olly Wehring | 8 Jun 16

This weekend sees yet another “International Day” for a drinks category. Lucky us. Anyway, ahead of Sunday’s International Cachaça Day, here’s a wealth of information on Brazil’s national spirit, courtesy of Gruppo Campari’s Sagatiba cachaça brand.

The Coca-Cola Co's downward trajectory

Andy Morton, just-drinks editorial team Andy Morton | 8 Jun 16

In yet one more sign that The Coca-Cola Co is losing its lustre, the soft drinks maker has, for the first time, fallen out of the top ten of a 'world's biggest brands' ranking.

Which calories count?

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 8 Jun 16

What a week for stats! Yesterday, the Beverage Marketing Corporation released figures to show the bottled water market had more than doubled over the past 15 years in the US.

Beverage Hot Issues

The EU Referendum - The UK's departure and drinks industry's consequences

The EU Referendum - The UK's departure and drinks industry's consequences

The UK has voted to leave the European Union. Here, just-drinks looks at what it means for the drinks industry

just-drinks Non-Scotch Whisky Essentials

just-drinks Non-Scotch Whisky Essentials

What are the key trends in non-Scotch whisky? Where are the important markets and what does the future hold? just-drinks, in partnership with The IWSR, presents a six-part review of the non-Scotch whisky category

Remy Cointreau's FY results for fiscal 2016

Remy Cointreau's FY results for fiscal 2016

In early June, Remy Cointreau released its figures for full-year 2015. Here's a round-up of just-drinks' coverage.

Brown-Forman's fiscal-2016 results - Round-Up

Brown-Forman's fiscal-2016 results - Round-Up

In early-June, Brown-Forman released its full-year results for fiscal-2016. Here's a round-up of just-drinks' coverage of the numbers.

Drinks Market Research

Global RTD insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer tre

Global RTD insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

The Ready To Drink (RTD) or mixed drinks category added 20.2m cases in 2014 to reach 388.5m cases, up from just under 319m cases in 2010, representing a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1%. The global market for mixed drinks had a value of US$18.73bn in 2014, up from US$16.38bn in 2010, but recorded a slower CAGR of 3.4% in the process. This report strategically reviews the global RTD category, providing future insights into what the sector has to do to grow over the coming years... Read more

Published: May 2016 - ($1500.00)

Global non-Scotch whiskies insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

Published: April 2016 - ($1500.00)

Alcoholic Drinks in Spain

Published: June 2016 - ($2100.00)

Wine in France

Published: June 2016 - ($990.00)

Rtds/High-Strength Premixes in Australia

Published: June 2016 - ($990.00)

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