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What do Brewers need from the UK Government?

Following the Conservative Party's victory in the UK's General Election earlier this year, Larry Nelson has penned an open letter, on behalf...

Where Beer is Brewed Can Leave a Bad Taste

Where beer brands are actually brewed has been in the news again this week and the argument seems to be one of geography rather than one of...

Comment - What on Earth is a Liqueur?

When you look at the way the various spirits categories are defined, you'd be forgiven for concluding that the liqueurs segment comprises 'e...

The Beauty of a Fresh Start for Remy Cointreau

As a former L'Oreal executive, Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet will be no stranger to makeovers. But the one she unveiled for Remy Cointreau this...

Comment – Spirits – Irish Whiskey: Large Eyes, But a Small Pie? 18 Jun 2015

Ian Buxton

The clamour in recent years to enter the Irish whiskey category suggests that the segment is poised to become the next big thing. But, with one brand dominating the sector massively, are the prospects for growth really all they're cracked up to be? Ian Buxton considers.

Comment - Why so Long, Honey? Cognac Turns Sweet 16 Jun 2015

Lucy Britner

At Vinexpo this week, we spied the launch of a honey Cognac...

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Can Ireland Realise its Potential? 12 Jun 2015

Ray Rowlands

Ray Rowlands, of Drinksinfo Ltd, turns his attention to the oft-overlooked Irish soft drinks market and considers its potential, relative to its larger neighbour, the UK.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Energy Drinks Get Safety Boost 9 Jun 2015

Richard Corbett

The concept of a drink that can give you an instant hit of energy was always going to be a winning formula.

Comment - The Car that Drinkers can't Drive 9 Jun 2015

Lucy Britner

Drink-driving is a sensitive subject and one that the world's legislators clearly don't have a united view on.

Comment - Wine - Finding a Friend in the Next Wine Trend 4 Jun 2015

Chris Losh

Predicting the future is a tricky skill to master. Chris Losh, however, is keen to have a go. Who knows? If his forecasts come off, this time next year, we could all be millionaires.

Comment - Forget On-Trade and Off-Trade, Here Comes Home-Trade 4 Jun 2015

Lucy Britner

With the global financial crisis came two (well-worn) adages: people don't go out as much and, when they do, they expect more in terms of value and quality.

Editor's Viewpoint - The Scotch Dilemma: The Whisky of the Ages or The Whisky of the Age? 2 Jun 2015

Olly Wehring

I remember the occasion well: It was a warm, summer's day five years ago, when Pernod Ricard's Chivas Brothers division hosted me and many of my peers at its London offices to unveil a new marketing push for its Scotch whisky range.

Editor's Viewpoint - Are Coca-Cola Co, Anheuser-Busch InBev Approaching a FIFA Crossroads? 28 May 2015

Olly Wehring

The footballing world may be in turmoil today, but the drinks companies with more than a passing interest in the beautiful game seem determined not to be swept up by the latest scandal to hit FIFA. For now.

Comment – Beer – SABMiller buys Meantime: Notes for the Careful New Owner 26 May 2015

Larry Nelson

Earlier this month, SABMiller announced the purchase of UK craft brewer Meantime Brewing Co. Larry Nelson has found the instruction manual.

Comment - How Will Cognac Target Asia's Mok Generation? 21 May 2015

Andy Morton

You might not know international superstar Karen Mok, but I do. I used to wake up to her every morning.

Comment - Spirits - Is Marketing Twisting the Meanings of Words? 21 May 2015

Ian Buxton

In the battle for consumers' hearts and minds, are drinks companies overlooking the widely-held definitions of words and phrases? Is there leeway to argue that certain terms may not mean exactly what consumers perceive? Ian Buxton considers the evidence.

Comment – Spirits – Will Tequila Learn from Scotch Whisky's Mistakes? 19 May 2015

Richard Woodard

Despite the market split, the Tequila category is on the cusp of its own boomtime. But, the positioning of the mixto sector compared to 100% agave carries echoes of Scotch whisky past-tendency to hype single malts to the expense of blends. And now, Scotch volumes are suffering. Will Tequila make the same mistake? Richard Woodard investigates.

Comment - Beer - Does 'Craft' Work? 15 May 2015

Lucy Britner

At the point of purchasing a pint of Doom Bar, I didn’t hesitate to question whether the beer was craft.

Comment - Wine - California Drought: An Opportunity, not a Problem? 14 May 2015

Chris Losh

Another year, another drought in California. Having recently returned from the state, however, Chris Losh suggests that what looks like a dire situation for the wine industry could actually present an opportunity to those keen on tending vines.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Could Nestle Waters Gatecrash the Diet CSD party? 13 May 2015

Richard Corbett

I recall the story of a well-known racehorse trainer, out on his gallops one spring morning watching his string of horses when a rainbow appeared. One of the stable lads, riding a particularly well thought of horse, shouted across to the trainer telling him that if he looked behind the rainbow he would find a pot of gold. "You idiot" the trainer retorted back. "You don’t need to look behind a rainbow for a pot of gold. You’re sitting on one." I think that Nestle Waters has looked at its stable of brands and realised it too may already be sitting on its own pot of gold.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Will the Sweetener Battle turn Sour? 5 May 2015

Ray Rowlands

Following the announcement that PepsiCo is dropping aspartame from its diet cola in the US, Drinksinfo's Ray Rowlands analyses the potential effect this could have on the country's soda market in general and on the company in particular.

Comment - Have Beverages Entered a New Age of Virtual Advertising? 1 May 2015

Andy Morton

The camera soars low over fields of spiked agave plants, past workers toiling under the hot Mexican sun. You turn your head as you drift into the hold of a truck. Suddenly you're in a bustling Tequila distillery, dipping under a two-tonne agave-crusher and through to a cask-filled warehouse.

Editor's Viewpoint – Can We Blame Diageo for Not Acting Sooner on Mallya? 27 Apr 2015

Olly Wehring

It's not every day that one can accuse the world's biggest spirits producer of being a bit stupid, but my peers in India are making hay today, doing just that. But, before wading in against Diageo and the call by its United Spirits unit in India for chairman Vijay Mallya to stand down, ask yourself this one question: What difference does it make?

Comment - Spirits - Will We Understand the Language of Rum? 21 Apr 2015

Richard Woodard

Gruppo Campari's decision to change the names of several rum brands in its Appleton Estate portfolio suggests that the segment may have stumbled on its own language. Does this mark the end of rum's reliance on the terminology used by Cognac and Scotch whisky? Richard Woodard delves deeper.

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