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Five of the most popular beer posts on Twitter in Q3 – research

By Olly Wehring 30 Nov 2021

Just Drinks lists five of the most popular tweets on beer in the third quarter of this year, based on data from GlobalData’s 'Consumer Influencer Platform'.

Five of the most popular beer posts on Twitter in Q3 – research
Credit: Master1305/Shutterstock

Here’s a look at the five of the most engaged-with posts on Twitter that referred to beer in the three months to the end of September.

The popularity is based on total engagements (likes and retweets) received on tweets from around 150 beverage experts tracked by GlobalData’s ‘Consumer Influencer Platform’.

5. Another US ‘home’ for Guinness

Josh Noel, who reports on beer, bars and restaurants for the Chicago Tribune, highlighted a report in September that Diageo is preparing a Guinness brewery and taproom in the city’s Fulton Market area. The site follows the opening of the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore four years ago.

4. Future for north London pub no longer ‘hangs’ in the balance

UK beer industry stalwart Roger Protz was full of praise in July for a restored pub in the capital. Dating back to the mid-1800s, the Magdala Tavern has a colourful history – the pub was the scene of the crime committed by the last woman to be hanged in the UK – and reopened its doors earlier this year.

3. Beer styles – Who decides the rules?

Over in the US, Oregon-based beer blogger Jeff Alworth shared a post in late-August in which he discussed the existential matter of beer styles. “You always know someone’s asked a good question when the answer is complicated,” Alworth wrote by way of an introduction to a deeper dive into who set the rules for brewers.

2. Time (again) for a cool, sharp Harp?

Back to the UK, where beer writers Ray Bailey and Jessica Boak – collectively tweeting as Boak and Bailey – offered a potted history of Harp. Worth a read, if only to enjoy this blast from the advertising past.

1. Hard seltzer’s watering down of beer

To Colorado next, where strategic advisor and self-confessed beer lover Julia Herz mulled the industry’s grouping of hard seltzer with beer, in category terms. Self-promotion alert: Just Drinks’ beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont, concurred, only last week.

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