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Global manufacturer of fruit juice concentrates, flavours and beverage bases

AUSTRIA JUICE is the full-service-partner for your food and beverage applications – from the fruit-growing and gentle processing of the raw material to the implementation of tailor-made beverage concepts.

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AUSTRIA JUICE is one of the leading manufacturers of beverage ingredients and flavour solutions, as well as tailor-made concepts based on customer requirements and current beverage trends.

Our comprehensive portfolio consists of fruit juice concentrates, natural flavours and beverage bases, which are all-in-one recipes for tailor-made applications in the food and beverage industry. Next to non-alcoholic drinks, our alcoholic bases and beverages, including fruit wine, ciders, seccos or hard seltzers, supplement our broad portfolio.

We continuously collect and analyse up-to-date information from well-founded external market research sources. Our marketing experts, product developers and international flavourists use these insights to create unique beverage compositions and individual product solutions with our customers. According to customer demand and upcoming market trends, we continuously develop beverage solutions that serve food and beverage trends such as clean-label, organic, sustainable or plant-based. A fully integrated and therefore complete value chain makes it possible to offer our customers comprehensive all-in-one solutions.

AUSTRIA JUICE develops custom-designed drink ingredients and flavours.
Our comprehensive portfolio comprise fruit juice concentrates, beverage bases and natural flavours.
AUSTRIA JUICE serves various markets in the alcoholic drinks segment, including wine and ciders.
AUSTRIA JUICE develops beverage bases for beer-mix beverages with various tastes.
The company develops beverage bases for energy drinks.
Hard seltzers are among the sectors served by the company.
AUSTRIA JUICE's localised production facilities enable fast fruit processing times.
In our research & development centre, we realise beverage concepts according to our customers’ needs.
With passion in high-quality ingredients and composition we create unique taste experiences.

Fruit and vegetable juice concentrates

The 14 production plants of AUSTRIA JUICE situated in Europe and China are directly located in the fruit-growing regions, which enables only short transport times from the orchards to the production site and fast fruit processing. In addition to a secure supply of raw materials, consistently high quality and product stability are the keys to success.

Thanks to our many years of expertise, state-of-the-art technologies and gentle processing under ideal temperature conditions, we preserve the natural ingredients, vibrant colour and high-quality taste in our juice concentrates. The product portfolio is also supplemented by vegetable juice concentrates made from carrot, rhubarb or beetroot.

Vegetable and sugar-reduced juices

According to the long-term trend of health and naturalness, mixed fruit-vegetable juices and sugar-reduced juice concentrates come into play in current beverage developments.

AUSTRIA JUICE is dedicated to the research of sugar-reduced juices that are calorie-reduced without compromising on the flavour profile and without any artificial ingredients. Our latest developments include sugar-reduced fruit juice drinks with 100% juice and only 70% of the calories.

Natural flavours for the food and drinks industry

When creating holistic beverage solutions for the food and beverage market, natural flavours play an essential role. Our international experts succeed in finding unique flavour profiles for our customers’ beverage or food applications.

The portfolio includes traditionally used high-quality essences (also called FTNF – From The Named Fruit) obtained during the fruit juice production and composition flavourings that allow us to offer customised and creative flavour profiles for all types of beverages, as well as for the confectionery and sweets segment. Plant-based flavour extracts by extraction also complements the range of flavouring possibilities.

Beverage bases

Our own juice concentrates and flavourings build the main components for the beverage bases.

This all-in-one compound contains all ingredients that are needed for a qualitative and stable finished RTD beverage, in concentrated form. Beverage bases are an efficient way for bottler companies as they make the procurement and storage of raw materials, as well as the blending of the ingredients much easier. In addition to the well-developed basic elements of a beverage, such as fruit juice concentrates, sweeteners, acidifiers and flavourings, functional ingredients that include vitamins, fibres or minerals can also be included in this holistic compound.

AUSTRIA JUICE creates with these blends an excellent basis for a wide variety of thirst-quenchers, ranging from non-alcoholic organic drinks, functional, energy or sports drinks to alcoholic beer mixes and cider drinks.

Beer-mix drinks

Beverage bases are also the perfect and efficient solution for breweries when it comes to the development of beer-mix drinks.

All ingredients, from juice concentrates to flavours and sweeteners, are provided in one compound. With our state-of-the-art standards in our laboratories and the long-term know-how in product development, we provide beverage bases for beer-mix beverages with nearly all kinds of tastes.

Be it a classical taste profile such as lemon or fruity cherry or exciting taste experiences such as snakebite, green tea or beer with herbal or tropical flavours, AUSTRIA JUICE is the right partner for creating individual beverage solutions.

Fruit wine, cider and hard seltzer

In the alcoholic segment, AUSTRIA JUICE serves the categories beer mix drinks, fruit wine, fruit seccos, as well as cider applications, spirits and the lifestyle drinks hard seltzer, hard ice-tea and hard lemonade.

Be it a refreshing cider, an exotic cocktail or a spicy-tasting mulled wine, the appropriate alcoholic bases are supplied both as ready-to-fill products and in the form of standardised base wines for individual beverage creations or for making vinegar. In this business area, the customer can also count on a ‘full service’ package, ranging from the product idea to the choice of raw materials, recipe, bottling and logistics. So tailor-made alcoholic beverages and multi-faceted fruit wine concepts are created, including classic berry wines, sparkling fruit seccos, refreshing ciders or trendy hard seltzers.

At AUSTRIA JUICE, the knowledge is combined into a single source – from market research to the beverage concept, from fruit-growing to the finished recipe and ingredient supply. This way, we offer our customers the best possible support for their diverse food and beverage applications.

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