Concept: British cloud-based contact center solution company Puzzel has launched AI-powered contact center as a service (CCaaS) packages to provide end-to-end buying and digital-first customer service experiences. The packages include ‘Digital First’ and ‘Contact Centre’ to offer enhanced flexibility and options to contact centers while enabling digital-first customer service and improved self-service opportunities.

Nature of disruption: Puzzel’s Digital First comprises Discover and Embrace packages and is intended for CCaaS teams to increase customer satisfaction and channel management execution. These packages can provide proactive and personalized self-service while lowering expenses by automating laborious and repetitive operations. Digital First joins Puzzel’s existing Contact Centre packages which include Resolve, Impress, and Power which are updated according to the products and features customers needs. These packages provide contact centers the flexibility to choose the ideal channel mix to support a wide range of customer service environments and evolving customer expectations. The Contact Centre packages support agents during live interactions. Power uses tools like performance management and agent scheduling to support both managers and agents. The CCaaS packages can bring a more direct, brand-wide approach to customer service that utilizes AI-powered tools and support their recently improved suite of current cloud-based contact center packages. The new channels and features added to Puzzel’s platform enable employees to provide customers with even more convenient, empathetic, and personalized service. 

Outlook: Organizations have changed significantly in recent years as a result of changing consumer behavior and digital transformation. The business-critical technologies and infrastructure, along with outdated practices necessitates the need for transformation to improve customer experience. Puzzel aims to support businesses in their growth by providing enhanced customer experiences, connecting with customers on their preferred channels, and developing cutting-edge AI-powered self-service opportunities. The product packages can reduce the burden of routine tasks on contact center agents. Puzzel’s technology can assist organizations in maximizing performance, reducing costs, and increasing sales while meeting changing customer expectations and current trends in consumer behavior. These are performed using chatbots, digital engagement tools, and features that support performance management and scheduling. The split between digital packages and more traditional contact center packages allows the customers to focus on one thing at a time, resolving one issue entirely before moving on to the next. Puzzel boasts that CCaaS packages can meet the organization’s needs and customer expectations in today’s hybrid workplace.

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