This month’s GNPD has tracked an unusual amount of activity in the child and teen market this month. Although the continued high launch rate in the flavoured alcoholic beverage market will be less of a surprise a drink to boost your libido might be.

Tea is normally an adult drink, but we do occasionally see natural, caffeine-free tea products targeted at children and even babies. A line that warrants a mention here is Freshpack Baby’s Organic in South Africa from National Brands. It is available in honeybush and rooibos varieties, and has been especially developed for babies, although it warns on the pack that it should not be used as a substitute for breast milk. This follows earlier tea-for-baby introductions that include Saraso’s Tea for Babies brand, introduced in Mexico at the beginning of the year. This 100% natural tea contains chamomile and anise and is said to make babies happy.

Moving on from babies to children, Gatorade is launching a sub-brand called All*Stars in the US. The three-SKU line is packed in smaller, easy-grip 12-oz plastic bottles. The smaller size is because the product is aimed at the child and tween market segment and includes Berry, Watermelon, and Strawberry flavours. The product is targeted towards the kid and tween market.

For adults, Mintel continues to see many more flavoured beers in glass bottles competing within the FAB (flavoured alcoholic beverage) market. The latest novel flavours are Tequila and apricot. These join existing flavours such as lemon, pink grapefruit and apple. The first new product in question is Mixed Malt Aprikos in Norway and, more recently, Sweden from Kopparbergs Breweries, with 4.7% ABV and an apricot flavour. The second is Salitos Tequila in the Netherlands from Salitos Beverages Overseas, with 5.9% ABV and a Tequila flavouring. The Salitos line also features an interesting packaging concept. The glass bottle has a bottle opener (for twist-off caps) incorporated within the base of the glass. It can be used to open a second bottle of Salitos.

Innovation within the FAB market is not confined merely to the beer category either, although Holsten Fusion is another example in the UK.  Now, the wine market is attempting to do the same with the German introduction of Reddy Red Wine Mix from St Catherine Weinhandel. It is made with a blend of 49% red wine and 51% cola to give it a refreshing feel, and comes in a single serve 350ml glass bottle.

Flavours within the cider market are also becoming more interesting. The latest is cactus & lime, which has been used to flavour a new cider line in Denmark from Carlsberg. It has a light green colour, which can be seen through the transparent glass bottle. It is said to be clear and refreshing and is also made with spring water.

In the US Brown-Forman has taken the flavoured alcohol concept a step further by attempting to appeal to those who don’t like the taste of alcohol at all. The company is claiming to be the first to introduce a “soft liquor”. Southern Twist is a fruit-flavoured beverage said to taste of plum and peach with a hint of orange. The tagline “Not an acquired taste. A desired taste,” suggests the company aims to appeal to those that generally don’t care for the taste of alcohol.

Drinking alcohol as shots seems to remain popular, particularly among younger consumers. To make things easier, new in South Africa is Sour Slammers, a 12% ABV spirit cooler. What is interesting about the product is that it comes in a bottle which has a plastic shot glass attached to make it even easier to drink.

Adding value through packaging innovation is also driving the premiumisation of the water market. In the past, we have seen convenient sports caps, larger single serve bottles, and premium designs. The latest novel pack has been launched in Hong Kong by Watson’s Water. The water comes in an 800ml plastic bottle with an indented body (for easy handling) and an elongated shape that resembles a rocket. Grips on the cap also offer added functionality by making it easier to open.

In the US, the adult soft drinks market is continuing to see a move away from colas. Minute Maid has launched a new Grape and Valencia Orange Fruit Soda, made with real fruit juice and packed in 2L bottles.

Meanwhile, Rainmaker Beverage has taken an even more adult theme by offering Fruit & Herb Juices under the Rainmaker brand. Described as an “orgy of berries”, the drinks are said to increase libido. Now available in Canada, the flavourful varieties are Mango Mango, Arouse, Fruit Tantrum, Lemon Liplash, Caribbean Storm, Second Wind, and T-Breeze. These intriguing beverages can be found in supermarkets.

Staying on the functional note, new in Canada from Left Coast Trading is Hemp-C, a soda made with hemp oil extracts, guarana, ginseng and other herbs, however it is not being promoted as an energy drink. Two flavours are available, Gingerberry and Big Time Lime, which are recommended to either drink straight or mix with clear alcohol. A 12-oz bottle retails for C$1.49 in supermarkets.

Expert Analysis

Emerging Concepts in the Global Food and Drinks Industry

This report identifies major themes in new product development across the developed world. For each emerging concept, information is presented on the background of the sector, availability across the world, key product developments, market sizes and growth, and future prospects, including ideas for the possible direction of future activity in each area.

Health continues to play a big part in the marketing of fruit juices, as more and more are positioned as “supplement” beverages by being enriched with all sorts of vitamins and minerals. An interesting launch which highlights this move is Re:Juice in the UK from Juice Express. It comprises a range of 100% pure fruit drinks with no added sugar or water, and available in two varieties: Berry & Banana, with echinacea (to boost immunity) and bee pollen with digestive enzymes; and Apricot & Banana, with spirulina freshwater algae (a source of antioxidants). And in Switzerland, Rivella has launched under the Michel brand, Beauty Colada, a juice drink with aloe and biotine.

Our final entry this month in the Global New Product database is from Tropicana Dole Beverages, which has targeted the Hispanic market with its product in test, Dole Aguas Frescas. It is a line of four juice drinks in tropical flavourings. It is available only in Chicago in Guava, Strawberry, Mango, and Tamarind flavours. The 16-oz bottles have bilingual (Spanish and English) labels.