The consumer sector is experiencing a significant focus on health and wellness, with companies leveraging new technologies and applications to innovate and improve their businesses. Recent patents acquired by companies like Nestle SA and Abbott Laboratories highlight the diverse applications of health and wellness in the industry, ranging from synbiotic compositions to texturized food products and improved nutritional compositions. Additionally, strategic investments and a growing number of job postings in the sector demonstrate the increasing importance of health and wellness in the consumer industry. GlobalData’s Health and Wellness TrendSights Analysis 2022 report provides an understanding of where the mega-trend is heading and how long it will last. It discusses the market overview, key factors, key sectors in health and wellness and the latest innovation in the mega-trend. Buy the report here.

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This article presents a quarterly round-up of the latest trends in the consumer industry regarding health & wellness. It provides an overview of recent developments in health & wellness-related deals, talent acquisition, and patent filings within the consumer industry.

Diverse applications of health & wellness in consumer industry

Consumer companies in the field of health & wellness are leveraging new technologies and applications to innovate and improve their businesses. These companies have recently acquired patents that will benefit them in terms of health & wellness technologies and/or applications.

One such patent, held by Nestle SA, is for a synbiotic composition. This composition comprises Bifidobacterium longum subsp longum and Lacto-N-tetraose (LNT) and is used to increase microbiota activity, improve engraftment and survival of Bifidobacteria, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, treat and prevent inflammatory conditions in the gut, prevent and treat infections, improve immunity, and enhance oral health.

Another patent, also held by Nestle SA, is for texturized food products containing insoluble particles. These products, which can be meat analogues, include a protein emulsion with at least one insoluble particle. The particles can be mineral materials, organic materials, or gelled vegetable gums or hydrocolloids. The meat analogues can be made by extruding the protein emulsion and cooling it, and can be added to other comestible compositions such as gravies or broths.

Abbott Laboratories holds a patent for a nutritional composition with improved solubility and bioavailability of lipophilic compounds. This composition includes proteins, fats, and lipophilic compounds, and contains assemblies of hydrophobic proteins, monoglycerides and diglycerides (MDG), and lipophilic compounds. These assemblies remain in the aqueous phase after centrifugation, ensuring their availability for absorption and utilization by the body.

Solutex GC SL has a patent for a diagnostic method and compounds for the treatment of infections caused by a pathogen in the respiratory system. The patent describes a family of compounds, long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidized at certain positions, which are effective in treating such infections. The patent also includes a method for diagnosing and monitoring these diseases using the compounds.

Lastly, BFLIKE B.V. holds a patent for an oleogel production method. This method involves mixing a hydrocolloid, a vegetable-based protein, a fat or oil, and water to create a starting mixture. The mixture is then cross-linked to form a structure, which can be further processed and dried to produce an oleogel. The oleogel contains a high percentage of fat and oil and can be used in various applications.

Overall, these patents provide consumer companies in the health & wellness field with innovative technologies and applications. They enable the development of synbiotic compositions, texturized food products, nutritional compositions with improved solubility, diagnostic methods for respiratory infections, and oleogels. These advancements will enhance the companies' ability to offer products and solutions that promote health, well-being, and improved oral health, while also addressing inflammatory conditions, infections, and respiratory diseases.

The industry experienced a 14% decline in the number of health & wellness-related patent applications in Q3 2023 compared with the previous quarter. On an annual basis, the number of health & wellness-related patent applications in the consumer industry witnessed a drop of 14% compared with Q3 2022.

Strategic deal trends in health & wellness in consumer industry

Consumer companies are not only focusing on innovation to enhance their patent portfolios but are also making strategic investments in health & wellness. These investments aim to secure lucrative deals with partners and position themselves at the forefront of industry advancements. Some of the recent deals underscore the importance of health & wellness in the consumer industry.

In Q3 2023, the number of health & wellness-related deals in the consumer industry grew by 100% compared with Q3 2022. On a quarterly basis, there was 57% drop in the number of deals in Q3 2023 compared with the previous quarter.

Impact on hiring

In terms of new job posting, in Q3 2023, the consumer industry experienced a 19% growth compared with the previous quarter. On an annual basis, job postings also grew by 74%. Notably, Transportation and Material Moving Occupations, with a share of 29%, emerged as the top health & wellness-related job roles within the consumer industry in Q3 2023, with new job postings rising by 48% quarter-on-quarter. Management Occupations came in second with a share of 10% in Q3 2023, with new job postings dropping by 2% over the previous quarter. The other prominent health & wellness roles include Office and Administrative Support Occupations with a 6% share in Q3 2023, and Production Occupations with a 6% share of new job postings.

Performance Food Group, Blink, Peloton Interactive, Kellanova, and LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton are among the top companies leading in health & wellness hiring within the consumer industry.

Countries driving adoption of health & wellness in consumer industry

The US is the leading country in health & wellness adoption within the consumer industry, boasting the highest number of health & wellness-related patents, jobs, and deals. Meanwhile, China, Japan, South Korea and the UK also maintain significant positions in health & wellness adoption within the consumer industry.

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