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The Bottled Cocktail Company RTD range – Product Launch

By Rhodri Morgan 17 Nov 2021
  • Category – RTDs, spirits-based, premix cocktails, 18-26% abv
  • Available – From this week
  • Location – The UK, available online, further details below
  • Price – Between GBP33 (US$44.50) and GBP38 per 70cl bottle

UK start-up The Bottled Cocktail Co has released its debut line of six high-end premix cocktails.

The range, all packaged in 70cl bottles. is available from the company’s website as well as online e-tailers Drinkinbible, Sip & Share, Wildsip, and Indy Cellar. The portfolio comprises:

  • El Presidente (33% abv) – aged rum, sweet Vermouth, Triple Sec & pomegranate – GBP33
  • Silver Fir Negroni (21% abv) – gin, Italian Vermouth, orange bitter & silver fir – GBP34
  • Passion Fruit Spritz (18% abv) – vodka, bitter orange, passionfruit, bergamot – GBP33
  • Elderflower Highball (20% abv) – London Dry Gin, elderflower, lime & fresh-cut-grass essence – GBP33
  • Dry Gin Martini (26% abv) – gin, French Vermouth & wintergreen essence – GBP34
  • Old Fashioned (23% abv) – Bourbon whiskey, aromatic bitters, Tahitian vanilla & labdanum – GBP38

Founded last year by a group of London-based bartenders, The Bottled Cocktail Co is preparing the rollout of 33cl versions of the six next year.

Earlier this week, De Kuyper Royal Distillers launched a four-strong, 0% abv bottled cocktail range in its home market of the Netherlands.

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