Sports drinks inflation in the UAE stood at 0.040% in April 2023, according to GlobalData’s report on the prices of stock keeping units (SKUs) supplied through online retailers. In Q2 2023, GlobalData monitored the pricing of 14 sports drinks SKUs from companies such as Gatorade, Isostar and Pocari Sweat that were sold by e-retailers. Buy the report here.

Pricing is crucial, especially in a challenging economic climate, as competitive pricing and price leadership impact consumers’ choices. GlobalData’s pricing analysis reveals that Trolley offered the lowest prices of the total SKUs within the sports drinks category from April through June 2023, followed by Lulu Webstore and Noon. According to the analysis, the price range of $5 and below was the most competitive, with 10 SKUs.

The chart below illustrates price leadership among the covered retailers which offer the highest number of low-priced products in the category. Of all retailers, Trolley had the greatest share of lowest prices for individual SKUs in sports drinks in the UAE in Q2 2023.

Analysis of the quarterly price data showed that no discounts were offered for sports drinks category by the retailers tracked by GlobalData. Among variants, the tracker revealed ion supply and orange chill as the most popular (by number of SKUs) sports drinks variants. These were priced 40.56% higher than the average price of a sports drinks SKU.

Among the e-retailers tracked by GlobalData, the leading ones, based on the number of SKUs, were Trolley, Choithrams, Lulu Webstore, Noon and Supermart. According to the analysis, Choithrams had the lowest average unit price, while the retailer with the widest product assortment was Trolley.

The report brings attention to the intricate pricing dynamics within the sports drinks market, examining both the SKU and retailer levels, and offering invaluable insights for stakeholders. Notably, Trolley, Lulu Webstore and Noon stood out as prominent e-retailers, providing competitive pricing for a substantial number of sports drinks SKUs. However, to comprehensively grasp the sports drinks market in the UAE, continuous tracking of SKU pricing over time is necessary.

For a more detailed analysis of pricing trends in the the UAE's sports drinks market, buy the report here.

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