The kids and teenagers soft drinks market is once again being targeted with the launch later this year of Proctor & Gambles’ light version of Sunny Delight, called Light Sunny Delight in the UK.Claiming to have no added sugar, 10% fruit juice and, like its counterpart, is enriched with vitamins, Proctor & Gamble spokesperson Miranda Miesner says Light Sunny Delight is a response to parents voicing concerns on how much sugar their children consume and not as an reaction to Britvics’ healthy choice for kids Juice Up launched last week.”Obviously Juice Up is something for Sunny Delight to think about,” said Miesner. “But Sunny Delight is just extending its choice as a lower sugar alternative and so making it an ideal choice for parents.”John Bennett, food and beverages marketing director, added: “We’re confident that offering the same great taste of Sunny Delight, which kids and teens love, in a low sugar formula will be welcomed by many parents and in launching Light Sunny Delight we want to offer consumers, particularly parents a wider choice of soft drinks to buy for their kids.” Proctor & Gamble refused to divulge the investment behind its advertising campaign for Light Sunny Delight, but said it will be designed to appeal directly to mums as a low sugar alternative. A national television advertising campaign is being developed by Saatchi & Saatchi to begin October 1 in the UK, accompanied by an extensive women’s press advertising campaign.Light Sunny Delight will be available in orange flavour in 1.5 litre, 500ml and lunchbox packs of eight at all major supermarkets and outlets and will retail at £1.15, £0.59 pence and £1.99 for the lunchbox packs.Sarah Diston

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