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How long before wine faces its own revolution?

Much has been made over the last year of the 'silent majority'; the long-suffering populations who have seen much of what they believed in e...

Asia's beverage giants and their impact on drinks

Having focused (virtually) on Brazil in his last piece, this month our correspondent Ian Shackleton travels to Asia. Here, the former analys...

Millennials not the only fruit for Absolut

The saga of Absolut's travails in the US continues, with the mooted recovery in the Pernod Ricard-owned vodka brand's fortunes proving more...

Spirits leads the latest invasion of Africa

Last month, Diageo handed the microphone to the head of its operations in Africa. Spirits commentator Ian Buxton was among those of us who l...

How soft drinks brands have offended everyone, some of the time - Comment 18 Apr 2017

Richard Corbett

In the same month that PepsiCo's knuckles got a consumer-driven wrap, Richard Corbett looks back at the adverts that have tested brand loyalty in the soft drinks arena.

With Article 50 triggered, the Brexit shoot-out begins - Comment 30 Mar 2017

David Leggett

Yesterday, UK Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50 of the European Union's constitution, formally beginning the two-year process by which the UK will leave the EU. Although post-exit trade arrangements are not formally included in the UK's exit terms, they are sure to be the subject of intense discussions between the two sides.

Fruit-flavoured beer? Think of the kids - Comment 28 Mar 2017

Stephen Beaumont

This month, just-drinks' beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont, uses his regular column to look at the fruit-flavoured beer segment, and spies a red flag.

The politics of M&A, the end of Anheuser-Busch InBev's affair and Britvic's Brazilian ballroom - The just-drinks Analyst 24 Mar 2017

Ian Shackleton

In his latest commentary for just-drinks, former drinks analyst Ian Shackleton heads to Brazil to look at 3G's burned fingers, the future worries for Anheuser-Busch InBev and Britvic's samba moves.

What does the future look like for Australian wine? - Comment 21 Mar 2017

Chris Losh

Earlier this year, Chris Losh attended an Australian tasting in the UK and got a glimpse of the future for the country's wine producers. Here's what he saw.

Travel Retail needs a disruptor. Is it willing to find one? - Comment 20 Mar 2017

Andy Morton

In an interview with just-drinks this week, Pernod Ricard CEO Alex Ricard had some strong words for Travel Retail.

Are Millennials too young for brown spirits? - Comment 15 Mar 2017

Ian Buxton

This month, just-drinks' brown spirits commentator, Ian Buxton, considers the sector's efforts to entice the Millennial consumer into the fray.

A Great British Gin Boom - The outlook for 2017 - Industry Comment 8 Mar 2017

Eric Sampers, global brand director for English gins, Chivas Bros

Late last month, the Wine & Spirit Trade Association released figures showing that in 2016 exports of British gin grew by 12%, reaching almost GBP500m (US$627m). Although the category has seen positive growth for a number of years this figure was a truly phenomenal sign of the category's international success - and there are no signs to show that growth is slowing down.

Where does 'craft' sit in soft drinks? - Comment 28 Feb 2017

Richard Corbett

While the term craft continues to dominate many areas of the drinks industry, the soft drinks category appears to be immune to the concept. Richard Corbett considers the opportunity, and looks at those who come closest to donning the craft mantle.

Heineken's new range foreshadows craft beer's straitened future - Comment 27 Feb 2017

Andy Morton

With just over 20% of the country's total beer market value, the craft category in the US is ahead of the global curve.

Why the threat of excess choice in beer is over-stated - Comment 21 Feb 2017

Stephen Beaumont

A theory has formed in the beer industry in recent months that the sheer range of brews on offer is leading to consumer fatigue. This month, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont considers the evidence supporting and countering this theory.

Is Japan's beer market coming back to life? - Comment 21 Feb 2017

Andy Morton

The long-accepted truth for Japan's beer market is that domestic consumption is in long-term decline, forcing the country's brewers to look overseas for growth.

Tobacco's hopes for drinks, stock of the year and the death of the analyst - The just-drinks Analyst 15 Feb 2017

Ian Shackleton

In his latest commentary for just-drinks, former drinks analyst Ian Shackleton considers the tobacco model for drinks companies. He also gives us his tip of the stock to watch in 2017.

Chile's wine future burned by wild fires - Comment 9 Feb 2017

Chris Losh

Wild fires hit the Chilean - and then global - headlines earlier this month. The subsequent damage to some of the country's vineyards may have affected just a few, but, as Chris Losh observes, that damage could have catastrophic consequences for Chile's flag-bearing wine makers.

How successful will Diageo be with its latest Irish whiskey play? - Comment 7 Feb 2017

Lucy Britner

When Diageo announced its exit from the Irish whiskey category in 2015, through the divestment of the Bushmills brand and distillery to Casa Cuervo, many observers were left confused: Why would the world's leading spirits company want to exit a spirits sector that was very clearly on the cusp of a boom?

Will the UK have self-pour pubs by 2019? - Comment 3 Feb 2017

Andy Morton

This is the latest in on-trade technology. Created by UK firm Bottoms Up, the draught system can pour a pint in six seconds, without spilling a drop. It is aimed at large entertainment venues such as football stadiums, where its high speed can alleviate bottlenecks at half-time concession stands.

What's coming up in spirits in 2017? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 1 Feb 2017

Ian Buxton

Rounding off our series of predictions for the year ahead, Ian Buxton gives us his forecasts for whisk(e)y in the next 12 months.

Moderation - a golden opportunity for the beer category - Industry Comment 1 Feb 2017

Jason Warner, North Europe president, Anheuser-Busch InBev

'Dry January' may be over for another year, but the concept continues to divide opinion. While some will be feeling proud of their achievement, others will have succumbed to the odd cheeky pint. The rest will just be relieved to have their mates back in the pub.

What's coming up in soft drinks in 2017? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 24 Jan 2017

Richard Corbett

just-drinks' preview of the year ahead continues. As our category commentators give us their views on what 2017 has in store, Richard Corbett chips in with his predictions for the soft drinks sector.

Kirin's troubles in Brazil - When BRIC markets go horribly wrong - Editor's Viewpoint 20 Jan 2017

Olly Wehring

The general intention of Japan's drinks companies to break out of their domestic market has been a headline of the last six years, at least. Today's confirmation that Kirin Holdings is looking to pull out of Brazil, however, shows the pitfalls of this strategy. Indeed, the fact that this is playing out in one of the fabled BRIC markets serves to bring the strategy into worrying relief.

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