Homing in on the hot topic of the Millennium, the Drinks Buyer Group of magazines is linking with business information company TenLive to stage E-Business in the Drinks Industry: Shaping the future for e-commerce, the supply chain, customer relationship management and marketing in the digital age. edrinksconference.com, which will take place on September 19 and 20 at London’s Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, is sponsored by eSkye.com, Ironside Technologies, SCT Corp, B2Bwine.com, SAP and BevAccess.com. An impressive line-up of speakers includes: J Smoke Wallin, CEO, eSkye.com; Toby Hartwell, marketing manager, Seagram; Martin Brown, e-Commerce manager, Berry Bros & Rudd; Howard Stone, customer logistics controller,(on-trade), Bass Brewers and Niels Boe Sørensen, head of interactive marketing, Carlsberg International.Additional interactive workshops on September 21 will cover such topics as:From Business to e-Business and Beyond, led by Martin Focazio, vice president, marketing, BevAccess.com, New YorkCustomer Relationship Management Integration, led by Rupin Kotecha, business development manager, SAP (UK).The way businesses deal with other businesses will never be the same again. The lines of communication have changed irrevocably, and it is now up to the people involved to make sure that modern technology and new techniques work in the best possible way.Heather Buckle, Drinks Buyer Group publisher, said: “Suppliers need to be integrated into a chain that makes the most of the opportunities on offer. It is time to make sure that the drinks trade is completely up to date in this incredibly fast-moving field. An understanding is needed of the role and potential of electronic exchanges, where buyers and suppliers can do business. E-procurement is a hot topic at the moment – companies are finding that it can contribute to a 40% slashing of costs.”For further information please contact Heather Buckle Tel: +44 1732 451515 Fax: +44 1732 451383 email:

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