• Category – Spirits, Tequila, Cristalino, 40% abv
  • Available – From this month
  • Location – The US, available nationwide
  • Price – SRP of US$34.99 per 75cl bottle

Cuervo has stepped into the growing market for Cristalino with the launch of an oak-aged, filtered Tequila from its Jose Cuervo brand.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino is the brand’s first foray into the Cristalino segment, and is sourced from a blend of three of its classic expressions: Tradicional Reposado, Tradicional Añejo, and Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo. The 40%-abv Tequila goes through a refinement process after maturation, resulting in an aged spirit that is clear in colour.

The Cristalino sub-segment is the fastest-growing sub-segment in Tequila and is growing at four times the rate of the wider category in the US, according to data from Neilson cited by Cuervo.

“Cristalinos are exciting because they offer an incredibly smooth, yet complex tasting experience that’s unlike any other Tequila expression,” said master distiller Alex Coronado. “When creating a Cristalino for Jose Cuervo, we wanted to make sure the liquid stayed true to the original Cuervo family recipe while offering an expression that’s on the cutting edge of what’s exciting in the Tequila category.”

Jose Cuervo added Tradicional Añejo to its portfolio in April 2020. The iteration comprises liquid that has matured for at least 12 months in new American oak barrels and spent  “up to” four months in barrels previously used to age single malt Irish whiskey.

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