At IFF we know that every brewer is different and aims to create innovative and
distinctive beers. External factors such as climatic conditions and variations in raw
material availability and quality can have significant impacts on brewing processes.
Brewing enzymes from IFF enables brewers to swiftly adapt to these challenges.
Our technical expertise allows you to realize your brewing ambitions, while
maximizing efficiency, consistency and quality in every brew.

ALPHALASE® AP4 is an enzyme solution specially developed for brews where barley
replaces up to 60% of the malt. Robust and heat-stable, it perfectly complements
the endogenous enzymes in malt. The unique combination of α-amylases efficiently
provides high brewhouse yields, even at low water-to-grist ratios.

A heat-stable β-glucanase means ALPHALASE® AP4 can be mashed in at high
temperatures, saving energy and reducing costs. Additionally, a neutral protease
ensures sufficient free amino nitrogen (FAN) is released for the yeast without
compromising head retention.

ALPHALASE® AP4 is flexible and can be successfully applied in combination with
our AMYLEX®, DIAZYME® and LAMINEX® brewing enzymes from the IFF range of
solutions. With ALPHALASE® AP4 optimized processes and lower costs leave you free
to create exciting new beers.