Concept: American IoT security startup Armis has introduced an enterprise-class security platform ‘Armis Agentless Device Security Platform’ to address the threat associated with unmanaged and IoT devices. It enables businesses to discover every device in the environment with complete visibility and also provides the ability to track behavior, detect threats, and help take necessary preventive action.

Nature of Disruption: The Armis Threat Detection Engine uses a combination of threat intelligence feeds and device activity to help business defend their environment. Armis Device Knowledgebase continually and in real-time recognizes and classifies each device in the environment, comprehending behavior and any vulnerabilities. It can choose from various manual or automatic responses for every policy violation and threat detection incorporated into the Armis Agentless Device Security Platform. Users can opt to disconnect or quarantine questionable or malicious devices manually or automatically as per policies utilizing their existing network infrastructure or by integrating with existing security solutions. After the deployment, it provides various incident responses for devices including identifying and containing compromised devices, as well as providing historical information on activities. It also enables continuous risk and asset vulnerability evaluation that is passive and in real-time, with detailed device behavior insights and tracking. various ‘known good’ crowd-sourced baselines. Additionally, to achieve extremely accurate threat detection and response, it combines cybersecurity threat intelligence streams with device behavior.

Outlook: Organizations struggle to maintain an accurate asset inventory database, as most firms lack total awareness of all assets across business verticals and are unable to accurately assess and reduce risk. To do business, every organization relies substantially on linked assets and devices of various types, which adds complexity and causes security blind spots. Armis Agentless Device Security Platform helps address this concern by providing complete insight over managed and unmanaged IoT, industrial, and medical devices, as well as applications, cloud, and virtual instances. It offers an agentless monitoring solution that is completely passive. This is crucial since many devices cannot use a traditional security agent, and the scanning might cause sensitive environments to be disrupted or crash. Armis has raised $300M in funding from Brookfield Technology Partners with participation from Insight Partners, CapitalG, and Georgian Partners in 2021. It intends to use the funds to accelerate its growth, including market expansion outside North America, and also enable future acquisitions to help advance the capabilities of the Armis platform.

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