10. How to avoid ‘rainbow-washing’ your beverage brand this Pride month

June was Pride month and Laura considered how drinks brands can push their rainbow-related credential to successful effect.

9. Why consumers are savvy to cultural appropriation by brand owners

The history of drinks brands has had more than its fair share of cultural sensitivities and Laura warned in July that consumers are watching now, more than ever before.

8. What to look for – and look out for – in the post-work consumption occasion

September saw the focus turn to after-work drinks. Has the pandemic put paid to this particular moment of consumption?

7. Forget premiumisation, it’s all about value right now

As the first anniversary of COVID-related lockdowns in Europe drew close in March, Laura considered the short-term prospects for premiumisation among consumers.

6. Talking shop – Is voice shopping the next frontier of online retail?

As smart speaker adoption took off this year, so too did predictions about the tech’s growth as a beverage purchase channel.

5. Forget e-commerce – Say hello to v-commerce

The UK unveiling of the Spirits Network last month prompted a close look at ‘buy while you watch’.

4. Why consumers need more help in making healthier alcohol choices

In Dry January, the alcohol industry was taken to task for its efforts on the health front.

3. How COVID has closed the digital gap between young and old

When contemplating older consumers and their digital consumption, stereotypes about tech-phobic grannies who refuse to buy smartphones often come to mind. While this has been true to a certain extent, the basis on which the stereotype formed has started to disappear.

2. Why beverage brands should join the race for ‘metaverse’ domination

Ever thought about selling virtual drinks to consumers? A wild idea to some in beverages, but your competitors may already be working on such a concept.

  1. How to promote brand sustainability while also remaining premium

Cross-referencing premiumisation with sustainability, Laura asked whether one trumped the other in the consumer’s eyes.