Phillips Distilling Co has released a range of innovations including a vodka brand that is designed to be stored in the fridge.

Cubist is a “freezer vodka” with thermochromatic packaging that turns blue when frozen to the correct temperature. The Minnesota-based Phillips said the concept fills a consumption gap for vodka.

“It’s really clear lots of people put their vodka in the freezer,” Phillips CEO Andy England told Just Drinks. “Nobody appears to have really focused on that.”

Phillips has also launched light-sensitive packaging for UV Vodka. When exposed to light, photochromic wave designs appear on the neck of the bottle and throughout the main label. When the bottle is removed from the light, a black UV logo remains while the colours disappear.

“The tagline for UV is ‘Bring the Light’ and it just felt very appropriate,” England said. “What we’re trying to do is craft a personality around the vodka.”

The innovations, which also include new brand activations for Prairie Organic spirits and Revel Stoke Canadian flavoured whisky, is part of a reshaping for Phillips in the wake of England’s appointment as CEO in August last year. England, a former CMO for MillerCoors, said he wants to focus more on the branded business at Phillips, which also operates as a contract and third-party distiller.

“My view is that the enduring value in the business is in the branded business, and we owe it to our brands to refresh them,” England added. “There’s no such thing as a tired brand, just a tired brand manager.”

To read Just Drinks’ full interview with Phillips Distilling Co’s CEO, Andy England, click here.

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