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What do A-B InBev results mean for SABMiller deal?

Analysts last week were grappling with the hoary old question of whether Anheuser-Busch InBev was lining up a bid for beer rival SABMiller....

Focus - TWE's FY Performance by Region

Today, Treasury Wine Estates reported a sales and operating profits increase, hinting at a turnaround in fortunes for the group. Here, just-...

Much Work to do on Packaging in the US

When it comes to recycling, the US falls well behind many developed markets. Is it time for companies to pick up the baton in the country? B...

Anheuser-Busch InBev's FY Performance by Region

Earlier today, Anheuser-Busch InBev reported a rise in full-year group sales and net profits on the back of flat volumes. Here, just-drinks...

just On Call - US beer looks better for 2015 - Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO 26 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

Anheuser-Busch InBev's CEO has said he is confident the US beer market will continue to improve this year.

just On Call - Cott Corp CEO predicts end of "value destructive" pricing 26 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

US soft drinks companies will continue to increase their per-litre prices after realising that low prices have been damaging the industry, the head of Cott Corp has said.

just On Call - SodaStream's new platform has "everything but a back rub" - CEO 26 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

SodaStream is to raise the stakes in the battle for the home carbonation market with a platform that dispenses both hot and cold drinks.

Round-Up - NPD: Forget Craft Beer; Brewers go Crazy over Flavoured Malt “Cocktails” 25 Feb 2015

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at Datamonitor

The beer industry’s obsession with craft beer may have hit a peak of sorts with Anheuser-Busch InBev’s snarky Super Bowl ad mocking craft beer lovers as soft and undeserving of “brewed the hard way” beer like Budweiser. Controversy aside, large brewers now seem to be looking beyond craft beer as the next great growth opportunity by embracing new flavoured malt beverages (FMBs) proliferating in cocktail-inspired flavours.

Research in Focus - Bottled Water in 2015: The Many Faces of Hydration 25 Feb 2015

Jonas Feliciano at Euromonitor International

With global sales forecast to exceed US$214bn in 2015, bottled water will trail only carbonates in terms of total RSP value. Still bottled water alone ($155bn forecast for 2015) should eclipse the juice category ($153bn) thanks largely to an expected total value growth of $10.5bn in emerging and developing countries.

Analysis - No shopping trips for Carlsberg in 2015 23 Feb 2015

Olly Wehring

It is not so much the departure of its current CEO that means this year will be one of consolidation for Carlsberg, more that his replacement is not a 'beer man'.

just The Preview - Anheuser-Busch InBev's Q4 & FY 23 Feb 2015

Olly Wehring

Anheuser-Busch InBev will report its fourth-quarter and full-year results on Thursday. Here, just-drinks takes a look at the company's activities in its Q4 period, the three months to the end of December:

just On Call - CSD sales set to shine as consumers dig deeper - Coca-Cola Co CEO 23 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

The CEO of Coca-Cola Co has said the next decade will provide a “tremendous” growth opportunity for sparkling beverages, as global consumers prove willing to pay more for them.

Research in Focus - Mike’s Hard Lemonade Could Be a Hard Sell 23 Feb 2015

Amin Alkhatib, alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor International

Earlier this month, Mark Anthony Group hung up the “For Sale” sign at its 14-year-old RTD beverage subsidiary Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.

just On Call - "It takes two to tango" on Germany - Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO 20 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

The head of Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has said it “takes two to tango” when asked why his company is yet to buy Coca-Cola Co's German bottling franchise.

International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 157: A Mistaken Interpretation of Data Relating Alcohol to Mortality 20 Feb 2015

International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

The authors of a recent paper on alcohol and mortality, and the case for age-specific alcohol consumption guidelines published in the BMJ, have carried out a regression analysis to examine the association of reported alcohol consumption with all-cause mortality, dividing their sample into different age groups.

just On Call - PepsiCo eyes measured approach to home carbonation - CFO 20 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

PepsiCo's CFO has said he expects the at-home carbonation category, which includes the Coca-Cola Co's newly-named Keurig Kold, to be a “slow build”.

just On Call - M&A "low priority" for Carlsberg - CEO 19 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

Carlsberg's CEO has said M&A will be a “low priority” this year as the company reels from profits slumps in Russia and Ukraine.

Focus - Suntory Holdings' FY Performance By Category, Region, Brand 19 Feb 2015

James Wilmore

Earlier this week, Japan's Suntory Holdings reported a healthy rise in full-year sales and operating profits. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the group's beverage results:

just on Call - Diageo still banks on wider gifting culture in China 18 Feb 2015

James Wilmore

Gifting is still an “integral” part of wider Chinese culture, but the country's anti-extravagance campaign has been “incredibly disruptive”, Diageo's Asia head has told analysts.

just On Call - Coca-Cola HBC "not cutting Greece investment" - CEO 18 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

Coca-Cola HBC's CEO has said he is cautious over Greece's “fragile” political environment, but has insisted the company will not cut back on investment in the country.

Focus - Carlsberg's Q4 & FY Results by Region 18 Feb 2015

Olly Wehring

Earlier today, Carlsberg reported its full-year results, with profits falling by almost 20% on flat sales in 2014. Here, we look at the Danish brewer's performance in the 12-month period by region.

Focus - Coca-Cola HBC's Q4 & FY Performance by Region 18 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

Today, Coca-Cola HBC (CCHBC) released its Q4 and FY results. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the company's performance by region.

just On Call - Coca-Cola Amatil bets on natural sweeteners in CSD push 17 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

Coca-Cola Amatil's (CCA) launch of Coca-Cola Life in Australia is the first round in a fight to entice consumers back into the CSD category with natural sweeteners, the company has said.

Research in Focus - World whiskies market expanding on numerous fronts 17 Feb 2015

Ben Cooper

As diversity is what defines the non-Scotch whisky segment, it is subject to numerous and sometimes contrasting trends across the different whisk(e)y-producing countries. Nevertheless, while the category may represent a wide-ranging patchwork of national products, the trends in the key individual countries all appear to be pointing upwards, with a new IWSR/just-drinks report suggesting future growth is assured for the sector for the five-year period up to 2019.

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