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Sustainable Facilities for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Water Recycling

EnviroChemie partners with clients to design and develop facilities for sustainably processing water and wastewater.

In den Leppsteinswiesen 9,
64380 Rossdorf,

EnviroChemie plans, constructs, and operates systems for the treatment of water and wastewater, including energy and resource-efficient solutions for water recycling, reuse and treatment, as well as resource recovery.

Our water treatment experts develop various technologies and water treatment chemicals at our process engineering labs and technology centre. EnviroChemie delivers water technology that is ‘Made in Germany’ for companies worldwide.

Plant support for the entire facility life cycle

Customers can concentrate on their production processes while EnviroChemie’s experts take care of all water management tasks. We provide a comprehensive range of plant operation services, including operation management, contracting, and water treatment for chemicals.

Our specialists support customers within an individually agreed scope of services, without compromising on quality. They can oversee operational organisation, plant optimisation, maintenance and consumables management, contact with the authorities, and fee management, as well as offering an on-call service.

EnviroChemie designs and builds sustainable water and wastewater treatment plants at its headquarters in Rossdorf, Germany.
Our water treatment specialists know exactly what should be taken into consideration to meet the customer’s needs.
EnviroChemie’s sector and water technology experts advise on possible plant solutions or technologies.
Our engineers can establish plant parameters in-house before tailoring the facility or proposing optimisation measures.
EnviroChemie’s process engineers provide customers with recommendations based on experiments carried out in our laboratory.
EnviroChemie can configure the EnviModul modular plant flexibly to suit the customer’s requirements.
Our team can provide fast support via smart glasses or remote maintenance.
EnviroChemie's water management services free our customers from plant operation tasks and save time and money.
We only use water chemicals that have proven their effectiveness in many laboratory tests, as well as pilot tests and in practice.
EnviroChemie's plant solutions for physico-chemical, biological and membrane water, and wastewater treatment have been proven over many years.

Services provided by EnviroChemie’s WaterExpert digital service platform are particularly practical for plant operation and optimisation, providing operators with a simple plant overview at all times.

Design, installation and commissioning of sustainable plants

EnviroChemie’s experienced project managers plan each facility and coordinate its construction on-site. Our installation technicians have many years of experience and have taken the required safety training.

Our experts know what is important when selecting the right treatment methods, consumables, or service package. Our water specialists carefully check the planning basics of the customer’s specifications before recommending a plant solution. If the parameters for selecting the appropriate technology or designing the plant are missing, they can be determined in EnviroChemie’s own process engineering laboratories.

EnviroChemie’s experienced process engineers can analyse customer demands, conduct experiments in the laboratory and/or technical centre, and provide customers with recommendations so they can choose the right process.

Plant optimisation for water and wastewater treatment and water recycling

EnviroChemie looks closely at the systems for wastewater,water treatment, or water recycling, and then puts forward optimisation proposals. These may include:

  • Compliance with or reduction of the discharge limit values
  • Flexible plant capacities to address load fluctuations
  • Efficiency of resources and energy use in processes and plant engineering
  • Optimisation of water consumption in production

EnviroChemie matches the consumables to individual processes and, if required, can supply individual water chemistry recipes developed in-house. This stabilises water treatment processes, minimises operational complexity, improves the separation of solids and liquids, and reduces operating costs.

Our experienced engineers and technicians know how to ensure that water and wastewater treatment plants function reliably. They work with the customer to put together the most suitable service package for the plant technology and the cleaning performance requirements. EnviroChemie makes best use of spare parts and wear parts, ensuring that quality, resource efficiency, and reliability are not compromised.

About EnviroChemie

Founded in 1976, EnviroChemie develops sustainable solutions for the industrial treatment of process water, cooling water, circulation water, wastewater, and boiler water. We regularly help clients develop forward-looking technologies for national and international research projects.

EnviroChemie is part of the EnviroWater Group company network, whose members are experts in the sustainable preparation and treatment of water.

Products & services

  • EnviCheck Carbon Footprint

    We determine your plant’s CO2 emissions and show you which processes significantly impact your carbon footprint, as well as how optimising your processes can reduce CO2 emissions.

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