Flor de Caña, the sustainably produced premium rum brand from Nicaragua, achieved an unprecedented accomplishment during The Spirits Business Awards 2021 by being honoured with the “Distillery Sustainability Award” and the “Ethical Award”, in recognition of the brand’s global leadership and profound commitment to sustainable practices.

Flor de Caña received the “Distillery Sustainability Award” thanks to its commitment to reducing its environmental impact, which includes being the world’s only Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified spirit, distilling its rum with 100% renewable energy, capturing all CO₂ emissions during fermentation and having planted 800,000 trees since 2005.

The brand also received the “Ethical Award” thanks to initiatives such as offering free education and healthcare to employees and their families since 1913, community outreach programs through donations and support to local non-profits, its pledge to plant one million trees by 2025 in partnership with One Tree Planted and its Zero Waste Month initiative, a partnership with Food Made Good and bars all over the world to reduce up to 9 tons of food waste through sustainable cocktails.

Sustainability has been a core value of the founding family since the first generation back in 1890, with a holistic approach towards the well-being of employees, the environment and the community. This value has been shared by the thousands of workers who have been a part of Flor de Caña’s 130-year history and whose efforts have allowed the brand to position itself at the forefront of sustainable distilling, setting the standard on sustainable practices.

Flor de Caña produces a range of premium rums aged naturally in bourbon barrels for up to 30 years, without artificial ingredients or added sugar. The entire production process of Flor de Caña continues under the supervision of the same family, currently in its fifth generation, mastering the art of sustainable rum making.