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Why consumers don't care about vodka's provenance

This month, Richard Woodard considers the marketing opportunity - or lack thereof - of provenance when it comes to marketing in the vodka se...

Craft Beer Entices "Envious Eyes" - Comment

Do craft brewers view private equity firms in the same way HG Wells did his Martians in War of the Worlds?...

Rye: No Longer on the Rocks - Comment

The brown spirits category continues to see segments rise and fall in popularity. This month, Ian Buxton looks at rye, which has surprised m...

Will our children see Coke in a different light?

The Coca-Cola Co has come in for a bit of a beat-down on last week's news that it is funding research backing exercise over calorie-cutting...

Japan follows in Scotch whisky's footsteps - but where does that leave consumers? - Comment 27 Aug 2015

Lucy Britner

The Scotch whisky industry has enjoyed many a boom and suffered many a bust and reports suggest Japanese whisky is following in its footsteps.

Direct sales - Can drinks companies do better than retailers? - Comment 25 Aug 2015

Lucy Britner

Grupo Modelo has become the latest company to cut out the middle man when it comes to delivering alcohol to consumers' homes.

How Cott Corp Weathered Private-Label's Storm - Comment 13 Aug 2015

Richard Corbett

The theory goes that, as times grew tighter, private label companies were well-placed to reap the harvest. Cott Corp, however, showed that this was not as straightforward a theory as one would believe. Richard Corbett looks at how the company has performed and what it has done to turn around its fortunes.

Butch, Sundance and the Battle to Keep Beer Market Share - Comment 11 Aug 2015

Larry Nelson

It might be insomnia, it might be the light evenings, but Larry Nelson has taken to his television this month and found a classic film with echoes of the attempts of the big brewers to stop ceding share to the little guys.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Tesco’s Random Attack on (Some) Soft Drinks 4 Aug 2015

Ray Rowlands

This month, Drinksinfo's Ray Rowlands looks at UK supermarket chain Tesco's decision to pull certain soft drinks brands from its shelves.

Innocent U-Turn Proves Soft Drinks Has The Bottle to Cut Sugar - Comment 3 Aug 2015

Andy Morton

At a soft drinks conference in London last year, a leading executive from Coca-Cola Co's UK juice unit, Innocent, was getting hot under the collar.

Comment - Spirits - How Cognac Views the China Storm 28 Jul 2015

Ian Buxton

Ian Buxton has just returned from Cognac. Much as he expected to see a gloomy fug over the region, he was surprised by the upbeat air among its spirits producers.

Editor's Viewpoint - Has Diageo added Beer to its 'Non-Core' List? 28 Jul 2015

Olly Wehring

Diageo's exit from its beer joint-venture in South Africa and Namibia comes at the same time as observers are considering what else the company defines as non-core to its business. The move suggests to many – and, initially, to me also – that beer is next on the group's non-core list.

Editor's Viewpoint - Is Diageo approaching its "Et tu, Brute" Moment? 24 Jul 2015

Olly Wehring

It would be very easy to get carried away by the latest stirrings from Diageo over in the US. Indeed, when the Securities & Exchange Commission comes knocking, it would take a particularly ignorant person to not get carried away. But, is this as big a deal as it at first seems?

Bacardi's Banks Buy: Are Big Spirits Companies Failing to Innovate? - Comment 21 Jul 2015

Richard Woodard

Earlier this month, Bacardi announced its purchase of Banks, a Mauritius-based range of rums. Why would a company whose name is synonymous with the rum category - almost transcends it - buy a rum brand? Richard Woodard investigates.

Is Blended Scotch Turning Bourbon? - Comment 15 Jul 2015

Andy Morton

In Glasgow, Scotland's former second city of the British empire, small corners still bear witness to its American colonial past. This is where the Scottish tobacco lords, flush with the wealth of the 18th-century Atlantic trade, built their mansions, leaving behind names such as Virginia Court, Jamaica St and Kingston Bridge.

Soft Drink Deaths Claim: A Case for the Defence is Needed - Comment 15 Jul 2015

Richard Corbett

The soft drinks industry has responded with some ire to a study from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston, US.

Champagne Gains in the Battle for Sparkling Success - Comment 13 Jul 2015

Chris Losh

The ever-expanding world of sparkling wine is dominated by Champagne and Prosecco, but the two attract different drinkers and new sparklers will have their work cut out to find their place, according to Chris Losh.

Comment - Soft Drinks & Water - Soda Making is a Craft 8 Jul 2015

Ray Rowlands

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd takes a crafty look at what PepsiCo is doing in its attempt to reverse the downward trend in the US soda market.

Comment - Rekorderlig Deal Sees Molson Coors Miss Out on Real Cider Action 6 Jul 2015

Andy Morton

Not many business empires begin with a holiday to Peru. But that was the genesis of Chilli Marketing, which last week sold the UK rights of Swedish cider brand Rekorderlig to Molson Coors.

Comment - Beer - What do Brewers need from Government in the UK? 2 Jul 2015

Larry Nelson

Following the Conservative Party's victory in the UK's General Election earlier this year, Larry Nelson has penned an open letter, on behalf of the brewer's operating in the country, to the Prime Minister.

Editor's Viewpoint - Diageo CFO to North America? Do the Math 1 Jul 2015

Olly Wehring

Yesterday's appointment news from Diageo has echoes of a similar HR switch at SABMiller two years ago - a question of perceived suitability.

Comment - Where Beer is Brewed Can Leave a Bad Taste 26 Jun 2015

Lucy Britner

Where beer brands are actually brewed has been in the news again this week and the argument seems to be one of geography rather than one of taste.

Comment - Spirits - What on Earth is a Liqueur? 23 Jun 2015

Richard Woodard

When you look at the way the various spirits categories are defined, you'd be forgiven for concluding that the liqueurs segment comprises 'everything else'. Evenso, argues Richard Woodard, the sector is still worth operating in, thanks in part to consumers' perceptions of liqueurs.

Comment – Spirits – Irish Whiskey: Large Eyes, But a Small Pie? 18 Jun 2015

Ian Buxton

The clamour in recent years to enter the Irish whiskey category suggests that the segment is poised to become the next big thing. But, with one brand dominating the sector massively, are the prospects for growth really all they're cracked up to be? Ian Buxton considers.

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