Online pinboard Pinterest has reported a marked increase in the number of UK consumers searching for cocktail recipes, compared to last year. 

In an interview with just-drinks this week, UK & Ireland country manager Adele Cooper said that Pinterest has seen a “125% increase in people searching for cocktail recipes over the last year”. Globally, the image-posting platform has seen a 215% uptick in saved cocktail recipes. 

“When people come to Pinterest,” Cooper said, “they are at a point when they are interested in a product, service or category but they haven’t decided who they are going to buy it from. It allows businesses to tap into that intent early on in the process.”

Cooper said Diageo had recently used the Pinterest platform to promote the launch earlier this year of the Baileys Almande variant.

“The brand consistently works with Pinterest because we know that our consumers are looking to Pinterest for recipe inspiration and Baileys continually creates … recipes,” said Diageo’s director for Baileys & liqueurs, Nicola Heckles. “Considering the rate at which consumers are engaged with Pinterest, it’s also a great place to introduce new products. We have high brand awareness on the platform, which is another reason for introducing products on Pinterest.”  

“When people come to Pinterest, they are at a point where they are interested in a product, service or category” – Interview, Pinterest UK & Ireland country manager Adele Cooper