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Beavertown’s Bones Lager – Product Launch

By Rhodri Morgan 03 Aug 2021 (Last Updated August 3rd, 2021 13:28)

The lager is available in draught and 33cl can formats in the UK.

Beavertown’s Bones Lager – Product Launch
  • Category – Beer, 4.4% abv
  • Available – From this week
  • Location – The UK, selected on-premise and off-premise retailers
  • Price – GBP2 (US$2.78) per 33cl can

Heineken’s London craft brewing partner, Beavertown, has rolled out a lager for its namesake beer brand in the UK.

Beavertown Bones Lager is available from this week on draught from selected UK on-premise establishments, as well as in 33cl cans from selected independent beer retailers. The beer is also available to purchase from Beavertown’s online store.

Beavertown founder Logan Plant described the new launch as the brewer’s first lager. The company already makes an Indian Pale Lager, or IPL, called Beavertown x Worldwide FM.

“I wanted Bones to complement our much loved Neck Oil and to give the lager drinkers out there an opportunity to engage with the excellence of Beavertown in an accessible way,” Plant said. “Bones is going to be a refreshing introduction to the existing category of lager and we can’t wait for the public to take their first sip.”

In 2018, Heineken expanded its footprint in the UK’s craft beer space by acquiring a minority stake in Beavertown, one year after securing 49% ownership of London’s Brixton Brewery. In February, Heineken announced it was to take full control of Brixton Brewery.

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