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David Burrows

Patience vital as beer industry inches forward on regenerative agriculture

To try to tackle emissions in their supply chains, big brewers are turning to regenerative agriculture. Will their efforts pay off?

Are ‘carbon neutral’ claims dead?

Carbon-neutral claims are under the cosh, so will the world’s major food and drinks brands continue to use them?

Drinks packaging standardisation – green genius or marketing madness?

The ESG benefits of more uniform drinks packaging are clear – but marketing and branding teams may have concerns. David Burrows digs into the debate.

Coffee and ESG: the challenges of carbon insetting

Coffee companies, tackling emissions, are using carbon insetting, a practice proponents say can yield bigger benefits than offsets.

Is paper packaging really a sustainable alternative for drinks companies?

Criticism of plastic has seen drinks companies drawn increasingly to paper packaging but the merits of such a move remain sketchy.