Pepsi Max Lime will roll out through multiple retailer Tesco from June, ahead of a wider launch in the country, PepsiCo said today. The extension will be available in two-litre and 1.25-litre bottles, as well as in can multi-packs.

In July last year, PepsiCo replaced Pepsi Lime with Pepsi Pineapple in the US in an overhaul of the CSD brand’s flavours. Pepsi Lime was launched in 2019 as part of a new portfolio of Pepsi flavours containing fruit juice.

Meanwhile, lime is becoming more popular in the alcoholic RTD sector through the rise of ranch water, a southern US cocktail serve made with fresh limes and Tequila. Earlier this year, Heineken launched a ranch water Dos Equis while Diageo purchased a ranch water canned cocktail brand.

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