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Alcohol-free wine’s promise needs buyer boost

Wine, the laggard of alcohol-free, is slowly starting to make inroads. Quality is improving and demand is growing but now buyers must back the fledgling category.

How wine growers can adapt to climate change

Looking again at grape varieties, rootstocks and massal selection could help growers adapt to rising temperatures.

Wine industry inches forward on sustainability amid confusing consumer signals

The wine industry is making efforts on sustainability but progress is uneven and, for some, too slow. And what drinkers buy can be at odds with what they say they want.

Why Australia’s wine industry is approaching crunch time

China might be central to Australia’s current overproduction of wine but the industry’s problems run deeper.

Why wine remains laggard amid rise of alcohol-free

Producing alcohol-free wine is time-consuming, complex and expensive, meaning the segment is not as advanced as in areas like beer.

2023 outlook – economic clouds to linger as wine industry seeks right blend

Just Drinks’ wine sector columnist Chris Losh sets out the issues facing industry executives in 2023.

Beaujolais needs a brand. Could a label like Penfolds be the answer?

Penfolds is investing heavily in Bordeaux. Might a heavyweight brand be a way of driving international interest in Beaujolais, another French region facing challenges?

Why wine industry must be ready for more warning labels

With calls for more warning labels growing and more consumers embracing ‘mindful drinking’, the wine industry should swim with the tide and do its best to attach positive messaging.

Vine-pulls back on agenda as Bordeaux’s wine struggles continue

Production in a normal year is around 5.5 million hectolitres, while Bordeaux’s sales are around 4m hl.

China tariffs can’t hide Australia’s wider wine woes

Excluding China paints a rosier picture of Australian wine’s fortunes oversees, but there are other clouds on the horizon.