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Why has Artificial Intelligence become an obsession for your CEO? – focus

Artificial Intelligence is the biggest trend causing business leaders sleepless nights.

Why going beyond greenwashing will benefit – not hinder – your company’s bottom line – focus

Concerns remain around the major theme of sustainability and accusations of greenwashing.

Which emerging technologies are keeping CEOs up at night? – focus

The AI winter is here. It’s AR now winning the emerging technologies race, as Giacomo Lee learns.

Deepfakes, AI and bad actors – The post-COVID internet battleground – focus

If this is the era of fake news, then it’s likely to be the calm before the storm. The true tempest will begin to howl once the age of ‘deepfakes’ really takes hold.

Why brand owners need to be mindful of ‘investment wonks’ when working on ESG – focus

Governments have failed. So has Big Tech. So what can brand owners do in the face of the looming climate change crisis?

Technology and the Future of Work – A lot more than just Zoom calls – focus

For the white-collar worker, video conferencing is the new norm. But, there’s more to how technology will change the future of work than video calls and Slack messaging.