Liquid oral compositions comprisinga calcium compound and an acidulant

Patent Number: 874 558
Type of Patent: European Patent Application
Author: Parker D.M.
Language: English

Abstract: The inventionrelates to the use of calcium in oral health compositions and acidic beverages in order toalleviate or prevent tooth damage associated with consumption of acid. Beverages of theinvention reduce the dissolution or removal of calcium and phosphate from teeth. Theinvention is based on the finding that reduction of tooth erosion by acidic oralcompositions can be achieved with lower amounts of calcium relative to the acidulant whenthe pH of the composition is also controlled. The invention is applicable to acidicbeverages, fruit juices, ciders, wines, vinegars and certain acidic dairy products. Theinvention can be used in the manufacture of fruit drink concentrates, such as blackcurrantjuice drinks, to reduce calcium loss from teeth. A calcium compound is added to the acidcomposition so that the mol ratio of calcium to acid is between 0.3 and 0.8, and the pH ofthe composition is between 3.5 and 4.5.

Chocolate beverage

Patent Number: 873 053
Type of Patent: European Patent Application
Author: Caly W., Gullo R.D., Palag S.H., Rosse M.
Language: English

Abstract: An improved mixfor a chocolate beverage is disclosed, which visibly contains real chocolate or compoundconfectionery. The mix produces a drink that is substantially free from lumps, and is morefrothy and has less visible oil on the top than drinks made with existing products. Themix contains at least 40 wt% of thin pieces of chocolate or compound confectionery. Thepieces have a thickness of 0.25 to 0.75 mm and can be obtained by grating or shaving. Themix also contains a powdered cocoa mix or powdered creamer, to supply foam, creaminess andbody. A gas or gas-releasing agent may be incorporated to improve dispersability or toproduce a foam to hide any fat.

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Banana and milk flavoured liqueur

Patent Number: 876 475
Type of Patent: European Patent Application
Author: Louis M.A.
Language: French

Abstract: The disclosedliqueur contains agricultural or industrial rum and/or ethyl alcohol of agriculturalorigin; banana pulp and/or suitable flavourings; and whole or skimmed milk or milkderivative. The product shows no separation or deterioration after 6 months’ storage at 25C.

Brewing products and their methodsfor production

Patent Number: 873 396
Type of Patent: European Patent Application
Author: Tripp M.L., Rader S.R., Ryder D.S., Chaudhary V.K., Mizerak R.J.,Schulze W.G.
Language: English

Abstract: A novelcolourless or water-white beer is disclosed. Isohumulones, which are bittering componentsof hops, can cause light-struck off-flavours, and these are removed from the starting beerand replaced with light-stable extract tetrahydroisohumulones after ultrafiltration andprior to packaging. The method for making the clear beer involves ultrafiltration, and theaddition of dextrins, additional hop bittering agents and a foam enhancer. Theultrafiltration membrane can be a membrane having a base to which citrus flavouring can beadded to produce a flavoured malt beverage. A method is also described for preparing anon-alcoholic malt beverage from a by-product of the method for making the clear beer.

Frozen cocktails made from a flavorconcentrate

Patent Number: 873 056
Type of Patent: European Patent Application
Author: Herbert J.M., Shazer W.
Language: English

Abstract: A method formaking a liquid frozen cocktail concentrate is disclosed. The solids content consistspreferably entirely of carbohydrates, and forms only a soft solid when it is frozen in thefreezer compartment of a conventional refrigerator. The solids content includes flavourssuch as natural fruit juice; fruit fibre; and a sweetening agent, such as natural sugar ora high-intensity sweetener. The frozen concentrate can be blended with a liquid diluent,such as a mixture of water and spirits. The Brix value of the concentrate, measured on adisaccharide scale, is in the range of 10 to 25, and that of the blended, finishedcocktail is in the range of 9 to 15.

Beverage container withself-contained drinking straw

Patent Number: WO 98/51582
Type of Patent: PCT Patent Application
Author: Murphy P.F., Brewer D., Brown D., Taylor J., Doczy P.
Language: English

Abstract: A beveragecontainer with a self-contained straw is presented. The straw become accessible to theuser when the container is opened. The object of this invention is to provide such acontainer that is simple and economical to produce and is compatible for manufacture withexisting filling equipment. Existing canning equipment is not capable of placing a strawwithin a beverage can and pre-aligning it with the opening. This invention discloses abeverage container with a self-contained drinking straw, in which the straw engages afloating member, which is urged against the lid of the container. When the container isopened by deflecting a closure tab into the container, the tab engages a cam surface onthe floating member and causes it to rotate until the straw is aligned with the opening. Abuoyant member is attached to the straw to elevate it through the orifice when inalignment.(See also WO 98/51200.)

Confections that ‘swim’ in acarbonated beverage

Patent Number: WO 98/47387
Type of Patent: PCT Patent Application
Author: Shaw L.J.
Language: English

Abstract: This inventionrelates to novelty edible toys with kinetic properties, specifically to edible toys that’swim’ in carbonated beverages. The confection of the invention has a specific gravity andsize that, when it is put into a carbonated beverage, it is caused to ascend and descendby the motion of the carbonation bubbles. The confection preferably has low solubility. Anumber of confections can be present in the beverage; the number is chosen to be largeenough so that one or more confections are usually in motion, but not so large that theconfections interfere with the swimming motion of each other. A preferred embodiment isdescribed, in which the confections are small, colourful and have marine-related shapes.

Beer having increased lightstability and process of making it

Patent Number: 5 811 144
Type of Patent: United States Patent
Author: Bordeleau J.R.L., Hastings D.J., McGarrity M.J.
Language: English

Abstract: A method ofimproving the stability of beer, which contains malt and hops, is described. It involvesreducing the riboflavin content of the processing liquid by treating it with actinicradiation before the hopping process. This beer will not develop the off-flavoursassociated with exposure to light and will have a longer shelf-life than traditionalbeers.