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The Glenlivet cocktail capsules caused uproar among single malt's purists

Why single malt should ignore its core consumer

Despite drawing criticism from certain quarters, the single malt Scotch whisky category must continue to strive for greater inspiration and...

Canada is a testing ground for cannabis products, with many beverages poised for launch after 17 October

Canada blazes a trail for cannabis beverages

Tomorrow is a big day for the cannabis beverage industry. After years of deliberations that eventually led to the federal legalisation of ca...

Every month, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking looks at responsible drinking activities from around the world

CSR around the world - Oct

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, reviews s...

Remy Cointreau's Cognac brand, Remy Martin, will avoid the new US tariffs

Major spirits brands dodge the US tariff bullet

Last week, the US Government announced a list of imported European goods that from 18 October will be subject to extra tariffs. The list, wh...

The Coca-Cola Co and its soft drinks peers will continue to be blamed for eco-waste

Soft drinks and plastic - The unbreakable bond

Have a guess at who said this: "We are the first generation to understand the consequences of our impact on the planet, and the last that ca...

The Coca-Cola Co's Signature Mixers range launched in the UK in June

Has soft drinks missed premiumisation train?

The UK's gin boom has allowed for a raft of innovation in the mixers segment. In turn, the availability of premium mixers has provided non-d...

Why vodka's US woes could soon be drowned out by success elsewhere - Comment 1 Oct 19

For the established vodka brands, the US has long been the outstanding market, initially driving the category's metoric growth but now accounting for much of its volumes. As the country remains key for vodka brand owners, category commentator Richard Woodard believes the rest of the world is fast catching up.

Global Travel Retail - The state of the union - TFWA 2019 Preview 26 Sep 19

This year's TFWA World Exhibition & Conference kicks off on Sunday. Ahead of the six-day Global Travel Retail event, channel commentator Joe Bates looks at the latest data, which underlines the resilience of the wider alcohol category in this most diverse of retail channels. Challenges, however, still remain.

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Drinks Industry News

Treasury CEO Clarke to exit in 2020

Andy Morton | 21 Oct 19 Michael Clarke joined Treasury Wine Estates in early-2014

Treasury Wine Estates CEO Mike Clarke is to step down in the second half of next year.

A-B InBev brewing Corona in China - analyst

Andy Morton | 18 Oct 19 A-B InBev is taking Corona on its travels with production in China

Anheuser-Busch InBev is producing Corona in China, an analyst has revealed, marking the first time the beer has been produced outside of Mexico.

Beam Suntory unveils Larios Provenzal in GTR

Andy Morton | 16 Oct 19

Beam Suntory has launched the first Travel Retail-exclusive for Spanish gin brand Larios.

Recent News - (Updated: 5:33pm 21 Oct 2019)

Women making progress in spirits - Montanya CEO

Single malt risks sales plunge as US tariffs hit

Coca-Cola to change Coke Energy taste in US

Pernod lines up "rare ingredient" spirits range

Gruppo Montenegro moves Canadian distributors

Nichols announces new CFO for 2020

Guinness urges fans to "have a pint of Carlsberg"

Amazon launches Tovess spirits range

Beverage Industry Interviews

"The Constellation deal helps to take my choke-chain off" - just-drinks speaks to Montanya Distillers CEO Karen Hoskin 21 Oct 19

Olly WehringConstellation Brands owns an unspecified holding in Colorado-based Montanya Distillers

Late last week, the co-founder & CEO of Montanya Distillers was in London for the city's annual Rum Week and Rumfest. Karen Hoskins found time to meet with just-drinks to look back at the history of the Colorado-based craft spirits company and to tell the story of Constellation Brand's stake purchase in July.

