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Carlsberg Performance Trends 2014-2018 - data

In early-February, Carlsberg released its full-year results for 2018. The brewer saw sales last year climb by 6.5% with volumes rising by ju...

Union des Vignerons shifts flavour profile

For an indication of how global wine consumer tastes have changed in the past few years, just look at the new portfolio from Union des Vigne...

The just-drinks Analyst returns

Every month, Ian Shackleton, just-drinks' resident analyst, takes a look at the drinks industry through an investor lens. Here, he considers...

FUTURES - Smart technology in food and drink

Smart technology has long been behind the scenes at food and beverage companies. As consumers become more tech-savvy, the rise of smart tech...

Heineken Performance Trends 2014-2018 - results data 19 Mar 2019

Richard Woodard

In early-2018, Heineken reported its results for the year prior. Sales in the 12 months of the year came in 6% up on 2017, with all reporting regions posting volumes increases.  Here, just-drinks considers Heineken's performance over the last five years to see what the wider beer category can learn from the brewer.

Top US Brewers in 2018 - The facts 13 Mar 2019

Andy Morton

This week, US trade body The Brewers Association released its annual chart listing the largest brewers in the country in volume terms in 2018. Here is the top 50.

Top US Craft Brewers in 2018 - The facts 13 Mar 2019

Andy Morton

This week, US trade body The Brewers Association released its annual chart listing the largest craft brewers in the country in volume terms in 2018. Here is the top 50.

How to ride the Generation Z wave in the on-premise - Consumer Trends 12 Mar 2019

Laura Foster

Last month, I took a look at the growing interest among consumers for experiences.  A recent report in the UK from Red Brick Road and Opinium, provided further interesting new insights into this trend. The purpose of the report, entitled 'The Last Round? How to engage the next generation of Mindful Drinkers', was to locate sales opportunities in the on-premise channel for drinks brand owners, against a background of abstinence: Don't forget that, according to studies, around a quarter of Generation Z consumers - aged between 18 and 30 - are teetotal.

Could consuming alcohol help with diabetes? - International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 224 12 Mar 2019

International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

Diabetes mellitus is an increasingly-common condition throughout the world, related closely to increases in obesity and ageing of populations. Scientific data from well-conducted cohort studies have demonstrated for decades that moderate consumers of alcohol tend to have a considerably lower risk of developing diabetes in the first place. Meanwhile, diabetics who consume moderate amounts of alcohol are, in comparison with abstainers, shown to be at much lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

International Women's Day in the drinks industry - Focus 8 Mar 2019

Lucy Britner

Today, 8 March, is International Women's Day. Here, just-drinks takes a look at what drinks companies are doing to mark the occasion and champion women in our industry.

How will robotics improve drinks packing? - Focus 7 Mar 2019

Joe Baker at GlobalData

Robotic technologies have proved their place in helping to keep food and beverages safe. In no small part, this has been due to their ability to monitor and manage the packing stages of manufacture. In conversation with Roy Fraser, global product manager at industrial robot supplier ABB, Joe Baker investigates the trends that have fuelled the robot revolution, and considers how packaging might be further automated in the future.

Eight innovations to help connect with consumers and inspire future NPD - Focus 5 Mar 2019 editorial team

Category analysts at data provider GlobalData have selected their favourite consumer product innovations from 2018 that they believe stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers. The company's latest consumer report, 'GlobalData's Favorite Innovations of 2018', features around 30 of the most innovative and novel products from last year, providing insight into the variety of innovation in the FMCG market as well as in foodservice. Here, are eight innovations taken from the report that have been selected from five different innovation areas - flavours, ingredients, packaging, marketing and technology.

FREE TO READ - just-drinks' Mergers & Acquisitions database - February 2019 4 Mar 2019

Olly Wehring

Here, just-drinks consolidates the M&A activity in the global drinks industry during February, a month that saw PepsiCo buy in to CytoSport, Constellation add to its spirits stable and Treasury Wine Estates flash its wallet in the direction of France.

Pernod Ricard plans Irish assault on global gin category with latest Method and Madness launch - Focus 26 Feb 2019

Andy Morton

Gin is enjoying unprecedented growth in Ireland. According to GlobalData figures, the category is expected to be Ireland's fastest growing in spirits between 2017-2022.

How Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton views the cannabis sector - Focus 22 Feb 2019

Andy Morton

This week, Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton presented at the analyst conference CAGNY for the first time. Here's a round-up of what the biggest player in the emerging cannabis sector, and Constellation Brand's cannabis partner, had to say in Florida.

From cannabis to carbs - Ten innovation trends for 2019 - focus 21 Feb 2019

Lucy Britner

Earlier this month, GlobalData presented on what it believes will be the 'Ten Innovation Trends to Watch in 2019'. Here, just-drinks outlines the trends to watch for the drinks industry.

Responsible drinking issues around the world - The IARD Digest - February 2019 21 Feb 2019

The IARD editorial team

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at what's going on in-market to promote a more responsible role for alcohol in society.

Behind the scenes at Quintessential Brands' The Dublin Liberties Distillery – Focus 21 Feb 2019

Lucy Britner

Yesterday, the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Simon Coveney, closed the door on the third still at Quintessential Brands' The Dublin Liberties Distillery. Spirit for Irish whiskey, which is traditionally triple distilled, can now start to be produced at the new site. Deputy editor Lucy Britner took a tour with Darryl McNally, director of Irish whiskey and also master distiller at The Dublin Liberties.

How important is the plastic crisis? More important than Brexit - Sustainability Spotlight 20 Feb 2019

Ben Cooper

Public policy and corporate action in relation to plastic packaging were always likely to remain much-discussed topics in 2019. Less than two months into the year, this is proving to be the case. Ben Cooper reports.

Who won in results season, how to read the warning signs and will UK beer ever stop consolidating? - The just-drinks Analyst 19 Feb 2019

Ian Shackleton

The just-drinks analyst returns! This month, Ian Shackleton runs his investor eye over the latest set of drinks companies' results. He also considers what to look out for before the flames take hold of a company and how the UK brewing category remains a consolidatory hotbed.

Where will Pernod Ricard look for growth in 2019-2021? - Focus 15 Feb 2019

Olly Wehring

Earlier this week, following the release of results for the first half of the current fiscal year, Pernod Ricard came to London to look both backwards and forwards. At the presentation, CEO Alex Ricard discussed the group's priorities for the three years starting in July 2019.

Heineken 0.0's march to global success - Analysis 14 Feb 2019

Lucy Britner

The general move towards moderation might not be music to the ears of some alcohol producers, but for companies that are out ahead with alcohol-free alternatives, this shift in consumer habits is now also shifting the results needle.

FREE TO ACCESS - The future of personalised nutrition - just-drinks FUTURES Vol. 4 13 Feb 2019

Lucy Britner

The demand for personalisation is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Consumers are starting to consider their own genetic make-up when it comes to determining what they should eat and drink. In the fourth issue of FUTURES, Lucy Britner investigates what the future of personalised nutrition could look like.

Six trends shaping the cannabis beverage industry - just-drinks at the Future Cannabis Strategies Europe Conference 2019 12 Feb 2019

Andy Morton

The eyes of the global cannabis industry were on London last month as some of the biggest companies in the category rolled up to the Future Cannabis Strategies Europe Conference 2019. Growers, brand owners and extraction specialists met to hear the latest on the fast-changing industry, and answer questions on regulation, technical challenges and the future course of the category. just-drinks' news & insights editor, Andy Morton, was there to cover all of the major talking points.

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