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Hop-loving brewers need to remember beer drinkers matter

Amid brewers’ heavy interest in hops, marketers keen to build brands need to remember most beer drinkers remain relatively uninformed.

Why Sapporo’s swoop for Stone Brewing makes sense

Some will question the utility of entering the North American market in a bigger way right now – but they shouldn’t.

Beer helped fuel the rise of RTDs. How can it strike back?

The original RTD was beer but it’s facing an ever-growing range of rivals. Just Drinks’ Stephen Beaumont sets out how beer can fight back.

Will beer’s forays into functional stick?

Brewers need to walk a tightrope when playing the ‘functional’ card for their wares. Category commentator Stephen Beaumont surveys the landscape.

Where has beer’s innovation mojo gone? – comment

This month, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont looks at innovation in the category – Or, he would, if he could find any.

Why beer’s social conscience is not without consumer risk – comment

Beer brands are well-known for ‘speaking’ on societal matters. Category commentator Stephen Beaumont warns, however, that thinking twice is the best policy.

Supply Chain Special – What’s the impact on beer? – comment

“Malted barley price increases are just getting started”

What’s coming up in beer in 2022? – Predictions for the Year Ahead – comment

To say that the past couple of years have been turbulent ones for the global brewing industry is to make…

The false equivalence of beer versus hard seltzer – comment

Beer commentator Stephen Beaumont has been watching the battle between his specialist category and hard seltzer for long enough now to ask: Why is beer bearing the brunt?

How craft beer can work through its #MeToo moment – comment

Concerning reports from the craft beer segment in recent months have got category commentator Stephen Beaumont worried. Has the notorious reputation of ‘beer culture’ eaten it’s own?