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What can the spirits industry learn from Pernod?

Following on from just-drinks' analysis of Pernod Ricard's performance over the last five years, spirits commentator Richard Woodard conside...

Revamp offers Diet Coke new meaning - Comment

Diet Coke is having a revamp - and not a moment too soon. The old war-horse of the low-sugar CSD market is nigh on 36 years old and looking...

What's coming up in wine in 2018?

This month sees just-drinks let its category commentators loose on the year ahead. Here, Chris Losh tells us how he sees 2018 panning out fo...

What's coming up in soft drinks in 2018?

Throughout January, just-drinks' regular category commentators will give us their take on how 2018 is shaping up for their specialist subjec...

What's coming up in spirits in 2018? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 18 Jan 2018

Neil Ridley

This month, we've charged our category commentators with predicting the year ahead for their respective sectors. Here, Neil Ridley tells us how he sees 2018 panning out for the global brown spirits category.

Gruppo Campari's Bisquit Cognac purchase - find the serve, make the brand - Comment 21 Dec 2017

Lucy Britner

Gruppo Campari has a strong track record for using key serves to propel brands. Could this be the strategy for soon-to-be acquired Bisquit Cognac? Lucy Britner examines the company's approach and looks at how it could apply to the Cognac brand.

What does 2018 have in store for RTDs? - Industry Comment 19 Dec 2017

Jen Draper, head of marketing for Global Brands

With 2018 just around the corner, it is a good time to ask what lies ahead for the alcohol industry. In an exclusive comment for just-drinks, the head of marketing for VK-owner Global Brands, Jen Draper, predicts what trends will shape the RTD category over the next 12 months.

How The Coca-Cola Co can make a success of Coke Life II - Comment 1 Dec 2017

Richard Corbett

Hot on the heels of the start of Coke Life's demise, The Coca-Cola Co has lined up a stevia-only version. But, how can the company ensure success this time around? Category commentator Richard Corbett has some suggestions.

How Scotch whisky can flash its innovation credentials - Comment 29 Nov 2017

Neil Ridley

The Scotch whisky sector has long had an awkward relationship with the research & development department. Category commentator Neil Ridley, however, believes the two sides have plenty in common - and much more than we'd realise.

Why Asia is the latest front in the craft beer battle - Comment 23 Nov 2017

Stephen Beaumont

We're off to Asia with beer commentator Stephen Beaumont this month. Vietnam, to be specific, with the country serving as an example of how the continent is becoming the next battleground for beer's higher-end players.

Why Minimum Unit Pricing should sober us all up - Editor's Viewpoint 16 Nov 2017

Olly Wehring

It was a dark day for the drinks industry yesterday, and one that demands we take a long, hard look at ourselves. Because, the confirmation of Minimum Unit Pricing's pending arrival in Scotland suggests there's a lot more wrong in our industry than we would have ourselves believe.

Why 2017 has been the most dramatic year in living memory for wine - Comment 15 Nov 2017

Chris Losh

As 2017  draws to a close, Chris Losh looks back at a year that will go down in history as a major turning point for the global wine industry.

What can the spirits industry learn from Diageo? - Comment 8 Nov 2017

Richard Woodard

Following on from just-drinks' analysis of Diageo's performance over the last five years, spirits commentator Richard Woodard considers the takeaways for the wider spirits industry.

Can Red Bull stop the Fever-Tree train? - Comment 7 Nov 2017

Richard Corbett

This month, Richard Corbett considers Fever-Tree's dominance of the premium mixer segment. Is there still room for any competition? And, if so, who could take a bite out of the group's share?

Why the past isn't all it's cracked up to be, for younger consumers - Comment 31 Oct 2017

Neil Ridley

Nostalgia is a gloriously strange beast at the best of times. When it comes to marketing, however, brand owners would do well to consider the consumer's complicated relationship with the past. Spirits commentator Neil Ridley investigates.

Is cannabis here to stay? Constellation Brands has the US$191m answer - Comment 30 Oct 2017

Andy Morton

To anyone that questioned whether cannabis will play a major role in the future of beverages, here is your US$191m answer.

What can the spirits industry learn from Brown-Forman? - Comment 24 Oct 2017

Richard Woodard

Following on from just-drinks' analysis of Brown-Forman's performance over the last five years, spirits commentator Richard Woodard considers the takeaways for the wider spirits industry.

Is 'innovation' a dirty word in the beer industry? - Comment 17 Oct 2017

Stephen Beaumont

This month, our beer industry commentator, Stephen Beaumont, looks at the innovation record of the brewing multinationals and finds them heavily reliant on the smaller, craft players out there.

How spirits brands can connect with the 'Modern Bartender' - Nidal Ramini, head of brand advocacy, Brown-Forman - Industry Comment 13 Oct 2017

Nidal Ramini, head of brand advocacy at Brown-Forman Northern Europe

Nidal Ramini, the head of brand advocacy at Brown-Forman's northern Europe division, takes a closer look at the relationship between drinks companies and the hugely-important on-premise channel.

Why the wine industry is failing women - Comment 12 Oct 2017

Chris Losh

Chris Losh returns this month to look at the gender gap in the wine industry, although his observations could quite easily apply to all drinks sectors, indeed, to industry in general.

Has Diageo made a mistake in bringing back Brora and Port Ellen? - Editor's Viewpoint 9 Oct 2017

Olly Wehring

I’ve heard both sides on today’s news from Diageo. One friend is getting quite excited at being able to buy a bottle of a single malt Scotch whisky they have hitherto been unable to afford a glass of, while another is bemoaning the end of what they call "something very special" as two of Scotch’s "best-kept secrets" bubbles back to the surface.

Why the coffee-consumption trend offers a sparkling future for juice - Comment 3 Oct 2017

Richard Corbett

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett considers how the changing face of coffee consumption in developed markets offers juice companies the chance to reap their rewards.

Will the latest attack on the big brewers stick? - Comment 21 Sep 2017

Stephen Beaumont

Rarely a week goes by without the multinational brewers being given a hard time by someone or other. However, the latest flare-up, in the UK, has caught the attention of our regular beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont.

Why is Pernod Ricard the only major multi-category player still in wine? - Comment 19 Sep 2017

Chris Losh

It's a question that has been asked a thousand times. But, Chris Losh is nothing if not persistent, especially at a time when other multi-category companies are giving wine the big heave-ho.

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