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Time to take stock of Constellation's Corona

Constellation Brands is a firm favourite on Wall Street at the moment. The company's share price hasn't stopped rising since it took control...

Can craft breweries compete in lager arena?

Regardless of what country you choose or in which time period it is framed, three words can be used to characterise most early craft beer de...

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa - A new powerhouse

This month, Ray Rowlands looks at how The Coca-Cola Co, SABMiller, and Gutsche Family Investments have teamed up to create Coca-Cola Beverag...

A Wild Geese, Pernod Ricard conspiracy theory?

In our coverage of the legal ruling in favour of Irish whiskey brand The Wild Geese in Australia yesterday, I sensed a conspiracy theory of...

Why is rum still stuck on the runway? - Comment 14 Jul 2016

Richard Woodard

For years, rum was lined up to be the spirits industry's next big thing. And yet, for all the shining promise of the category's mix of heritage, mixability and positive lifestyle cues, that potential has never quite been fully exploited, particularly in the vital US market. Richard Woodard reports.

How the hangover could be a marketing opportunity for soft drinks - Comment 12 Jul 2016

Richard Corbett

We (nearly) all suffer from them, and yet we all counter them with different measures. Could the soft drinks industry be missing an opportunity to surf the hangover wave? Richard Corbett reports.

The move away from alcohol and the soft drinks opportunity – Consumer Trends 7 Jul 2016

Ben Cooper

There has always been demand for non-alcoholic drinks for adults, but the adult soft drinks segment – and its consumers – are changing. Ben Cooper reports.

Why big drinks companies need to think local - Comment 7 Jul 2016

Lucy Britner

The world is so accessible now, it is both overwhelming and tedious at the same time. It takes seconds to find out what is happening on the other side of the world. We know what people are eating, what they are wearing and what they are drinking.

Why Brexit is a disaster for the wine category - Comment 5 Jul 2016

Chris Losh

The UK's referendum rejection of the European Union is bad news for the wine trade, the UK and the EU itself, argues Chris Losh as he pores over the entrails of a slaughtered sacred cow in search of enlightenment.

Is there a future for the global beer brand? - Comment 23 Jun 2016

Stephen Beaumont

Can you think of a global beer brand? One that is not hamstrung by being limited to certain regions? It's not easy. Indeed, Stephen Beaumont found it equally difficult, until about two weeks ago.

How soft drinks can win big when targeting adult consumers - Comment 21 Jun 2016

Richard Corbett

At the turn of the century, Britvic paid what many considered at the time to be an awful lot of money for Orchid Drinks. The company made drinks for grown-ups - or, as they are more often known, adult soft drinks.

A sports advertising ban in Europe? Who cares? - Comment 15 Jun 2016

Andy Morton

Do you ever get the feeling that something's not quite right? I got that feeling last month: It was at Lyon's Grand Stade, just before kick-off for the final game of European rugby's Champion's Cup, and all appeared in place: the crowd hushed, the players tensed, the referee's whistle poised. But, as the advertising boards that enclosed the pitch cycled through their usual litany of airline, watch manufacture and beer brand, one message seemed slightly off-kilter.

Is Brown-Forman putting too many eggs in one basket? - Comment 14 Jun 2016

Richard Woodard

Brown-Forman's recent strategic moves represent a narrowing of the company's focus on its core strengths: Whisk(e)y in all its forms, with Tequila playing a supporting role. The big question now is whether that process should continue to its logical conclusion with the disposal of Finlandia vodka, a brand that has hardly been a star performer in recent times.

Timing gives Campari's Glen Grant edge in age-statement battle - Comment 14 Jun 2016

Andy Morton

At a dinner in London last night, Gruppo Campari officially unveiled the latest permanent additions to its Glen Grant Scotch whisky range. The two 12-year-olds and one 18-year-old were first announced last month. Then, as last night, what sparked most interesting was their resolute age-statement credentials.

Tel Aviv - The city's on-premise trends 13 Jun 2016

Max Warner, Chivas brand ambassador

just-drinks is launching a new series of regular articles, in which we take a closer look at the on-trade trends that are emerging in cities across the world. This month, Chivas brand ambassador Max Warner talks about the drinks, spirits and cultural trends driving the bar scene in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Is the wine industry prepared for the environmental changes ahead? - Comment 9 Jun 2016

Chris Losh

Late last month, Chris Losh attended the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, held in Brighton on the south coast of England. Among the presentations over the three days, delegates heard plenty of talk about the weather - something not uncommon in the UK.

Can The Coca-Cola Co draw Kold comfort from Keurig debacle? - Comment 9 Jun 2016

Andy Morton

It may be going too far to call the truncated lifespan of the Keurig Kold farcical. But, in the nine months since it was launched, the home-carbonation system's owner, Keurig Green Mountain, has been sold to a private-equity group, big-money investor The Coca-Cola Co pulled out and headed for the hills and its CEO was unceremoniously dumped.

What the on-premise can teach us about the future - Consumer Trends 8 Jun 2016

Ben Cooper

The on-premise channel remains a key testing-ground for new drinks products and has always pointed the way for trends in the wider beverage arena. Ben Cooper looks at some recent research and examines why on-premise trends are so influential.

Why has Coca-Cola Co, Coca-Cola FEMSA entered the soy segment? - Comment 7 Jun 2016

Ray Rowlands

This month, Ray Rowlands runs the rule over The Coca-Cola Co and Coc-Cola FEMSA's joint purchase of the AdeS soy-based brand and asks, is it really a viable asset or actually a potential liability?

Why France fails the wine brand test - Comment 7 Jun 2016

Andy Morton

Driving though the sun-pocked hills of southern France last weekend, talk turned to the question of still wine brands.

Why is wine marketing so stale? - Comment 2 Jun 2016

Reka Haros

The other day, I had an interview with an Italian wine magazine where I shared some of my experiences as both a wine marketer and a winery owner. The journalist's questions got me thinking about the deep confusion around the term 'marketing'.

How has craft beer put the squeeze on world beers? - Comment 31 May 2016

Stephen Beaumont

With pressure from above, from the global brewers, and from below, thanks to craft brewers, the 'world beers' segment has been feeling the squeeze of late. In his latest just-drinks column, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont considers how the mid-sized companies can ease the pressure.

Is the drinks industry just following the pack to the patriotism party? - Comment 27 May 2016

Andy Morton

Samuel Johnson once said: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." What does that say about Diageo, Anheuser-Busch InBev and The Coca-Cola Co?

Is 2016 boom time for soft drinks in West Europe? - Comment 19 May 2016

Richard Corbett

A mild start to the year in many West European markets, coupled with an earlier Easter, looks to have aided the fortunes of the region’s soft drinks category in the first quarter of 2016. In its soon-to-be published Quarterly Beverage Tracker, Canadean is set to predict a marginal increase in soft drinks demand in the year so far.

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