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Will the latest attack on the big brewers stick?

Rarely a week goes by without the multinational brewers being given a hard time by someone or other. However, the latest flare-up, in the UK...

Why is Pernod still in the wine category?

It's a question that has been asked a thousand times. But, Chris Losh is nothing if not persistent, especially at a time when other multi-ca...

Is FEMSA trying to bloody Heineken's nose?

On the surface, it looks pretty clear-cut. Give it a scratch, though, and there could be a little more to FEMSA’s Heineken stake sale than f...

Can soft drinks producers catch the iced tea wave?

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett turns his attention to the weird - and wonderful - world of iced tea, a segment that has...

Where is Molson Coors today and where will it be tomorrow? - Comment 24 Aug 2017

Stephen Beaumont

Following on from just-drinks' analysis of Molson Coors' performance over the last five years, just-drinks' beer commentator Stephen Beaumont, considers the takeaways for the wider brewing industry.

Cannabis beer - how the times are changing - Comment 23 Aug 2017

Andy Morton

When Heineken took full control of Lagunitas Brewing Co earlier this year, the Dutch brewer's management would have known full well what they were getting into: The two had already been in a 50/50 partnership for some months.

Why wine communication sucks - Industry Comment 22 Aug 2017

Reka Haros

When were you last swept away by a piece of wine advertising? Compared to other drinks categories, the wine industry continues to push education and not emotion as its primary marketing tool. Please, pleads wine marketer Reka Haros, no more.

What can the spirits industry learn from Remy Cointreau? - Comment 15 Aug 2017

Ian Buxton

Following on from just-drinks' analysis of Remy Cointreau's performance over the last five years, spirits commentator Ian Buxton considers the takeaways for the wider spirits industry.

Which drinks brands are getting it right on social media? - Industry Comment 14 Aug 2017

Sophie Chadwick, account director at Peppermint Soda

Social media has become an integral part of marketing for most brands, and it works particularly well for drinks, both soft and alcoholic. However, making the most of social media requires skill – there are plenty of brands getting it right, and just as many getting it wrong. The key to social media success is knowing what works best for each channel.

Why we need to unlock the potential of the Internet of Things - Industry Comment 10 Aug 2017

Cameron Worth

In June, Pernod Ricard announced SharpEnd, a UK agency that helps brands benefit from Internet of Things technology, as its global partner. In an exclusive comment for just-drinks, SharpEnd founder & CEO Cameron Worth reveals some of the work his company is doing for Pernod and why the drinks industry needs to embrace this creative new tool.

Scale or Stale - M&A options for craft brewers looking to grow their business - Industry Comment 7 Aug 2017

Jonathan Buxton, partner and head of Consumer & Retail, Cavendish Corporate Finance

Craft beer has become the fastest-growing - and the most competitive - segment of the global beer market. With more than 1,700 craft breweries in the UK and over 5,200 in the US, the sector has a 12.3% market share of the total beer category and is starting to present a challenge to the growth of large breweries. One way mass beer producers have fought against the bubbling competition spilling over from craft brewers is to acquire them. Anheuser-Busch InBev, MillerCoors, Constellation Brands and Heineken - which together control 81% of the US market – have all expanded their portfolios through buying smaller craft beer brands.

Ten reasons why the energy drinks bubble is far from bursting - Comment 1 Aug 2017

Richard Corbett

There is plenty of optimism around the future of the global energy drinks category, says Richard Corbett. Here are his ten reasons why the sector will continue to flourish.

Why big spirits firms are willing to pay for potential - Comment 27 Jul 2017

Richard Woodard

This month, spirits columnist Richard Woodard takes a closer look at why the world's largest spirits firms are investing in relatively small brands. 

Has history taught Remy Cointreau nothing? - Editor's Viewpoint 20 Jul 2017

Olly Wehring

We've all marvelled at Remy Cointreau's turnaround since the days of what we termed its Bain de Sang just over three years ago. After the bottom fell out of the Cognac market in China in 2013, we watched with consternation as group CEO Frédéric Pflanz fell on his sword in early-2014, only to be followed less than three weeks later by Remy Martin head Patrick Piana.

Is it time for brewers to drop 'craft' for 'independent'?- Comment 18 Jul 2017

Stephen Beaumont

In the last few weeks, two craft beer trade associations have offered members promotional material designed to highlight their independent ownership status. Here, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont considers whether this means the end of the road for the much-debated 'craft' term.

Why California must wage wine wars on all fronts - Comment 13 Jul 2017

Chris Losh

This month, wine commentator Chris Losh heads to California and discovers a wine region buoyed by healthy figures but weighed down by matters below the surface.

The Highball - Japan's biggest contribution to the Scotch whisky category - Industry Comment 13 Jul 2017

Max Warner, Chivas brand ambassador

There can be little debate about the role the Highball serve has had in Scotch whisky's performance in Japan. The serve - comprising whisky, water and ice - is Japan's most famous drink, as well as the country's biggest contribution to modern drinking society.

Why the spirits brands of the past should be wary of the future - Comment 6 Jul 2017

Richard Woodard

When your brand is steeped in history, how do you make it relevant to the consumers of today, without diluting that long-held cachet? Richard Woodard considers the dilemma facing the likes of Gruppo Campari's Grand Marnier and Remy Cointreau's Cointreau brands.

How much longer can US whiskey maintain its stellar growth? - Comment 4 Jul 2017

Ian Buxton

It's been one of the success stories of the Century so far. Spirits commentator Ian Buxton looks at US whiskey to see if an end to the category's explosive growth will break anytime soon.

Why brands should tap into consumers' beliefs and values - Consumer Trends 29 Jun 2017

Ben Cooper

Recent research from global marketing consultancy Edelman reveals consumers are increasingly inclined to choose brands on the basis of shared values. Communicating ethical positions through brand marketing can, therefore, offer significant new opportunities to build brand loyalty but, Ben Cooper writes, belief-driven consumers expect companies to act in accordance with those beliefs, and not just espouse them.

Will PepsiCo 'Live to Tell' a Vita Coco success story? - Comment 28 Jun 2017

Richard Corbett

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett takes a look at Vita Coco, the market-leading coconut water brand that is reportedly in PepsiCo's sights.

Beer cans should know their place, and it's not at the table - Comment 16 Jun 2017

Stephen Beaumont

This month, our resident beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont, has spotted a link between beer's missed opportunity in the restaurant channel and the propensity of some brewers to plump for cans as their preferred packaging.

The UK General Election, the younger drinker (or not) and the paucity of experts - The just-drinks analyst 13 Jun 2017

Ian Shackleton

Our former beverage analyst Ian Shackleton has focused his attention this month on the post-election outlook in the UK and how macro uncertainty diminishes the role of the analyst. He also examines the latest data from The IWSR and laments that young people seem to be drinking less.

Why Marlborough is looking to up its New World wine game - Comment 7 Jun 2017

Chris Losh

This month, wine commentator Chris Losh heads to Marlborough in New Zealand, to see how some folk in the wine region are trying to make its wine less 'meh' and more ... more.

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