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Coke and alcohol finally mixing, questions ahead for consolidated beer – and is spirits bubble about to burst?

In Ian Shackleton’s final column for Just Drinks, the former beverage equity analyst looks back to look to the future.

Investors take to drink, Campari Group hits the radar and brand owners count cost of Russia exit – The Just Drinks analyst

Former beverages analyst Ian Shackleton speaks to us from his safe haven this month, with a look at Campari Group and a controversial take on Russia.

Leaving Russia, renewing ethics and worrying about Q1 – The Just Drinks analyst

Former beverages analyst Ian Shackleton considers brand owners’ Russian positions, as well as the need to stay ethically clean. The pending results season also prompts concerns.

The Russian damage to brand owners, the end of globalisation and the ongoing margin pummelling – The Just Drinks analyst

Former beverages analyst Ian Shackleton considers what appears to be a grim future from an investor’s perspective.

Sales results too high, spirits prices too low and who’s up for leading Diageo next? – The Just Drinks analyst

Brand owner sales are soaring and the drinks are too cheap to celebrate, according to ex-beverages analyst Ian Shackleton

The hurdles in Scotch whisky’s path, the COVID lessons for investor relations and the Fok Hing wonderful drinks industry – The Just Drinks analyst

Just Drinks’ resident (former) beverages analyst Ian Shackleton returns for his monthly take on the drinks industry, with thoughts on Scotch, investor relations’ learnings and some curious innovation movements.

Boring, boring PepsiCo, sustainability favours the large & Anheuser-Busch InBev on the brink? – The Just Drinks analyst

Returning for his monthly Just Drinks outing, former beverages analyst Ian Shackleton prepares for the Autumn results season, considers which companies are better-paced to take on the sustainability challenge and circles a date in Anheuser-Busch InBev’s diary.

From public to private ownership, sensitive times for investors & should you buy into wine? – The Just Drinks analyst

Former drinks analyst Ian Shackleton is fresh from his summer holidays but has been doing a lot of drinks-related thinking while away.

The changing face of health & wellness, the rise of the English wine category and the brand owner winners of Q2 – The Just Drinks analyst

While the rest of us are in Holiday Season, former analyst Ian Shackleton is still hard at work, running the rule over the moving goalposts for health & wellness, as well as why Chapel Down is a company to be taken seriously and why carbonates ruled the three months to the end of June.