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Boston Beer seeks safety in Dogfish merger

They are beer's squeezed middle. Far smaller than the international brewers, such as Anheuser-Busch InBev and Molson Coors, that dominate th...

How wine can surf the waves of consumer change

Chris Losh has been around long enough to know 'category change' when he sees it. As a wine commentator, however, he hasn't had too much cha...

Is Coca-Cola's coffee project about to go big?

In 2006, The Coca-Cola Co launched Coca-Cola Blak, a cola/coffee fusion drink that hoped to take the soft drinks market by storm. Blak first...

Big beer versus craft beer - Is the fight over?

For beer commentator Stephen Beaumont, the recent activities by Carlsberg in the UK signal the end of the war between 'big beer' and craft b...

Why the spirits category should look backwards to move forwards - Comment 16 May 2019

Neil Ridley

Can the recent reinvention of 'classic serves' help revolutionise dark spirits consumption for a younger, savvier audience in the on-premise? Neil Ridley looks to the past for inspiration.

Have international spirits companies finally got China right?- Comment 30 Apr 2019

Richard Woodard

Having witnessed international spirits brand-owners emerge from the Chinese roller-coaster in varying states of dizziness, category commentator Richard Woodard believes the likes of Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Remy Cointreau and Moet Hennessy are now sitting a little prettier in the front seats.

Is Pernod Ricard buying Malfy for the flavour? - just-drinks thinks 17 Apr 2019

Lucy Britner

Earlier today, Pernod Ricard announced its intention to purchase the Malfy gin brand from New York-based company Biggar & Leith.

Does Carlsberg's new UK campaign treat consumers like suckers? - just-drinks thinks 16 Apr 2019

Andy Morton

In 1991, Gerald Ratner, the owner of UK high street jewellery shop chain Ratner's, stepped into corporate infamy when he declared that some of the inventory his stores sold was "total crap".

Why being careful is not careful enough for spirits marketers - Comment 11 Apr 2019

Neil Ridley

As Edrington's The Macallan is forced to withdraw its major advertising campaign in the UK following a handful of complaints, Neil Ridley wonders if the rules surrounding the above-the-line promotion of spirits are turning us into a nation of naysayers and killjoys, or is there a deeper message here for the drinks industry as a whole?

UK Deposit Return Scheme coming soon - Action Required! 5 Apr 2019

Olly Wehring

Almost exactly a year ago, the UK Government announced its intention to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme for the country. The proposal targets all drinks containers so, if you operate in the UK, this will affect you.

Why there's room for both Coca-Cola Energy and Monster – Comment 4 Apr 2019

Lucy Britner

With The Coca-Cola Co's "test and learn" attitude to new product launches, the group's latest move in the energy drinks sector is not a stretch. But, with a stake in major energy player, Monster Beverage Corp, the logic appears unclear. just-drinks deputy editor Lucy Britner explains why there is room for both brands in the burgeoning energy category. 

Constellation Brands low-value clear-out will hurt wine - just-drinks thinks 4 Apr 2019

Andy Morton

At international trade exhibition ProWein last month, just-drinks spoke to Australia's Casella Family Wines. The independent company is an interesting proposition as it ably competes - like many family-owned wineries - in global fine wine, but at the same time packs in its portfolio the sub-US$5 blockbuster Yellow Tail, a brand that astonishingly accounts for the majority of Australian wine sold in the US.

Wine - Get your head out of the sand, get with the can - Comment 2 Apr 2019

Chris Losh

The times, they are a-changing. As newer consumers consider what to drink, Chris Losh suggests the answer for wine is already here - provided the category can get away from its obsession with glass bottles.

Why the battle for Aperol's crown is worth fighting - just-drinks thinks 28 Mar 2019

Lucy Britner

Last week, Bacardi became the latest company to take on Campari Group's Aperol brand, with the wider launch of its own orange-flavoured aperitif.

Why white spirits should follow brown and play the 'brand home' card - Comment 26 Mar 2019

Richard Woodard

While many brown spirits brand owners have made hay from creating 'homes' for their brands, the white spirits category may be missing a trick. Richard Woodard explains.

Budweiser Brewing Group - The end of Anheuser-Busch InBev? - just-drinks thinks 25 Mar 2019

Olly Wehring

If today's news of a company name change in the UK is a precursor to a wider change in the global brewing category, then I for one cannot wait.

What will be Carlsberg's priorities for the years ahead? – Analysis 21 Mar 2019

Stephen Beaumont

Following on from just-drinks' analysis this month of Carlsberg's performance over the last five years, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont considers the takeaways for the wider brewing industry.

Could a Pernod Ricard offload revolutionise the wine category? - just-drinks thinks 15 Mar 2019

Olly Wehring

We're all used to the rumour mill churning out the well-worn trope, and this week was no exception: Pernod Ricard is mulling an offload of its wine business, the headlines screamed - again.

Why the mainstream media is confusing spirits' target consumer - Comment 14 Mar 2019

Neil Ridley

When people talk about alcohol, a lot of them get quite excited. Some get over-excited. As for those people that work in the media... Neil Ridley explains.

Why iced coffee will be one to watch for soft drinks in 2019 - Comment 8 Mar 2019

Richard Corbett

In this month's consideration of the soft drinks category, category commentator Richard Corbett turns his attention to the iced coffee segment and sees opportunities for growth everywhere he looks.

Why is wine getting more complicated in an age of simplicity? - Comment 5 Mar 2019

Chris Losh

In his latest missive for just-drinks, wine commentator Chris Losh voices his concerns about what he sees as the over-complication of the category at a time when consumers are craving less detail, not more.

Has the gin ship already sailed? - Comment 26 Feb 2019

Richard Woodard

While the gin category continues to hog the drinks industry headlines, our white spirits commentator, Richard Woodard, has some sage advice for those interested in jumping on the bandwagon.

How much do consumers care about the ingredients in their beer? - Comment 21 Feb 2019

Stephen Beaumont

Earlier this month, a very public row broke out in the US over ingredients claims in the nation's beers. Stephen Beaumont takes a look at the in-fighting, but remains unconvinced of the need for such concerns.

Why Diageo & LVMH's mooted move for Pernod Ricard won't wash - just-drinks thinks 18 Feb 2019

Andy Morton

A couple of years ago, during a debate in London, former Diageo CEO Paul Walsh said that an acquisition was worth any price, provided you believed in what you were buying.

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