Symington Family Estates' Cockburns Fine White Port & Tonic RTD - Product Launch - video - Just Drinks
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Symington Family Estates’ Cockburns Fine White Port & Tonic RTD – Product Launch – video

By Rhodri Morgan 22 Jun 2021

The company is launching a treasure hunt in London and Porto for a chance to win a summer's supply of the new RTD.

  • Category – RTD, Port & tonic, 5.5% abv
  • Available – From this month
  • Location – Not immediately available
  • Price – Not immediately available

Symington Family Estates has launched a canned RTD from its Cockburn’s Port brand.

Cockburns Fine White Port & Tonic is a blend of white Port, tonic water, lemon and fresh mint. The variant is available in 25cl cans.

To promote the release, Symington’s is launching a treasure hunt in London and Porto. Eligible consumers in the two cities follow clues to find blue and gold feathers in three locations in both Porto and London for a chance to win a package of White Port & Tonic cans. Details of the competition will be shared on Cockburn’s Instagram page in the coming weeks.

Pricing and availability were not immediately available.

“It’s been great to see a new generation of Port drinkers engaging with white Port over the last few years and mixing it into cocktails as an aperitif,” said the company’s Port producer, Robert Symington. “We believe the Cockburn’s White Port & Tonic can will build on this interest and open up new Port drinking moments.”

Figures provided by Symington claim that UK sales of Cockburn’s White Port increased between 2014 and 2020 by 340%.

Earlier this month, Destileria Colombiana launched a limited-edition expression of its Dictador rum brand that was aged in ex-Port barrels.

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