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The Travel Retail channel is struggling to remain relevant to Millennials

IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas - Preview

Next week sees the International Association of Airport & Duty Free Stores host its annual 'Duty Free Show of the Americas' in Orlando. But,...

Could a dizzying array of varietals shape the future for Australia's wine producers?

What the future looks like for Australian wine

Earlier this year, Chris Losh attended an Australian tasting in the UK and got a glimpse of the future for the country's wine producers. Her...

Technology is not the disruption factor - it will instead come from within the industry

Travel Retail needs a disruptor - Comment

In an interview with just-drinks this week, Pernod Ricard CEO Alex Ricard had some strong words for Travel Retail....

Diageo hosts regular calls between regional presidents and analysts

Diageo Africa president O'Keeffe on beer & spirits

Late last week, Diageo's Africa president John O'Keeffe hosted a conference call with analysts. According to Societe Generale analyst Lauren...

As well as financial performance, are investors also considering a company's sustainability efforts?

Is sustainability now as important as financials?

For the first time, Dutch brewer Heineken has merged its sustainability report into its main annual report. The increased investor interest...

Every month, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking looks at responsible drinking measures around the world

Responsible drinking review - Mar 2017

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at...

Are Millennials too young for brown spirits? - Comment 15 Mar 17

This month, just-drinks' brown spirits commentator, Ian Buxton, considers the sector's efforts to entice the Millennial consumer into the fray.

Will China's Millennials open the door for new brands in Travel Retail? - Analysis 14 Mar 17

At the TFWA China's Century Conference in Guangzhou last week, speaker after speaker lined up to talk about the changing face of Chinese luxury consumerism. Gone are the days when premiumisation in China meant sticking some red and gold glint on the packaging and raising the price by 30%. When it comes to brand awareness, China's Millennials are much more savvy in their brand awareness than their parents.

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Drinks Industry News

Coca-Cola Co announces senior executive shake-up

Lucy Britner | 23 Mar 17 James Quincey will become The Coca-Cola Co's CEO on 1 May

The Coca-Cola Co has lined up several leadership changes, as incoming CEO James Quincey prepares to take the reins.

Tsingtao Brewery issues profits warning

Andy Morton | 23 Mar 17 Tsingtao Brewery has blamed its expected slump on a tax hit and market conditions

Tsingtao Brewery has warned full-year profits will be down by almost two-fifths in the Chinese brewer's starkest admission yet of its problems.

CCEP head optimistic despite January blip

Andy Morton | 22 Mar 17 CCEP's chief executive, Damian Gammell, took over at the company last year

The head of Coca-Cola European Partners has said he remains confident of a "solid" first quarter of 2017, despite a slip in volumes in January.

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Coca-Cola East Japan and West form one firm

Fever-Tree's dark spirits mixers - NPD

Moet Hennessy’s Glenmorangie Pride 1974 - NPD

Molson Coors readies smaller Singha cans in UK

Diageo's Captain Morgan LocoNut - NPD

Beverage Industry Interviews

"The way to drive dark spirits is to make them accessible. And accessible means mixed" - Interview, Fever-Tree founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow 21 Mar 17

Lucy BritnerCharles Rolls (left) and Tim Warrillow founded Fever-Tree in 2005

When premium mixers firm Fever-Tree launched its IPO in late-2014, shares were priced at GBP1.34. Today, following the release of 2016's results, Fever-Tree's shares are trading at over GBP15. Late last month, just-drinks sat down with the company's founders, Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, who still own 21.8% of the company, to explore the reasons behind Fever-Tree's success.

"The obsession needs to be about top-line growth, but efficiency needs to be part of your habits" - Interview, Pernod Ricard CEO Alex Ricard - Part II 16 Mar 17

Olly Wehring

Last month, just-drinks spoke at length with Alex Ricard, the CEO of Pernod Ricard. In the first part of our exclusive interview, Ricard considered the group's recent performances in India and China. He also discussed the use of price both to grow sales and to drive premiumisation. Here, in part two, he looks at some of the group's more important brands, the strategy behind acquiring craft spirits companies, and the changes he has introduced to Pernod since becoming CEO two years ago.

"If we stopped investing in places where we have headwinds, we'd stop investing everywhere" - Interview, Pernod Ricard CEO Alex Ricard - Part I 14 Mar 17

Olly WehringAlex Ricard moved up to the CEO role at Pernod Ricard in January 2015

Last month, the CEO of Pernod Ricard, Alex Ricard, was in London to discuss the group's half-year results. just-drinks sat down with Ricard following the press conference to look at both the numbers for the first six months of fiscal-2017 and Ricard's tenure so far, since assuming the leadership in early-2015. In the first part of our exclusive two-part interview, Alex considers Pernod's positions in India and China and shares his thoughts on pricing and the role it plays in a company's approach to premiumisation.

just-drinks Blog

Budweiser races to stock Mars bars

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 16 Mar 17

For those people looking to the Red Planet as shining utopia away from all things earth, look away now.

When life gives you lemons, make soap

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 9 Feb 17

Bacardi's 42 Below vodka brand has found a novel way to use the lemons left over from cocktail-making: Turn them into liquid soap.

Small measures required as Philadelphia soda tax adds up

Andy Morton, just-drinks editorial team Andy Morton | 4 Jan 17

Philadelphia’s soda tax came into force on Sunday, and is reportedly causing a stir in the city's check-out aisles.

Beverage Hot Issues

just-drinks Exclusive Interview - Pernod Ricard CEO, Alex Ricard

just-drinks Exclusive Interview - Pernod Ricard CEO, Alex Ricard

In late-February, just-drinks spent an hour with the head of Pernod Ricard, Alex Ricard. Here's our exclusive, two-part interview.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Full-Year 2016 results - Round-up

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Full-Year 2016 results - Round-up

In February, Dr Pepper Snapple Group released its results for 2016. Here's a full round-up of just-drinks' coverage of the company's 12-month numbers.

Molson Coors Full-Year 2016 results - Round-up

Molson Coors Full-Year 2016 results - Round-up

In February, Molson Coors reported its results for the 12 months of 2016. Here's a full round-up of just-drinks' coverage of the brewer's numbers.

just-drinks Vodka Essentials

just-drinks Vodka Essentials

As part of just-drinks' Spirits Essentials series, this look at the vodka category provides comprehensive figures and information on the sector, its markets and its trends.

Drinks Market Research

Global Scotch insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer

Global Scotch insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

This edition of our global Scotch report contains the latest data from The IWSR combined with our unique analyst insights and brand interview extracts. It forecasts the future of both blended and malt Scotch. For the former, the report suggests market reinvigoration and a fresh approach are required. For the latter, it is poised to continue its recent march to 2021, moving from 9m cases to nearly 11.5m cases in the process. This report strategically reviews the global Scotch category, providing future insights into what the sector has to do to grow over the coming years... Read more

Published: February 2017 - ($1500.00)

Global vodka insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

Published: December 2016 - ($1500.00)

Global Database of the Top 1000 Breweries

Published: February 2017 - ($523.70)

Juice Market in the Top 5 Asian Countries to 2021 - Market Size, Development, and Forecasts

Published: February 2017 - ($2019.98)

Spirit Market in the Top 5 European Countries to 2021 - Market Size, Development, and Forecasts

Published: February 2017 - ($2019.98)

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