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Brewers v Distillers in Nutrition Control Battle

Today, the Brewers of Europe announced that its members, which include all of the leading European brewers, are to voluntarily list ingredie...

Is A-B InBev/SABMiller 'Mega-Merger' Off?

Many industry observers will have linked yesterday's major food M&A story with the ongoing rumbles around Anheuser-Busch InBev's widely-expe...

Diageo's Labels Give Industry Something to Digest

For a company sometimes viewed as large and ponderous, Diageo last week did a good job of outmanoeuvring its rivals....

Who should Stock Spirits Acquire?

With Stock Spirits still keen to increase its footprint in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), which companies should it have on its shopping li...

Comment - Spirits - 'Craft' and the Danger of 'Romance Copy' 26 Mar 2015

Ian Buxton

A storm appears to be brewing in the spirits category and it's a storm borne out of marketing. Can spirits companies settle the terminology tiff before things get out of hand, or is it too late? Ian Buxton investigates.

Comment - Diageo Spins the Guinness Wheel... Again 23 Mar 2015

James Wilmore

The roller-coaster ride at the Guinness innovation department continues.

Comment - Why a Level Playing Field for Small Brewers is Vital to the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership 17 Mar 2015


A significant obstacle to European beer’s growth in the US is the unfair tax treatment for Europe’s smaller brewers when compared to their US counterparts, argues The Brewers of Europe's secretary general, Pierre-Olivier Bergeron.

Comment - Spirits - Don Julio: Diageo's Mexican Trojan Horse 12 Mar 2015

Richard Woodard

Last week, Diageo announced plans to invest US$400m on its operations in Mexico. While the headlines centred on the company's Don Julio Tequila operations, the country itself is ripe for growth. Richard Woodard investigates.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Nichols' Vimto Highlights Middle Eastern Promise 10 Mar 2015

Richard Corbett

This month, Richard Corbett looks at the Middle East, a region that offers a wealth of opportunities to the soft drinks and bottled water category.

Comment - Wine - Bordeaux's En Primeur on a Knife Edge 5 Mar 2015

Chris Losh

Stubbornly high release prices from Bordeaux's chateaux in recent years have put huge pressure on merchants and negociants alike. Chris Losh asks, what's gone wrong with en primeur?

Editor's Viewpoint - Will Coca-Cola's Image Shake-Up Set it Free? 5 Mar 2015

Olly Wehring

I have to take my hat off to the Western European divisions of The Coca-Cola Co. By bringing together the marketing and packaging for the group's namesake brand together with its healthier brethren, the units will finally be able to indirectly say what they've been itching to say – but daren't – for at least the last few years.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Is Australia the Real Home of Innovation? 3 Mar 2015

Ray Rowlands

Having recently returned from Australia, Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd, takes a look at some of the recent soft drinks developments he encountered Down Under and draws the conclusion that, rather than being an isolated backwater, Australia is actually at the cutting edge of innovation.

Comment - Beckham, Diageo and the Allure of the Luxury Pop-Up 3 Mar 2015

Andy Morton

On Sunday night, ex-footballer and modern-day whisky impresario David Beckham held a party in central London.

Comment - Spirits - Where does 'Craft' End and 'Mass' Begin? 24 Feb 2015

Ian Buxton

In spirits, the craft segment is making hay, with consumers buying into the category's more artisanal, less global approach. But, where is the line drawn between craft distilling and mass distilling? Ian Buxton investigates.

Comment - Editor's Viewpoint - The End of the Road for Carlsberg's CEO 18 Feb 2015

Olly Wehring

The announced departure of a company's CEO on the same day as the reporting of a near-20% fall in full-year profits usually looks pretty black and white. But, there is far less of a sword-falling case to conclude when it comes to Carlsberg today.

Comment - The Next Big Coke Push That May Reignite Teen Demand 18 Feb 2015

Andy Morton

Even in this so-called age of austerity, the world does not want for Coke campaigns.

Comment - Spirits - The Branded Bar Call and the Competition It Brings 17 Feb 2015

Richard Woodard

In spirits, the Holy Grail has long been for the brand to become the bar call. History shows, however, that achieving such a feat is not the end of the story and, as Richard Woodard suggests, brings into play a brand new challenge.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Cocktail Hour at AG Barr after Funkin Move 10 Feb 2015

Richard Corbett

Earlier this month, AG Barr announced its purchase of the cocktail and syrups producer, Funkin. Richard Corbett looks at the deal and considers the likelihood of success from Barr's Funkin move.

Comment - Wine - New World's Battle to be Taken Seriously 5 Feb 2015

Chris Losh

While the New World has made hay at the volume end of the global market, many of the Southern Hemisphere's wine producers find themselves at a crossroads, with efforts to encourage trading-up battling against consumers' perceptions. Chris Losh takes a look at the quandary facing the likes of Australia, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Things are Big, Down Mexico Way 3 Feb 2015

Ray Rowlands

It's to Mexico for Ray Rowlands this month. How have the soft drinks and bottled water categories fared, one year on from the introduction of a tax on full-sugar drinks in the country?

Comment - Was Anheuser-Busch's Anti-Craft Super Bowl Ad a Good Move? 3 Feb 2015

James Wilmore

Does Anheuser-Busch see its anti-craft beer ad during last weekend's Super Bowl as a calculated risk?

Comment - Carlsberg's Russian Reboot 29 Jan 2015

Andy Morton

That, in just the space of two days, Carlsberg has announced both a pay freeze and the closure of two Russian breweries, speaks volumes about the seriousness of the situation in its Eastern European stronghold.

Comment - Spirits - Where Next for Scotch Whisky? 29 Jan 2015

Ian Buxton

The Scotch whisky category appears to have hit a tipping point. What does the future look like for the until-recently booming category? Ian Buxton voices his concerns.

Comment - Diageo Steps Up Doughty Defence of Haig Club 28 Jan 2015

James Wilmore

Predictably, the ever-vigilant UK charity Alcohol Concern has complained about the TV ad for Diageo's David Beckham-backed Scotch whisky, Haig Club.

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