LAMINEX® MAX FLOW 4G improves mash separation and beer filtration through effective viscosity reduction.

At IFF we know that every brewer is different and dreams of creating innovative
and distinctive beers. External factors such as climatic conditions and variations
in raw material availability and quality can have significant impacts on brewing
processes. Brewing enzymes from IFF enables brewers to swiftly adapt to these
challenges. Our technical expertise allows you to realize your brewing dreams while
maximizing efficiency, consistency and quality in every brew.

LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G significantly improves mash separation and beer filtration. It
has a high selectivity for water-soluble arabinoxylans and delivers very low β-glucan
levels in the wort. This gives a high throughput with no risk of filter bed collapse or
off-flavor formation in the finished product.

LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G ensures consistency and maximization of cellar capacities,
especially at high-gravity brewing, coupled with a very low risk of NSP (non-starch
polysaccharide) flocs in green beer.

With optimized mash separation and superb filtration characteristics, LAMINEX®
MaxFlow 4G allows you to continue creating of delicious and distinctive new beers,
regardless of raw material quality and climatic conditions.