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Dunkin' Donuts and The Coca-Cola Co will work together in the US

Will Coca-Cola Co’s Dunkin’ Donuts move pay off?

This month, soft drinks commentator Ray Rowlands focuses on the recently-announced marriage between The Coca-Cola Co and coffee house chain...

The over-60s continue to lead an active lifestyle and want beverages that reflect that

Ten ways to successfully target older consumers

This week, Tetra Pak released a report on how best to market new products at the over-60s. According to the company, the demographic is the...

Heineken will release its third-quarter trading update on Wednesday

Heineken's Q3 2016 results - Preview

On Wednesday, Heineken will release a trading update for the third quarter of 2016. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the company's p...

The Coca-Cola Co will report its Q3 results this Wednesday

The Coca-Cola Co's Q3/YTD 2016 results - Preview

On Wednesday, The Coca-Cola Co will release its results for the third quarter - and year to date - of 2016. Here, just-drinks takes a closer...

The scene is set for stevia to shine, so long as its past does not set precedent

Why stevia can still win in soft drinks - Comment

Consumer trends, along with government pressure and drinks companies' calorie pledges, mean the future for stevia is bright, regardless of i...

Absolut Vodka experienced 'modest' sales declines in the US, during Pernod Ricard's first quarter

Analysts upbeat on Pernod Ricard's US success

At the start of September, just after Pernod Ricard reported its full-year results, analysts described the group's progress as "slow but ste...

"Our love affair with big brands is over" - Five ways small brands can beat the industry’s big players - Focus 20 Oct 16

The COO of Diageo's entrepreneur investment arm, Distill Ventures, has set out five advantages that small, start-up brands have over large drinks companies.

Pernod Ricard Q1 2017 results by region, brand - Focus 20 Oct 16

Earlier today, Pernod Ricard reported a 1% lift in first-quarter sales. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the company's performance by region and brand in the three months to the end of September.

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Drinks Industry News

SWA's David Frost to leave for foreign office role

Andy Morton | 25 Oct 16

The chief executive of the Scotch Whisky Association, David Frost, is stepping down to become an advisor to UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Jobs at new India hub won't affect staff - Diageo

Andy Morton | 18 Oct 16 Diageo is in the first year of a GBP500m efficiency drive

Diageo has said that jobs at its new business centre in India will not initially come from within the company's global network.

Diageo most at risk to Thai alcohol ban - analyst

Andy Morton | 18 Oct 16 Thailand accounts for an estimated 5% of Diageo's global Johnnie Walker volumes

Johnnie Walker-owner Diageo is the most exposed to a ban on alcohol in Thailand following the death of the country's king, an analyst has said.

Recent News - (Updated: 3:20pm 25 Oct 2016)

Diageo weathers Thailand alcohol ban

Stock Spirits appointments provoke investor unrest

Tetra Pak shines light on lucrative seniors market

Altria raises Anheuser-Busch InBev holding

High Performance Beverage Co's Lemon/Lime flavour

Portman Group chief leaves to join IARD

Boston Beer Co outlines Samuel Adams innovation

Unibroue and Megadeth's A Tout le Monde - NPD

Beverage Industry Interviews

"I want people to focus on Bulldog as a brand. People don't call Jack Daniel's a whiskey" - Interview, Bulldog Gin founder & CEO, Anshuman Vohra - Part II 21 Oct 16

Olly Wehring

In the first part of just-drinks’ interview with Bulldog Gin Co’s founder & CEO, Anshuman Vohra, we looked at the birth and rise of the brand. In part two, Vohra considers the wider gin segment, Bulldog’s relationship with Gruppo Campari and his hopes for the future.

"Gin's problem was its taste and its perception" - Interview, Bulldog Gin founder & CEO, Anshuman Vohra - Part I 19 Oct 16

Olly WehringBulldog Gin is set to ship 150,000 cases in 2016

Bulldog Gin is a brand on the rise in a category on the rise. Earlier this month, just-drinks met the company's founder & CEO, Anshuman Vohra, in London, to consider Bulldog's history, the potential for the premium gin segment and how to navigate the hurdles that face spirits start-ups.

"Craft beer is starting to redefine the base that it was once counter to" - Interview, Andy Thomas, Craft Brew Alliance CEO - Part II 18 Oct 16

Lucy BritnerCraft Brew Alliance is 32% owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev

In part two of our interview with Craft Brew Alliance’s CEO, we talk to Andy Thomas about the state of the craft beer market, how CBA fits into it and where the category is headed.

just-drinks Blog

SABMiller's last word

Andy Morton, just-drinks editorial team Andy Morton | 10 Oct 16

Today is SABMiller's final day. Some time this evening, Brussel's time, the second-biggest brewer in the world will be subsumed into the biggest, creating a beer behemoth of unprecedented proportions.

"Buy a Mountain Dew and enjoy it"

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 30 Sep 16

No, this is not PepsiCo's new ad slogan for its Mountain Dew brand.

Did Alibaba's 9.9 Global Wine and Spirits Festival flop?

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 27 Sep 16

Major wine players flocked to China ready for online giant Alibaba's 9.9 Global Wine and Spirits Festival, which took place on 9 September.

Beverage Hot Issues

just-drinks Gin Essentials

just-drinks Gin Essentials

What are the key trends in gin? Where are the important markets and what does the future hold? just-drinks, in partnership with The IWSR, presents a seven-part review of the gin category

Tax Free World Association Global Travel Retail Exhibition 2016

Tax Free World Association Global Travel Retail Exhibition 2016

In October, the Tax Free World Association held its annual World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes, France. Here's a full round-up of just-drinks' coverage of the event.

Pernod Ricard FY 2016 - Results Round-up

Pernod Ricard FY 2016 - Results Round-up

In early-September, Pernod Ricard released its results for the 12 months to the end of June 2016. Here's a round-up of just-drinks' coverage.

Round-up - Carlsberg's H1 Results

Round-up - Carlsberg's H1 Results

In August, Carlsberg released its results for the first six months of 2016. Here's a round-up of just-drinks' coverage.

Drinks Market Research

PernodRicardGroupe in Wine (World)

PernodRicardGroupe in Wine (World)

Pernod Ricard is working to adapt its wine operations to evolving millennial demand, influenced by the rise of digital media and the expansion of the craft movement. This profile analyses the company’s efforts to attract younger consumers to wine, to build a value ladder to a more premium-orientated portfolio, and to respond to major challenges, including intense discounting, competition from rival products, and the expansion of major competitors... Read more

Published: October 2016 - ($572.00)

Beer Overview: A Strange Brew of Saturation and Fizzy Potential

Published: September 2016 - ($1325.00)

Global gin insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

Published: September 2016 - ($1500.00)

Global rum insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

Published: August 2016 - ($1500.00)

E&J Gallo Winery Incin Wine (World)

Published: October 2016 - ($572.00)

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