Beverage consumption is far from uniformacross Europe and there is still a distinct East/West divide, primarily reflecting theeconomic differences between the two regions. Accordingly, there are some interestingobservations to be made when comparing East and West European markets. For example:

  • although no East European market ranks in the top 10 for total commercial beverage consumption, five East European countries (the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Estonia) make it into the top 20 – all above the Greater European average
  • in growth terms, East European soft drinks consumption is outperforming that of West Europe: 8% versus 2%
  • per capita consumption of carbonates in the Czech Republic is more than twice that of France
  • Slovenia is the second biggest consumer in Europe of special products (mainly iced tea)
  • Belarus is ahead of the UK and hard on the heels of Ireland in terms of tea consumption
  • the world’s leading beer consumers, the Czechs, drink nearly twice as much beer per head as the Dutch

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