‘BottleLoop’ will allow the on-demand collection of recyclable materials from participating locations, PepsiCo said today. An online dashboard helps businesses and groups that sign up to the programme to manage pick-ups and track collections, with the cost of a pick-up starting at US$9.25.

PepsiCo’s goal is to advance its target of using 25% recycled plastic content in all its plastic packaging by 2025. The project is in partnership with Replenysh, a Californian circular economy company that is trying to build a “new digital supply chain” for recycling across the US. The company’s technology allows recycling centres to find the best price for materials and schedule shipments. As well as a digital app for its customers, Replenysh provides bins for recycled waste and operates a fleet of vehicles for collection.

“Through PepsiCo BottleLoop, we will simplify recycling for our customers, help them achieve their sustainability ambitions, and work toward our own recycled content goals,” said Tim Carey, VP of sustainability at PepsiCo Beverages North America. “We believe that a circular economy is essential to conserving resources and to reducing our business impacts, and that this programme will allow us to turn today’s bottles into tomorrow’s products, bringing us one step closer.”

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