UK hard seltzer producer Good One Soda has launched two festive flavours – Mulled Soda and Mince Pie – under its namesake brand.

Two cans of each 4%-abv limited-edition flavoured alcoholic sparkling water are available in a Christmas box, priced at GBP19 (US$25) including postage, Good One said today. The launches aim to show that hard seltzer is not limited to the summer consumption occasion, according to the company.

“We want to teach hard seltzer lovers that our low-calorie, vegan and sustainable drink isn’t just for the long summer days,” Good One said. “You can have a Good One all year round.”

Mulled Soda contains cinnamon and orange flavourings while Mince Pie is a blend of dried fruit, mince pie spices and apple juice.

Research in the US, where hard seltzer sales have boomed in the past two years, has found that hard seltzer was increasingly immune to seasonality, with sales in the category dropping off at a lesser rate outside of the summer. The study, from Cowen & Co, said the “post-summer lull has been shallower” as the category matures.

London-based Good One launched its first hard seltzers in October. The range includes Cloudy Grapefruit & Thyme, Lime & Cucumber and Raspberry, Basil & Lime.

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