"We are already producing Champagne in a climate that's different from our fathers'" - just-drinks speaks to the Comite Champagne 9 Oct 19

Andy MortonCIVC's director of communications, Thibaut Le Mailloux

The Champagne industry prides itself on being at the forefront of the climate change battle, producing in 2001 wine's first report on the effects a warming planet will have on growing and production. This week, Champagne's overseer, the Comité Champagne (CIVC), released its latest sustainability report, revealing that climate change is no longer a prospect on the horizon but is already having an effect on how Champagne is made. Earlier this week, just-drinks sat down with CIVC director of communications Thibaut Le Mailloux to talk about the threat of climate change and what needs to be done to protect Champagne.

"Not being in the American whiskey category has been something we wanted to change" - just-drinks speaks to Pernod Ricard CFO Helene de Tissot - Part II 19 Sep 19

Olly Wehringjust-drinks sat down with Pernod Ricard CFO Hélène de Tissot earlier this month

In the first part of our exclusive interview with Pernod Ricard CFO Hélène de Tissot, we learned more about her experiences in Asia and in M&A. Here, in part two, de Tissot discusses Kentucky Bourbon, Castle Brands, Chinese whiskey and Pernod's wine operations.

Latest Industry Insights

Responsible drinking activations around the world

The IARD editorial team | 20 Sep 19 Every month, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking looks at responsible drinking activities from around the world

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, reviews s...

Coca-Cola's delicate sports sponsorship balance

Ben Cooper | 19 Sep 19 The Coca-Cola Co has come under fire for marketing Coke Classic alongside the brand's no-sugar offerings

In this month's focus on the sustainability arena, Ben Cooper considers how The Coca-Cola Co's sugar reduction efforts are being perceived b...

The just-drinks Analyst returns

Ian Shackleton | 17 Sep 19 Carlsberg continues to give investors reasons to head for the bar

Our resident analyst, Ian Shackleton, is back for his regular look at the drinks industry from an investor's perspective. This month, Ian co...

Beverage Hot Issues

just-drinks speaks to Pernod Ricard CFO Hélène de Tissot

just-drinks speaks to Pernod Ricard CFO Hélène de Tissot

In early-September, just-drinks editor Olly Wehring sat down with Pernod Ricard's CFO, Hélène de Tissot, in London, following the company's presentation of its results for the 12 months to the end of June.

just-drinks interviews Beam Suntory CEO Albert Baladi

just-drinks interviews Beam Suntory CEO Albert Baladi

In late-June, just-drinks editor Olly Wehring met with Albert Baladi, Beam Suntory's recently-promoted CEO, in London

Diageo's Capital Markets Day 2019 - Round-up

Diageo's Capital Markets Day 2019 - Round-up

In May, Diageo held its biennial Capital Markets Day investor conference, in New York. Here's a round-up of just-drinks' content from the event.

TFWA Asia-Pacific 2019

TFWA Asia-Pacific 2019

Here is a round-up of just-drinks' content from the 2019 edition of TFWA Asia-Pacific, which covers the region's Travel Retail industry

Drinks Market Research

TrendSights Analysis 2019: Connoisseurship - Keeping up with consumer "expe

TrendSights Analysis 2019: Connoisseurship - Keeping up with consumer "experts"

Within the FMCG context, connoisseurship describes the ability to appreciate and judge quality, and select the best products. Connoisseurs pride themselves on their knowledge of specific products and services, as well as their personal ability to select the highest-quality experiences. These individuals will not settle for anything less than what they perceive to be the best. As consumers’ expectations rise in general, more of them consider themselves to be connoisseurs or assume similar traits... Read more

Published: March 2019 - ($3450.00)

Category Packaging Opportunities: Non-Alcoholic Drinks - Identifying pack formats and features that make a brand worth paying more for

Published: March 2019 - ($495.00)

Beer & Cider Global Industry Almanac 2013-2022

Published: March 2019 - ($2995.00)

Opportunities in the Western Europe Wine Sector: Analysis of opportunities offered by high-growth economies

Published: February 2019 - ($2100.00)

Specialty Spirits (Spirits) Market in India - Outlook to 2022: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics

Published: December 2018 - ($500.00)

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