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This week on just-drinks - Here's what we think

Here's a round-up of just-drinks' latest members-only content and a look at this week's headlines, along with our thoughts....

This week on just-drinks - Here's what we think

Here's a round-up of just-drinks' latest members-only content and a look at this week's headlines, along with our thoughts....

Why COVID has changed trade shows forever - focus

Trade shows, a staple of everyone's business year, have been among the hardest-hit sectors during the coronavirus pandemic. Their very desig...

How COVID has closed the digital gap - trends

When it comes to contemplating older consumers and their digital consumption, stereotypes about tech-phobic grannies who refuse to buy smart...

Latest Interviews

"A CBD launch in Europe? Nothing is off the cards" - just-drinks speaks to Ocean Spray Europe MD Caroline Bethell 30 Apr 2021

Andy Morton

Over the past two years, Ocean Spray has launched a raft of innovations in the US including CarryOn CBD and coffee "hybrid" Ocean Spray Brew. Now, the US cooperative's focus is on Europe as it releases Ocean Spray Sparkling Pink Cranberry in France and the UK, a new product that will not be available in its domestic market. Yesterday, just-drinks spoke to Ocean Spray Europe MD Caroline Bethell about her plans for the European market, whether a CBD Ocean Spray will launch on the continent and why consumers are getting used to less sweetness in their soft drinks.

"There are some companies' boards that don't view cybersecurity as necessary" - just-drinks speaks to Darktrace director for cyber intelligence & analysis Justin Fier 7 Apr 2021

Rhodri Morgan

In recent years, cyberattacks have become a common, but no less worrisome, aspect of business in the 21st Century. Since November, The Campari Group, Kirin Holdings, Molson Coors Beverage Co and alcohol e-tailer Drizly all had their security systems compromised, resulting in issues ranging from theft of customer data to production shutdowns. With all companies using technology in their operations, protection from digital threats has become more important than ever before. To understand the scale of the task at hand - and some of the prevention methods companies need to implement, just-drinks spoke to Justin Fier, director for cyber intelligence & analysis at Darktrace, an artificial intelligence (AI) company headquartered in the UK that specialises in cyber defence.

Latest News

PepsiCo unveils "ghost kitchen" Pep's Place in Pepsi food-pairing campaign 4 May 21

Andy Morton

PepsiCo has launched its own online food-delivery platform in the US that pairs variants of its Pepsi CSD brand with a range of meals.

Keurig Dr Pepper eyes 2021 sales rises as Q1 starts ball rolling - results data 30 Apr 21

Olly Wehring

Twelve months on from boasting of a benefit from 'pantry-loading' consumers in the US, Keurig Dr Pepper has gone from strength to strength, with first-quarter 2021 sales jumping by double digits.

Asahi Group acquires New Zealand's Allpress Espresso 30 Apr 21

Andy Morton

Asahi Group has bought New Zealand coffee roaster & RTD producer Allpress Espresso.

The Coca-Cola Co unveils Honest Yerba Mate 30 Apr 21

Andy Morton

The Coca-Cola Co has released an Honest Tea RTD based on the yerba mate brew that originates from South America.

Ocean Spray Cranberries' Sparkling Pink Cranberry - Product Launch 30 Apr 21

Andy Morton

Ocean Spray Cranberries has launched a sparkling cranberry beverage in Europe.

Former Red Bull North America CEO takes Guayakí Yerba Mate reins 29 Apr 21

Rhodri Morgan

Guayakí has appointed a former leading Red Bull North America executive as its new CEO.

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