Beverages for enhanced physicalperformance

Author: Cerestar HoldingBV  (Elseviers M., Roper H.W.W., Kobernick H.)
Patent Type: European Patent Application  0 894 439  En:en  Priority data: (UK) (22.7.97)   Filing date: 20.7.98   Seepublished patent document for Designated Contracting States.   (saan: 491707)

Abstract: An isotonicbeverage product is described.  It is capable of increasing overall performanceduring physical exercise, and diminishing fatigue.  The beverage provides a solutionof D-ribose with mono- and oligosaccharides that increase blood glucose and/orhydrogenated glucose syrups.  These ingredients cause a direct increase in muscularATP level on consumption. The sports drink may be used before, during and after highphysical activity.


Author: Riken Vitamin Co.Ltd  (Takahashi A., Yoshida F., Murakami H.)
Patent Type: United States Patent  5 882 708  En:en  Priority data: (Japan) (11.12.96)   Filing date: 24.10.97  (saan: 492963)

Canned beverages that contain milk, e.g.tea, coffee, cocoa, deteriorate with time as the milk separates and precipitates, formingrings in the container and feathering. They can also be spoiled by the spores ofheat-resistant microorganisms. This patent describes a milk constituent that can be usedin these drinks and that overcomes these problems. It contains the emulsifier diglycerolmonoesters of fatty acids, and a second emulsifier, e.g. citric, diacetytartaric, andsuccinic acid esters of mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids.

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Beer spoilage reducing methods andcompositions

Author: State Board ofEducation Oregon State University  (Daeschel M.A., Bruslind L.D.)
Patent Type: PCT Patent Application  WO 99/07821  En:en  Priority data: (US) (5.8.97)   Filing date: 5.8.98   Seepublished patent document for Designated Contracting States.   (saan: 491121)

Abstract: A process isdescribed for inhibiting growth of spoilage bacteria in beer, yeast preparations, andfermentation products.  Spoilage is inhibited by addition of lysozyme at variousstages in beer production.  Lysozyme may be added to dried yeast before rehydration;to a fresh or rehydrated yeast inoculum; to wort before or during fermentation; or duringthe filling process.

Lactic fermentation drink of carrotjuice

Author: Kagome Co. Ltd (Sakamoto H., Furuguchi M., Fukaya T.)
Patent Type: Japanese Patent Application  10-201455  Ja:en  Filing date: 23.1.97   (saan: 493059)

Abstract: A liquidconsisting mainly of carrot juice is subjected to lactic fermentation with one of more ofthe following lactic acid bacteria -Lactobacillus bulgaricus, L. helveticus, L.acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilus. The fermented carrot juice has good flavourand mouthfeel.

Method and apparatus for makingoxygen enriched liquids

Author: Life InternationalProducts Inc.  (Zelenak Z.M., Berzsenyi L., Abramoff F.)
Patent Type: United States Patent  5 885 467  En:en  Filing date: 24.11.97   (saan: 493256)

Abstract: This patentdescribes a method for producing water that has been enriched with oxygen. It could beused as a beverage and as part of a therapeutic process. The water is introduced with theoxygen into a pressurized vessel so that it flows and spreads out-coming into contact withthe oxygen at a pressure that is preferably between 35 and 50 psi. The water that iscollected contains at least 50 mg/litre of oxygen. The oxygen does not adversely affectthe taste of the water and can reduce the tart taste of carbonated water. It is claimedthat the water increases the blood oxygen level of consumers.

Eight sided gable top carton

Author: Tetra LavalHoldings and Finance SA  (Anchor D., Stacey-Ryan R.)
Patent Type: United States Patent  5 871 144  En:en  Filing date: 29.7.97   (saan: 492143)

Abstract: This patentdescribes a gable-top carton that has eight sides. The method and blank used tomanufacture it are also described. It has an inverse pyramidal bottom and is more stablethan traditional cartons.