North America has extended its dominance for ‘robotics’ hirings among beverage companies, according to recent research.

In the three months to the end of December, the number of positions advertised in the region accounted for 73.7% of all robotics-related vacancies – a rise on the 61.8% level in the same quarter a year earlier. North America was followed by Europe, which saw a -1.1 year-on-year percentage point dip in robotics vacancies.

The figures are compiled by GlobalData, which tracks the number of new job postings from key companies in various industries. Using textual analysis, these job ads are then classified thematically to gauge which companies are best placed to weather future industry disruptions.

The research is designed to show which companies are leading the way on specific issues as well as where the market is expanding and contracting.

Which countries are seeing the most growth for robotics job ads in the drinks industry?

The fastest-growing country was the US, which accounted for 68.4% of all robotics job adverts in Q4. Twelve months earlier, the country's proportion was 52.7%.

The US was followed by Hungary and Mexico (both increasing their shares by 3.2 percentage points), and the UK (which dipped by 1.3 percentage points).

In beverages, the US was also the largest market for robotics roles, accounting for an impressive 68.4% of all the country's drinks vacancies over the three months.

Which cities are the biggest hubs for robotics workers in the drinks industry?

The leading cities were Atlanta in the US, the headquarters for The Coca-Cola Co, and Dunedin, also in the US, each with 7.4% of beverages' robotics vacancies in the quarter. The pair were followed by two other US locations, Northampton in Massachusetts and Allentown in Pennsylvania, which both accounted for 6.3%.