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Why energy and functional drinks should be wary of coffee's renewed attack on the caffeine occasion - comment

4 Mar 2021

From coffee-flavoured energy drinks to plant-based milk and protein-spiked lattes, the RTD coffee category is lining up to give energy and functional drinks a run for their money. Soft drinks category commentator Lucy Britner investigates.

Ocean Spray Cranberries' Ocean Spray Wave caffeinated water - Product Launch

4 Mar 2021

Ocean Spray Cranberries is latest soft drinks company to enter the caffeinated sparkling water category with the launch of Ocean Spray Wave.

PepsiCo renews Mtn Dew partnership with NBA

3 Mar 2021

PepsiCo has extended a National Basketball Association (NBA) sponsorship deal for Mtn Dew ahead of the opening tip-off this weekend.

The Coca-Cola Co test-launches branded CSD syrups

1 Mar 2021

The Coca-Cola Co is to launch a trial of 'soda syrups' in Germany, similar to the ones PepsiCo produces for its SodaStream platform.

The Coca-Cola Co removes two Aha flavours as can shortages bite

26 Feb 2021

The Coca-Cola Co is to discontinue two variants from its US caffeinated flavoured sparkling water brand, Aha, due to constraints on the supplies of aluminium cans.

PepsiCo's Neon Zebra cocktail mixers - Product Launch

26 Feb 2021

PepsiCo has launched a range of mixers to help consumers create their own simple cocktails at home.

How Pepsi Zero Sugar ads target total consumer customisation - focus

25 Feb 2021

This time last month, Pepsi marketing head Todd Kaplan was in the middle of Super Bowl preparations, PepsiCo's biggest marketing spend of the year. His latest project is very different. If the Super Bowl represents the traditional blunt hammer of marketing, Kaplan's new venture is a surgical knife.

PepsiCo's Frutly juice drink - Product Launch

25 Feb 2021

PepsiCo has launched a bottled juice targetted at teenagers who "have outgrown the juice boxes and pouches of their childhood".

Spirits brand owners look for associated environmental benefits - Sustainability Spotlight

22 Feb 2021

Recent developments at the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) and the Distilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS) point to how trade associations can support the environmental aspirations of member companies. By the same token, Ben Cooper writes, companies risk reputational damage if the lobbying activities of their trade associations are inconsistent with their own sustainability commitments.

The Coca-Cola Co hands Hungary trial to AdeZ paper bottle - video

19 Feb 2021

An inter-industry battle to develop a paper beverage bottle has taken a major turn with the commencement of a consumer test-run by The Coca-Cola Co in Hungary.

PepsiCo signs 100 Thieves e-sports tie-up for Rockstar Energy Beverages

19 Feb 2021

Rockstar Energy Beverages is the latest PepsiCo brand to enter the world of e-sports after signing a partnership with gamer group 100 Thieves.

Kendall Jenner readies 818 Tequila launch

17 Feb 2021

Model and social media titan Kendall Jenner is to join the celebrity stampede into premium spirits with the launch of a Tequila brand.

PepsiCo's Bubly Bounce energy drink - Product Launch

15 Feb 2021

PepsiCo has launched a caffeinated version of its Bubly sparkling water brand.

PepsiCo beverages back on even keel after rocky 2020 - results

12 Feb 2021

A strong fourth quarter helped PepsiCo deliver a more balanced full-year beverages performance after a coronavirus hit H1.

Why brand owners should reconsider their political investments and green goals - analysis

5 Feb 2021

In light of the recent political unrest in the US - culminating in last month's storming of Capitol Hill - PepsiCo has shifted its corporate social responsibility narrative by announcing a suspension of all financial political action. The move was followed by the group's recent pledge to achieve more than double its climate goals.

Soft drinks looks outside for expert health & wellness help - comment

2 Feb 2021

In the wake of PepsiCo's tie-up with meat alternatives company Beyond Meat last week, soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner looks at the category's underlying trends in health & wellness and assesses the benefits of tapping up the experts to create the next wave of functional fixes.

Pernod Ricard rolls out recycled glass Absolut bottle

2 Feb 2021

Pernod Ricard has launched a bottle made from 60% recycled glass for its Absolut vodka brand.

PepsiCo veteran takes helm at Two Roots Brewing Co

2 Feb 2021

The parent company of Two Roots Brewing Co has parachuted in its CEO - and former PepsiCo executive - to assume the same position at the US brewer.

PepsiCo names new general counsel

29 Jan 2021

PepsiCo has appointed a new lead lawyer in the same week that rival The Coca-Cola Co called for more diversity in the legal profession.

Sustainability decisions will shape the post-pandemic recovery - Sustainability Spotlight

21 Jan 2021

Ben Cooper looks at the likely predominating sustainability issues for drinks companies in 2021 as the world (hopefully) emerges from the coronavirus pandemic and the recovery begins.

PepsiCo hands wider US launch to SodaStream Bubly Drops

19 Jan 2021

PepsiCo is to expand the US roll-out of its Bubly Drops sparkling flavoured water on the SodaStream home-carbonation platform.

LeBron James parts ways with The Coca-Cola Co

18 Jan 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has ended an 18-year sponsorship deal with basketball player LeBron James amid reports the NBA star will join PepsiCo's Mtn Dew brand.

PepsiCo matches Coca-Cola European Partners with net-zero emissions goal

14 Jan 2021

PepsiCo has set a net-zero emissions target that brings the group level with the leading sustainability ambitions in the Coca-Cola system.

Is 'community commerce' the silver bullet for beverages' direct-to-consumer problems? - analysis

13 Jan 2021

In the 1950s, a salesperson at US food storage maker Tupperware hit upon a great idea - instead of wasting time building networks, why don't we get our consumers to sell product to people they already know?

PepsiCo includes "mind-tracking" firm in new incubator intake

12 Jan 2021

The latest intake from PepsiCo's European accelerator programme features a strong contingent of tech-focussed health & wellness start-ups, including one that treats cognitive disorders through "mind-tracking technology".

PepsiCo's Mtn Dew Major Melon - Product Launch

8 Jan 2021

Price - In line with other Mtn Dew flavours; available in individual 20oz and 2L bottles, and 12x12oz can packs

What's coming up in soft drinks in 2021? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - comment

5 Jan 2021

As 2021 kicks off, soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner offers her views on the key trends that are set to shape the category during the next 12 months.

PepsiCo invites US to 'Dig In' to black-owned eateries in new Pepsi push - video

4 Jan 2021

PepsiCo has launched a marketing programme for brand Pepsi, encouraging US consumers to support black-owned restaurants.

PepsiCo tells consumers to follow dreams with Rockstar Energy Beverages giveaway

22 Dec 2020

PepsiCo has announced a social media contest for Rockstar Energy Beverages offering consumers customisable prizes worth up to US$5,000.

PepsiCo teams up with Fox for Pepsi-branded US game show Cherries Wild

18 Dec 2020

PepsiCo is to promote Pepsi Wild Cherry through a specially-designed cable TV game show as it looks to engage with consumers in new ways.





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