• Category – Sake, 18% abv
  • Available – From this week
  • Location – Available worldwide
  • Price – TBC

Craft sake producer Daimon Brewery has unveiled a new limited-edition line of high-end sakes called the Toji Series.

The new range pays tribute to the skills and experience of the ‘Toji’ – the Japanese name for the sake master brewer. Daimon currently employs a master toji, a toji and a toji apprentice at its brewery in Japan.

The debut expression in the series, The Toji Series Edition 1 (Vintage 1999 BY02), was made by blending a 22-year-old koshu (aged sake) with top-grade Junmai Daiginjo Daimon 35 to create what is claimed to be Japan’s first limited-edition koshu blend.

The sake is being released in a white swing-top bottle that is individually numbered, along with a cedar wood box, and is described as “a homage to the long history of sake-making” by Daimon master brewer Yasutaka Daimon.

Bottle number 0001 of 1,000 will be sold at auction by Sotheby’s on 24 February.

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