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Yoi’s Probiotic Nut and Seedmilks – Product Launch

By Rhodri Morgan 04 Aug 2021

The drinks are the first from the US company, whose name is taken from the word for 'good' in Japanese.

Yoi’s Probiotic Nut and Seedmilks – Product Launch
  • Category – Soft drinks, fermented beverages, plant-based
  • Available – From this month
  • Location – The US, selected retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Price – US$4.99 per 35cl bottle, US$8.99 per 65cl bottle

US start-up Yoi has launched a line of plant-based probiotic drinks.

Yoi Probiotic Nut and Seedmilks are made from compressing and fermenting ingredients including almonds, coconut and pumpkin seeds. The range, the first from Yoi, is available in Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, Pineapple and Cacao Nib flavours.

Yoi co-founders Tosh Nakagawa and Ellie Wells said they were inspired to start the company after witnessing the growing trend of plant-based food and vegan lifestyles.

“We saw the opportunity and thought, ‘How can we apply our knowledge and experience in cultured dairy foods to create healthy and tasty plant-based cultured foods?'” Nakagawa said.

The company’s name is taken from the Japanese word for ‘good’.

Last month, PepsiCo released the fermented KeVita Prebiotic Shots range in the US.

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