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Wine drinkers raise glass to alternative packaging

Glass is still the dominant packaging for wine but consumers are showing interest in alternative formats.

Nootropics drinks’ move from small to sizeable will take time

Consumer interest in nootropics is building but remains patchy.

Are brands missing the opportunity of less-able consumers? – Consumer Trends

Are beverage brand owners working hard enough to improve inclusivity?

Why brand owners’ online activity needs to align with environmental credentials – Consumer Trends

In the race among beverage brand owners to reduce their carbon footprints, are they also considering their digital movements?

The hottest consumer trends of the year – Just Drinks’ Review of 2021

With the end of the year looming, we take a look back at how 2021 has treated the global drinks industry. Here’s a look at some of Just Drinks’ coverage of consumer trends over the last 12 months, from beverages expert Laura Foster.

Forget e-commerce – Say hello to v-commerce – consumer trends

Consumer trends writer Laura Foster was recently invited to the UK unveiling of the Spirits Network and feels the platform is well-placed to capitalise on consumers’ ongoing keenness to stay at home.

How to promote brand sustainability while also remaining premium – consumer trends

Last month, we asked: “Is there a balancing act for brands between being as environmentally friendly as possible while retaining premium cues?” Consumer trends commentator Laura Foster considers whether this matters also to consumers.

What to look for – and look out for – in the post-work consumption occasion – consumer trends

Are you back in the office or still at home? Either way, consumer trends commentator Laura Foster spies opportunities – and concerns – around the after-work refreshment ritual.

Talking shop – Is voice shopping the next frontier of online retail? – consumer trends

As smart speaker adoption takes off, so too have predictions about the tech’s growth as a beverage purchase channel.