Concept: Danish software startup Onomondo has launched a full-stack IoT platform to offer interpolable cross-border connectivity and performance management without operator constraints. The platform enables enterprises to automatically select the operator in any location and time while considering cost, coverage, and performance.

Nature of Disruption: The IoT platform is built using  Onomondo’s application programming interface (API) and webhooks. It leverages insight tools that can help developers to debug efficiently thereby reducing downtime of the business. Onomondo offers all network information instantly in a single platform eliminating the need to wait for third-party resources. The platform integrates more than 700 operators at the radio access network (RAN) level spanning to manage active networks on every device. It offers the ability to choose and leave cloud integrations, cellular networks, and encryption methods that are better suited for the business. This helps the businesses remain updated and future-proof. Onomondo’s platform provides complete transparency on subscriber identity module (SIM) activities that enable both developers and operators to create, deploy, and operate their fleets effectively. The IoT platform enables enterprises to manage network usage, regulate data consumption, and gain insights about worldwide connectivity in real-time. Additionally, the platform offers no-code cloud integration with the help of connectors.

Outlook: Asset-rich industries including transport, logistics, and manufacturing are making attempts to use IoT to manage supply chains, enhance automation, and boost efficiency. The IoT’s connectivity component act as a barrier, despite developments in hardware and the cloud. Current methods rely on a patchwork of national telecommunications providers or mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). Thus, organizations are unable to globally interoperate, view, or govern their linked assets. Onomondo has revamped the current connectivity architecture to build a single virtualized IoT network without relying on the conventional operator network stack. The startup boasts that the platform can increase the success rate of IoT and lower complexity and entry barriers. In July 2022, Onomondo raised $21 million in growth investment led by Verdane. It intends to utilize the funds to accelerate growth in Europe and triple annual recurring revenue (ARR) in 2022 and 2023.

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