Beverage or drinks companies manage a complex network of suppliers and manufacturers and often rely on contracting arrangements for manufacturing, processing, packaging and storage. The increasing proliferation of digital technology has enabled various equipment and infrastructure used by these companies to be managed through a central interface or remotely through the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud. 

Such digitalisation has benefitted the drinks industry in ensuring smooth operations even during events such as the Covid-19 pandemic but has also increased the attack surface for the industry. Manufacturers need to ensure their systems are protected from cyberattacks and prevent any disruption of operations. 

Discover the leading cybersecurity companies in the drinks industry 

Using its experience in the sector, Just Drinks has listed some of the leading companies providing products and services related to cybersecurity.  

The information provided in the download document is drafted for drinks industry executives and technology leaders involved in cybersecurity solutions.  

 The download contains detailed information on suppliers and their product offerings, alongside contact details to aid purchasing or hiring decisions.  

Amongst the leading suppliers of cybersecurity in the drinks industry are Armis Security, Claroty, Dragos, Nozomi Networks, Sangfor Technologies, Auvesy-MDT, PDI Software, Nagios, Rhebo and TrapX. 

Importance of cybersecurity for the drinks industry 

Drink companies use proprietary business processes and formulations for their products. Any loss of such sensitive information through a cyberattack can lead to a significant competitive disadvantage. Cyberattacks can also lead to products or materials being shipped to the wrong location and cause production delays. 

Furthermore, the loss of sensitive information such as customer details can damage the reputation of a company. 

Cybersecurity measures for drinks companies 

Drinks companies can prevent cyberattacks by taking a few steps such as: 

Training and awareness 

Employees and all personnel involved in the company should be provided with cybersecurity training to ensure they understand the risks posed by a cyberattack. Training exercises can be conducted to enable employees to respond in the event of a threat. 

Secure software and systems 

Drinks companies should ensure that their systems and infrastructure are up to date with the latest cybersecurity measures, secure connections and architecture. 

Hire cybersecurity experts 

Most companies may not have the in-house expertise to handle cybersecurity measures and need to ensure that they hire specialists who can provide their expertise in managing detection, conducting risk assessments and protecting intellectual property.