Concept: Austin-based robotics startup Apptronik has unveiled a humanoid robot named Astro. It is a general-purpose robot that can work alongside humans.

Nature of Disruption: Astro is a human-centered robotic system that includes vision-based grasping. It leverages ML technology to find, grab and pick up objects. The robot has modern actuation packed into a small form factor. The startup claims the robot to be agile, safer, and more capable than the previously existing systems. Astro comprises adaptable robotic technology that is suitable for unstructured environments across enterprises. The robot can assist the human workforce in operations such as facility inspections, supply chain operations, and other laborious or dangerous tasks. It can also be used as a general-purpose robot across multiple industries to eliminate challenges.

Outlook: At present, every major industry is facing enormous productivity and supply chain issues. The introduction of industrial automation into critical industries can solve problems associated with them. Apptronik’s humanoid robots offer scalable solutions for the most pressing issues. The robots can be used across the manufacturing and automotive industries. In June 2022, the startup raised $14.6 million in seed funding led by Capital Factory, Grit Ventures, and Perot Jain. Apptronik aims to utilize these funds to commercialize humanoid robots. Additionally, the startup plans to make robots, a central tool for mankind across crucial industries as customers and robots are working successfully in the market.

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