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Molson Coors Beverage Co switches Coors Peak for Coors Pure

08 Apr 2021

Molson Coors Beverage Co’s Coors Pure

Category – Beer, 3.8% abv

Available – From this month

Location – The US, available nation-wide

Price – SRP of US$14.99 per 12x12oz cans

Molson Coors Beverage Co has revisited the organic version of its flagship Coors lager brand in the US.

Coors Pure is a light beer certified as organic by the US Department of Agriculture. The extension contains 92 calories per 12oz (35.5cl) can and at 3.8% abv is slightly lower in strength than the 4.2%-abv Coors Light.

A flavoured version – Hint of Citrus – has also been released but will be available in fewer markets in the US. Both beers come in 12oz multipacks as well as single 16oz and 24oz cans.

The release comes 18 months after Molson Coors unveiled Coors Peak, an organic beer with similar packaging and profile to Coors Pure. Peak, which had two flavoured versions alongside the original, was due to launch last year but a Molson Coors spokesperson confirmed to just-drinks yesterday that the debut did not go ahead.

“It is an evolution of the concept,” the spokesperson said of Coors Pure. “Peak had a similar proposition – a health & wellness-focused beer with flavours – but Pure is ultimately a different brand entirely.”

Coors Pure is the latest in a recent wave of US light lagers from multinational brewers aimed at health-and-wellness trends.

In March, Japanese brewer Sapporo launched Sapporo Pure, a light beer that contains 90 calories per 12oz (35cl) can. In the same month, Anheuser-Busch InBev announced the US-wide distribution of Budweiser Select, a 99-calorie light lager currently only on sale in St Louis.

A-B InBev also has an organic light beer. Michelob Ultra Pure Gold was launched in 2018.

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