Zamora Co’s Carajillo 43 RTD

Category – RTD, liqueur-based, 10% abv

Available – From April

Location – Mexico

Price – SRP of MXN69 (US$3.30) per 28.5cl bottle.

Zamora Co has launched a new RTD for liqueur brand Licor 43, inspired by a Mexican coffee cocktail serve.

Carajillo 43 is a mix of Licor 43 with Mexican coffee. The RTD is based on the carajillo – a hot coffee drink with added spirits that is most commonly consumed after dinner.

According to Zamora, a carajillo made with Licor 43 – dubbed a Carajillo 43 – is one of the most popular cocktails in Mexico. The brand extension is designed to be shaken before serving to create the characteristic foam of a carajillo cocktail and is best consumed cold, straight from the bottle.

“We are helping people take this shaken – or ‘shakeado’ – Carajillo 43 home whether or not they have an actual shaker,” said Zamora’s global marketing & innovation director for spirits, Julian Fernandez. “People can have this serve whenever and wherever they want – and most importantly we’ve made a product that properly looks and tastes like an authentic shaken Carajillo 43.”

The RTD is not the first from Licor 43. Last year, Zamora released Cocktail 43 Fresco, a blend of the Cartagena-made liqueur and fruit juice.

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