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Simon Creasey

How Europe’s extreme weather has affected winegrowers

From drought to floods, from intense heat and forest fires to hailstones, Europe’s wine industry has been tested by the weather this year.

Health and wellness to give jolt to energy drinks

The energy drinks category remains buoyant but consumer tastes are changing. Simon Creasey reports.

Advances in automation – drinks companies speed up spending

Drinks manufacturers are stepping up their investment in automation to drive efficiency, tackle labour shortages and help meet ESG goals. Simon Creasey explores.

The growing US thirst for functional soda

US demand for healthier sodas is buoyant. Simon Creasey looks at what’s driving the category and weighs up its prospects.

Can drinks brands monetise the metaverse?

Drinks companies are venturing into the metaverse but to what extent will their marketing experiments result in real returns?