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"Forget what you think you know about retail"

These days, omni-channel is the latest buzzword in retail circles, with Alibaba's 'new retail' concept in China, Hema, one of the leading pl...

Do consumers care about your cocktail competition?

It's only three weeks until the global final of Diageo's 'World Class' event rolls into Berlin. The pending circus has given me cause to con...

Cannabis creeps towards the mainstream

Judging from the number of newspaper reports yesterday on The Coca-Cola Co's potential move into cannabis drinks, the story has caught some...

Could hop-flavoured water break new ground? - NPD

The secret to a great beer often comes down to the quality of the hops that are used to make it. Depending upon the variety, hops can add fl...

How can Scotch whisky build on 2017 growth in the years to come? - Research in Focus 19 Sep 2018

Richard Woodard

Last year's recovery in Scotch whisky sales, although marginal, was a welcome one - but the category still faces multiple challenges, from engaging with consumers in mature markets to managing restricted stocks of single malt.

Responsible drinking issues around the world - The IARD Digest - September 2018 17 Sep 2018

The IARD editorial team

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at what's going on in-market to promote a more responsible role for alcohol in society.

Coca-Cola European Partners basks in 'total beverage' future – Analysis 14 Sep 2018

Lucy Britner

The non-alcoholic ready-to-drink market (NARTD) is a "great place to be", according to Coca-Cola European Partners.

"People always complain when they see foreign investment" - How overseas money is changing South Africa's wine fortunes - Focus - Cape Wine 2018 13 Sep 2018

Andy Morton

Even South Africa's famous wildlife is conspiring against its wine industry.

Treasury Wine Estates performance trends 2014-2018 - results data 7 Sep 2018

Nigel Huddleston

In mid-August, Treasury Wine Estates released its full-year results for fiscal-2018. The group saw its sales in the 12 months to the end of June rise in organic terms on the year-prior by almost 2%. Here, just-drinks considers TWE's performance over the past five years.

Where has Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits gone wrong? - Focus 7 Sep 2018

Lucy Britner & Olly Wehring

Earlier this week, Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits confirmed it is considering selling off some brands in a bid to reduce costs. At the same time, the group revised its full-year earnings outlook downwards, which it now expects to come in between -EUR20m to -EUR25m.

How kombucha can capture the hearts and minds of US consumers - Research in Focus 6 Sep 2018

Matthew Barry, beverages analyst, Euromonitor International

Kombucha is one of the more unexpected success stories in American beverages. Until about a decade ago, few had ever heard of it and most people drinking kombucha were brewing it themselves using borrowed bacterial cultures. Now, the fizzy tea has gone mainstream and is growing faster than almost any other drink in the US.

FREE TO READ - just-drinks' Mergers & Acquisitions database - August 2018 4 Sep 2018

Olly Wehring

Here, just-drinks consolidates the M&A activity in the global drinks industry during August.

Can alcohol consumption guidelines be drawn up on a global basis? - International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 219 4 Sep 2018

International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

Investigators working with data from the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries & Risk Factors Study 2016 have combined data from 195 locations around the world, from 1990 to 2016, for both sexes and for five-year age groups between the ages of 15 years and 95 years and older.

Could Coca-Cola's Costa move signal a US coffee raid? - Analysis 3 Sep 2018

Olly Wehring

Last week's announcement by The Coca-Cola Co that it will spend US$5.1bn on the Costa coffee chain shifts the paradigm in the global drinks industry, according to one analyst. At the same time, many questions remain about the future direction of Coca-Cola as it looks to operate in the retail channel.

The Coca-Cola Co's US$5.1bn acquisition of Costa - Analysis 31 Aug 2018

Howard Telford, head of soft drinks at Euromonitor International

Under current leadership, The Coca-Cola Co has begun to view itself as a "total beverage company". This means entering new and emerging soft drinks categories outside of CSDs, such as the acquisition of Mexican sparkling water brand Topo Chico last year or this month's investment in Bodyarmor, for example.

How Heineken is causing concern, why China still offers challenges and what future for PepsiCo's drinks operations - The just-drinks Analyst 28 Aug 2018

Ian Shackleton

Ian Shackleton, just-drinks' resident analyst, returns this month with a headache from Heineken. He also considers the prospects for growth in the tricky Chinese market and surveys the dangers facing PepsiCo that its next CEO will have to deal with from day one.

The trends set to shape the sparkling water segment - Research in Focus 28 Aug 2018

Euromonitor International

The US soft drinks market of today sees bottled water rivalling carbonated soft drinks for significance as consumers increasingly favour the segment's offer of naturally-healthy and convenient hydration.

How RTD coffee could be the next functional drink boom area - NPD trends 23 Aug 2018

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at GlobalData

Coffee has been a functional drink probably for as long as it has been in existence, thanks to its natural caffeine content, which has made it a beloved source of energy in the morning. But, coffee has never been much of a player in the functional beverage market partly because its own health status has been questioned over the years. This situation is starting to change, and Starbucks' recent launch of Protein Blended Cold Brew is a sign that coffee may be emerging as the next hot functional beverage platform.

Responsible drinking issues around the world - The IARD Digest - August 2018 23 Aug 2018

The IARD editorial team

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at what's going on in-market to promote a more responsible role for alcohol in society.

How will your alcohol intake affect the likelihood of dementia in later life? - International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 218 22 Aug 2018

International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

While there is general agreement that the moderate intake of alcohol is associated with a significantly-lower risk of cardiovascular disease, there is less data on the relation of moderate alcohol consumption to dementia. However, the vast majority of well-done prospective studies indicate that, in comparison with non-drinkers, moderate, non-binge-drinking older adults have lower risk of Alzheimer Disease and other types of dementia.

Where should vodka look for growth in the years to come? - Research in Focus 20 Aug 2018

Richard Woodard

The global vodka market continues to send mixed messages, with volume increases among higher-priced products offset by heavy declines in the traditional nations of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Heineken faces tough battle in China's growing super-premium tier - analysis 16 Aug 2018

Andy Morton

Heineken is unlikely to tackle Anheuser-Busch InBev's Budweiser brand head-on in China following the Dutch brewer's deal with CR Beer, an analyst has forecast. However, the group will be forced to fight for share in China's super-premium tier as international brewers increasingly flock to the growing end of the market.

Lagunitas - the US brewery that wants to infect Heineken - Focus 15 Aug 2018

Andy Morton

Ask Tony Magee, the founder of Heineken's Californian craft brewer, Lagunitas Brewing Co, about the relationship his company has with the global brewer and he'll tell you: "We are trying to infect them with our thinking."

Could Keurig Dr Pepper lose other brands after Bodyarmor blow? - Analysis 15 Aug 2018

Lucy Britner

Yesterday, The Coca-Cola Co announced an agreement to purchase a minority stake in sports drinks brand Bodyarmor.

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