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How COVID has closed the digital gap - trends

When it comes to contemplating older consumers and their digital consumption, stereotypes about tech-phobic grannies who refuse to buy smart...

What will Coca-Cola Co's priorities be? - analysis

Earlier this week, just-drinks analysed The Coca-Cola Co's performance trends over the last five years. In this excerpt from the report, we...

Constellation Brands in fiscal-2021 - preview

On Thursday, Constellation Brands will announce the results from its fiscal-2021. The numbers, to the end of February, bring to an end a 12-...

The Coca-Cola Co Performance Trends 2016-20 - data

In mid-February, The Cola-Cola Co posted a 9% dip in sales from the 12 months of 2020. An improved performance in the final quarter failed t...

The top US brewers in 2020 - data 12 Apr 2021

Rhodri Morgan

Late last week, US trade body The Brewers Association released its annual chart listing the largest brewers in the country in volume terms in 2020. Here is the top 50.

The top US craft brewers in 2020 - data 12 Apr 2021

Rhodri Morgan

Late last week, US trade body The Brewers Association released its annual chart listing the largest craft brewers in the country in volume terms in 2020. Here is the top 50.

Why Ocean Spray Wave could have TikTok to thank for 'Dream' launch - analysis 1 Apr 2021


Ocean Spray Cranberries' latest addition to its namesake drinks brand ticks many boxes for US consumers, while the co-operative's viral online smash last year also bodes well for Ocean Spray Wave.

The battle for beer dominance in Vietnam - market data 26 Mar 2021

Rhodri Morgan

Earlier this year, South Asian brewer ThaiBev confirmed plans to launch an IPO for its combined Thai and Vietnamese operations on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Why premium mixers will be winners in the post-COVID environment - analysis 25 Mar 2021


In a move designed to capitalise on the at-home cocktail trend, PepsiCo has unveiled Neon Zebra, a four-strong line of mixers, in the US.

Could hard seltzer shape the future for French wine? - analysis 24 Mar 2021


One of the main consumer trends to have been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic is the move towards low- & no-alcohol. Capitalising on this more than any other beverage category has been hard seltzer, which provides a booming growth opportunity for wine brand owners.

Alcohol's sustainability and responsibility activations around the world - The IARD Digest - March 2021 23 Mar 2021

The IARD editorial team

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol-related health and policy research worldwide, reviews some of the alcohol sector's recent sustainability initiatives and socially-responsible actions to reduce harmful drinking.

Heineken's hard seltzer switch and the rise of ranch water - focus 22 Mar 2021

Andy Morton

Heineken CEO Dolf van den Brink's announcement last month the brewer is to boost flagging growth with non-beers such as hard seltzer was big news for the industry. For Cecilia Bottai Mondino, however, it was proof of just how important her job has become.

How brands can ride Twitter to social media success - analysis 22 Mar 2021

Wine & Spirits Daily

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the movement of conversations to online platforms, raising the profile among consumers of digital and social media. Consequently, as Twitter's alcohol & dining lead, Nish Mehta, confirmed at January's 'Wine & Spirits Daily Summit', a lot more brands took advantage of the Twitter platform in 2020 and into 2021.

Why cutting your CO2 emissions is good for post-COVID business - analysis 22 Mar 2021

Nick Ferris at Energy Monitor

Companies the world over are becoming increasingly convinced that reducing carbon emissions can have a positive impact on market demand, reputation and even supply chains, writes Nick Ferris.

Why it's time for drinks brand owners to get their ESG reporting in order - sustainability spotlight 18 Mar 2021

Ben Cooper

Recent months have seen the first steps towards the standardisation of sustainability reporting. Ben Cooper examines plans announced this month by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation for the creation of a sustainability reporting framework to complement its established financial reporting standards.

What will Heineken's priorities be for the years ahead? - analysis 18 Mar 2021

Richard Woodard

Earlier this week, just-drinks analysed Heineken's performance trends over the last five years. In this excerpt from the report, we consider what's currently top of inbox for CEO Dolf van den Brink.

Why alcohol's tobacco comparisons have returned, why less could be more for brand owners and why grape & grain team-up is back on the agenda - The just-drinks Analyst 17 Mar 2021

Ian Shackleton

Returning for his latest, monthly look at the drinks industry is ex-beverages analyst Ian Shackleton. On Ian's radar is the rise of ESG as an investor's priority, the risk facing brand owners if they spread themselves too thinly and the likelihood - or otherwise - of a return to combining wine with spirits in one company.

Heineken Performance Trends 2016-20 - results data 17 Mar 2021

Richard Woodard

In mid-February, Heineken reported a near-12% decline in its 2020 sales. The 12-month performance was the worst of the major multi-national brewers, with Anheuser-Busch InBev's top-line down 3.7%, Carlsberg falling 8.4% and Molson Coors at -8.7%. Here, just-drinks picks through the brewer's performance over the last five years for the trends set to affect the company, specifically, and the global beer category, more broadly.

The massive potential in e-commerce for drinks brand owners - analysis 16 Mar 2021


Consumer appetite for direct-to-consumer (D2C) services is growing. In 2014, GlobalData found that only 1.4% of consumers had used D2C once in the prior 12 months to purchase food and drinks. By 2018, that figure had climbed to 5.8%.

What effect does alcohol have on drinkers with heart conditions? - International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 247 15 Mar 2021

International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

A recent study set out to investigate the relationship between regular alcohol consumption and incident stroke or systemic embolism in patients with established atrial fibrillation (AF), most of whom (84%) were on anticoagulant therapy. Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition that causes an irregular and often rapid heart rate.

The EU & US trade war timeline - How alcohol on both sides of the Atlantic has battled with tariffs 12 Mar 2021

Olly Wehring

Three years ago this week, we saw the first shots fired in a trade war that has only just caught its breath, with the US announcing a suspension of its tariffs on imports from the EU in recent days. But, how did we get here? just-drinks has put together the history of the row that could even outlive COVID, with some distance still left to run.

Forget premiumisation, it's all about value right now - consumer trends 11 Mar 2021

Laura Foster

It's approaching a year since COVID-related lockdowns were introduced in many countries around the world. In that time, we've seen plummeting employment, shaky job security and vanishing consumer confidence.

Treasury Wine Estates makes US offload to The Wine Group - But, who is The Wine Group? - analysis 11 Mar 2021

Rhodri Morgan

For some readers, yesterday's news regarding Treasury Wine Estates selling off a chunk of its value wines might have raised some eyebrows. 

Carlsberg Performance Trends 2016-2020 - results data 4 Mar 2021

Robyn Black

In early-February, Carlsberg posted an 8.4% dip in sales from COVID-ravaged 2020. Here, just-drinks picks through the brewer's performance over the past five years for the trends set to affect the company, specifically, and the global beer category, more broadly.

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