Ingenio San Antonio (ISA) has won in two categories in the 2024 Just Drinks Excellence Awards for its significant contributions to Social and Environmental Sustainability.

The Just Drinks Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. Powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData, the programme recognises the people and companies that are driving change globally.

ISA has won the recognition due to its commitment to ethical practices and community welfare.

From field to community: ISA’s holistic approach to sustainability and social engagement

ISA school hospital

ISA’s commitment to ethical and sustainable production is validated by its certifications from Bonsucro, Fair Trade USA, and ISCC EU. By meeting over 300 rigorous labour, social, and environmental criteria set by Fair Trade USA, ISA has demonstrated its dedication to responsible business practices.

The company’s innovative project, “Sowing water, harvesting life”, has been recognised with an innovation grant from the Bonsucro Impact Fund, highlighting ISA’s role in pioneering sustainable practices in the sugar industry.

Additionally, ISA’s involvement in the Adelante Initiative, alongside La Isla Network, has been instrumental in enhancing labour conditions and establishing world-class safety standards that will serve as a reference for various industries globally.

Since 1913 and 1958, ISA has been providing a company school and hospital, respectively, to bolster the welfare and well-being of its employees and their families. These comprehensive services surpass industry norms and are crucial in ensuring a higher quality of life and cultivating a dedicated workforce.

ISA’s engagement with local communities extends to supporting educational, sporting, infrastructural, and cultural programmes, reflecting a comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility. The distribution of school supplies and Christmas gifts by ISA plays a significant role in strengthening the social fabric of the surrounding areas and bringing joy to the families.

Sustainability at the core: ISA’s green operations and environmental initiatives

ISA Crop and plantation

ISA’s reforestation efforts include planting one million trees since 2005, contributing significantly to environmental conservation. The ongoing initiative not only generates enough oxygen, but also offsets the emissions of thousands of cars each year.

ISA generates 100% clean and renewable energy for its operations. Utilising bagasse as biomass, ISA has significantly cut down its dependence on fossil fuels, establishing a standard for their industry to emulate.

The company’s comprehensive recycling programmes and waste management strategies are pivotal in maintaining a minimal environmental footprint. ISA promotes environmental stewardship by recognising the department that demonstrates outstanding sustainability practices, thereby encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and accountability within the organisation.

Ingenio San Antonio’s initiatives showcase a convergent synergy between ethical labour practices, community involvement, and environmental conservation.

Company Profile

Ingenio San Antonio Sugar Mill

Founded in 1890, Ingenio San Antonio (ISA) is a modern agroenergetic mill dedicated to the sustainable production of clean energy, bioethanol, sugar, and cane juice. Owned by Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited, ISA is one of the most advanced agro-industrial companies in Nicaragua. Sustainability has been at the core of the company’s values since the beginning, focused on ensuring the well-being employees, community, and the environment.

ISA is recognised as a global leader in sustainability and holds the top sustainability certifications: Bonsucro, Fair Trade USA and ISCC EU.

Bonsucro is a global industry organisation that certifies sustainable sugar cane production, considered the worldwide reference of excellence.

Fair Trade USA certifies ethical and sustainable production processes, complying with more than 300 rigorous labor, social, and environmental criteria.

ISCC EU is the primary certification for sustainable bioethanol production, based on the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

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