• Category – Vermouth, France, 16-18% abv
  • Available – from today
  • Location – Available in the UK
  • Price – SRP of GBP32 (US$43.87) per 70cl bottle

Maison Mirabeau has launched its first vermouth in the UK.

Announced today, Rosé Vermouth is described by the French company as an “aromatic aperitif” that features botanicals such as wormwood, cassia and lemon leaf. The Provence winery created the expression in collaboration with London-based distiller Vault Vermouth, using stocks and ingredients shelved as the result of cancelled events last year.

“With the growing trend of the at-home aperitif and the rise of the Negroni, this aromatic Vermouth is delicately and perfectly balanced to complement our Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin,” said co-founder Jeany Cronk.

In November, Zamora Co launched Vermouth Giradino Tradizionale and Vermouth Giradino Mediterranean Dry both from its Villa Massa brand.

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